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For starters, and of course we all know, the Battle Tower in Gen 2 is exclusive to Crystal version, not Gold/Silver.
It is located west of Olivine City.

This is for those who seek a challenge or wish to make things easier.

-Having difficulty completing the Pokemon Crystal's Battle Tower?
-Wish to face easier or more difficult challenges?

Say no more!

I recently discovered how to change the AI's Pokemon's species, held item, movepool, and stats.

This will require a Hex Editor (I'm using HxD).

What we want is a complete list of the Pokemon faced in the Battle Tower. Bulbagarden has it there.

You can find them on Psypokes too but movepools are not exactly what they are yet, most importantly, their stats are displayed.

The list on Bulbagarden starts with Exeggutor lvl: 10 all the way to Blissey lvl: 100.

Starting with Exeggutor, here's what it looks like:
From Bulbagarden.

Now here are it's stats:
HP: 45
ATK: 31
DEF: 29
SP. ATK: 37
SP.DEF: 25

Now here's what you do, open your Hex Editor and search the following bytes:
67 52 5C CA A8 5D <-----This sould take you to offset 1F8800.
Exeggutor Hex.png

Red is where the bytes are located
Blue is where it's stats are, we'll get to that soon.

The red byte's location are this:
67 - Exeggutor's index number
52 - King's Rock index number
5C - Toxic
CA - Giga Drain
A8 - Thief
5D - Confusion

Now it gets to the good part, the blue byte's are these:
00 2D 00 2D - HP (Used twice to indicate current HP. It's like this: 45/45. If the bytes were like this: 14 00 2D, it would 14/45 HP)
00 1F - ATK
00 1D - DEF
00 17 - SPEED
00 25 - SP. ATK
00 19 - SP. DEF

Alright, let's put it this way, the Battle Tower in general is extremely difficult no matter what. We can make it both hard and easy at the same time.
We're going to change Exeggutor to a Chikorita.

Where the red bytes are, let's change them to these:
98 75 4B F6 EB 22 <----- Chikorita will hold a Miracle Seed and its moves are Razor Leaf, Ancientpower, Synthesis, and Body Slam.

Where the Blue bytes are, change them to these:
26 00 26 00 18 00 1B 00 17 00 18 00 1B
Chikorita will have 38/38 HP, 24 AK, 27 DEF, 23 SPEED, 24 Sp. Atk, and 27 Sp. DEF. These are actually it's stats at maximum DVs.

The results:
Chikorita Battle Tower.png

I've done the Level 100 Pokemon too!
Victreebel Battle Tower.pngDragonite Battle Tower.pngEntei Battle Tower.png
And these are all in the Battle Tower, not outside of it.

Just a heads up, I've done some tests and was unsure whether these changes influences their AI level, if shinies were possible, and/or
would it be possible to expand the amount of Pokemon in the facility.

Other than that if anybody has trouble or nothing is working, i would be happy to help.