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Well its not completed yet as this just the beginning....
Anyways I am bringing you to
Pokemon Dark Ghost Platinum
:Tada: :Tada:
Experience the pokemon world in a way you never imagined before.
: The male/female protagonist is a young man/lady helped by his/her friend Danny who left Cratoes to uncover newly discovered secrets in the mysterious region of Mandapa. Rumour says that Mandapa is home to the dark vortex which allows a person to enter the distortion world. From this dark vortex mysterious forces have arrived through it and taken control of the city of Frizztam. Along with saving your parents trapped in the city you MUST train hard and challenge the gym along the way to be battle hardened and capable of crushing Team Dark Cloud which along with the banished Team Galactic is shadowing the whole region of Mandapa. It's upto YOU alone to save the Pokemon world!


Also it's upto YOU whether or not you will help me withe the sprite editing and mapping...