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Hello, I'm starting to work on a game that is going to be a big project for me.

The name is Pokemon Apocalypse. It takes place in an Australian based region, where the player embarks on their pokemon journey with their two friends. Along the way, they will encounter Team Apocalypse, who steal other people's pokemon to sacrifice to an ancient pokemon that can rid the world of corruption. I haven't done too much yet, other than a few maps and the pokedex, but I'm determined to get this done.

This game includes around 200 fakemon in the pokedex. If you're interested, I would love some help with spriting or specific details of the story. (Discord is Kitty-sama#7400)

Im very early in creation and this will be a large project that I am passionate about. I think this is a very fun thing!
The starter pokemon are based on a dilophosaurus, stingray, and worm. My fakemon really excite me.

Thanks for reading!


I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye..

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How are you making this game? RPG Maker XP, ROM Hacking, etc.? It seems like an interesting concept.