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Team Pokemon Basalt (Firered rom hack) is recruiting!

Started by Too much a loner for social media July 11th, 2019 8:44 AM
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Too much a loner for social media

Old continent
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Posted July 11th, 2019
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We're a team working on a 151 Fakémon gen 3 rom hack which takes place in the snowy Ozeda region, based on Siberia and Russia in general.
We are close to finishing 80 sprite sheets and are currently designing the region and working on story progression.
In our project we try to be as democratic as possible, everyone get the possibility to have a say about all aspects of the development as long as the propositions/feedback is reasonable.

Currently our project team consists of:
- 1 fakemon spriter
- 1 composer
- 1 mapper/ tilesetter
- 2 story writers
- 2 region designers
- 1 fakemon designer (however everyone on the team can propose suggestions and pitch ideas)

Now the positions we are looking for are:

- Programmer/ coder (knowledgeable or willing to dive into hacking gen 3 (Firered))

- Scripter & Event maker

- Spriter (a second mon spriter and a tilespriter/ trainerspriter)

- Anyone who has any experience in rom hacking or arts

Even if a full on commitment to the project isn't possible, anyone who's willing to contribute to these areas is more than welcome (or even other rom hacking related areas).

If you want any other information about the rom hack project or about the positions, please ask in the thread below or pm me.

You can also visit us on our discord page and ask anything you want to know:

Thanks you for reading and have a good day.

[PS: Here's a little sneak peek, enjoy the sprite sheet of our regional bird fakemon designed after the Ok-hand icon.)
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