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Seen July 16th, 2019
Posted June 29th, 2019
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59 Days
I'm having problems using the giveitem command in XSE. Whenever I use this command and try to compile the script XSE gives this error message:

Error 13 "Type mismatch" on line 6
Missing #define.

The rest of the script compiles fine without the giveitem line. The line I'm using is:

giveitem 0x169 0x1 MSG_OBTAIN

Any help would be appreciated!
Medan, Indonesia
Seen 1 Day Ago
Posted 1 Week Ago
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More detail please, is it pick item script, or someone give you item script?
Here are example script from my memory so it might be wrong.

If it is just pick item then :
#dynamic 0x800000
#org @item
giveitem 0x169 0x1 MSG_FIND

If it is someone give you item then it will be more complex
#dynamic 0x800000
#org @item
msgbox @Intro MSG_keepopen
additem 0x169 0x1
loadpointer 0x0 @obtainmessage
giveitem2 0x169 0x1 0x???

#org @Intro
= Oi, here item!

#org @obtainmessage
= [Player] obtained item.

Note : ??? is jinglesound, like obtain item sound or receiving gym badge sound. I don't remember the byte.
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