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I have successfully swapped the Red/Blue Butterfree sprite by inserting the Yellow Butterfree sprite but when I look at Butterfree's back sprite it loooks completely glitched. The reason why this happened is because the Butterfree sprite from yellow has overwritten 10 bytes extra of Butterfree's back sprite.

Butterfree's front sprite is located at 30C37

If I move all the front and back sprites to a different offset then I would have to repoint all the data to it's base stat offsets.

While searching through my hex editor I have noticed that Butterfree's base stat data is located at offset 38512 and it's base stat data is 28 bytes long.

I'm afraid if I move the backsprite to a different offset it may interfere with other data in the ROM.

The same thing with Mew's back sprite if I move it to a different offset then it may overwrite Mew's base stats.

Can someone please tell me on how to get pokemon base stat data after you have moved the front and back sprites to a different offset.

I have took screenshots of Butterfree's front and back sprite and attached them if anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about.