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Old August 23rd, 2018 (6:45 PM). Edited August 23rd, 2018 by Maserati777.
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    Has anyone gotten any of the new shinies released. Or maybe an old shiny with these new spawnrates?

    It seems right now Pineco has Safari Zone shiny odds. I'm at 3 shiny Pineco in only 31 Pineco encounters. But their spawnrates are rare so best way to shiny hunt it is to do research. My first was 13 in the wild, 2nd was 12 later in research and 3rd was 6 later in research. Got the last two today.

    It's costly though, luckily I have a discord where people shout out research for Pineco and sun stones.

    I'm still at 0 for all the other Gen 2 shinies that have increased spawns right now including Houndour, Snubbull and Murkrow.

    Also should mention some new glitches including sometimes shiny Sunkern, Pineco and Natu appear non shiny with sparkles and will only change to their shiny colors upon catching and restarting the app. Not sure if this glitch affects Houndour and Snubbull.

    I also did 2 Win a raid researches and got the first Porygon but the second one turned to a blue screen the first time I opened it. I did not use a berry as I never even saw the Porygon. It requires a restart of the app to get rid of the blue screen. I now have a permanent research task in my tab that I can never complete. On top of that I can't stack open researches as any open research disappears behind the permanent glitches one and they only reappear when all stacked researches are gone, but since the one is permanent they are permanently trapped behind it. I don't usually stack researches in general.

    Also while on the subject of increased gen 2 spawns I wish Wobbuffet, Togetic and also Magmar could be shiny in the wild similar to Pikachu especially since like Pikachu they appear in the wild and their baby forms are only in eggs.
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    I got a shiny Sunkern! I didn't really wanna catch it ... I wanted Snubbull. But it's ok!

    I'd... also like a Murkrow because a lot of people in our local area have it sooo I want it lol

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