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Showcase Original Music For Pokemon Luminous Light

Started by [ANT1-H3R0] September 19th, 2019 11:27 AM
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Posted September 24th, 2019
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Good day everyone! This is a thread for sharing all of the music I've made for my fan game. I'll post them as I finish them. The first one is the battle theme for the "evil" legendary called Viscuro who is Dragon/Dark type and has an alternate form which is Fairy/Dark type.

The theme music is here:

I'm quite proud of this one! Music is more my thing than art. Please tell me your thoughts and how I can improve any of my future tracks.
If you would like to help out with the Pokemon Luminous Light project, please contact me.
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Groovy! Definitelt headbanging to this one haha what software did you use to make it?
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I just want to bring this epic, family story to life with you cause I don't wanna be alone making this lol
Hmu, welcoming anyone keen to contribute <3
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