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Our Demonic Core

Blessed by the goddess, we were given the Core, an ethereal organ which enable us to use the worlds elements, to use magic.

The Core is an ethereal organ in every living being. You can feel it's pulses of energy like you can feel your heart beating, but never it was found in autopsies or living beings. It's there, and it's not, it's the Core.
It's the Core of all that is living, morphing our spirit energy into life force. But it can do much more, it can morph the spirit energy into elemental energy, which we can then use to perform alchemy, some say magic, the term don't really matter in fact.

In our world there are five elements, of which everything is made out of:
Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Aether. Each controlling a different aspect of the world.
Alchemy, or magic as some refer to it, has split into three major classes,

Elemental - The most basic class, revolving around the four basic elements(Fire, Earth, Water and Air). It's the most versatile class, both in utility, offense and defense, it has many uses in a large amount of fields. Every alchemist can use it's basics, but those who master it can perform incredible and marvelous things.

Aether - A slightly more advanced class compared to Elemental, using the Aether element to control space and time. The class revolves around many different aspects, to name a few: telekinesis, telepathy, light, waves(electromagnetic and sound). Most of the Alchemists who learn to use Aether, major in it, because of it's complexity.

Soul - The third class, unlike the former classes, doesn't revolve around an element, but rather around the soul of the alchemist. One can have one or two abilities(flexible but not that much), but the abilities are quite unlimited. For example one of my characters I have in mind have the ability to use a bow using spirit energy and wings created by spirit energy.

I will also mention the fact that the magic is basically alchemy, so it's got the limitations and laws of alchemy, which will help balance it, there are other stuff planned which will also help balance the system.

The RP will take place in a democratic kingdom, with some monarchy remains. The kingdom is split into 5 regions(one being the capital), each unique in it's purpose and way of life.
You will play as a member of a group of Alchemists who are studying Alchemy, and specifically the Core. The group will act as a special unit to examine rare cases which might connect to secrets of alchemy and the Core.
The story will develop in chapters, each chapter will be in a certain place where an event is happening.

If any of you got any questions or something that you feel was unclear I would be glad to answer, if anyone would like to lend some help in anyway(I might even consider Co-GM it if someone will offer), I would greatly accept.