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Recruiting Artists for Pokemon: Adventure Quests
Hello! I'm Samdeman. I'm currently developing a game called Pokemon Blazing Bloom/Frigid Fall with a bunch of talented people! As a side project, I decided to take on this game, for now.

Journey across the small region of Iterendi! As a Pokemon Ranger, it's your duty to help the people of the region! A mysterious group of people has been causing trouble, however...

- Entirely Open-Source game, with all assets being free to use!
- Moddable!
- Entirely new fakemon and regional variants!
- A immersive quest system!
- Megas, *perhaps?*
- Being made in RMXP with v19.1 of Pokemon Essentials!

Recruiting for:
Pokemon Spriters
Overworld Spriters, in the Gen 3 style
Talented fakemon/regional variant artists!
Tileset spriters
Trainer Spriters


DM me on Discord @ Samdeman123124#8795 with your art in order to apply!
(Note: All screenshots are not final.)
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Whoa nice concept art! Really matches the official styles. Good luck!
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