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Request Draft League Art Request

Started by Lunarixis January 21st, 2017 4:56 PM
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Posted January 21st, 2017
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Basically, I'm planning on starting up a blog to cover my draft league related experiences, and I would like to find someone who would be willing to draw up a few pieces for the blog:

- A main picture featuring the 11 Pokmon I drafted most recently during a league (specifically the IPL, not going to post anything that could be deemed advertisement, but I can pass you a few YT videos covering a few battles if you're interested, not mine though) (The mons are Manaphy, Garchomp, Entei, Tangrowth, Heliolisk, Skuntank, Glaceon, Reuniclus, Silvally (Fairy, Ground & Dark), Aggron & Ursaring)

- [Optional] A background for a page covering each of the leagues I am participating in (as of right now that is only two: The IPL and the NPF (which may or may not ring a bell to you, idk), containing the mascots from each team. I'll post the teams at the end of the post.

- [Optional] A piece simply with Necrozma alone

For now, that's all. Naturally, if it could be done for free that'd be great; I'd happily share your works with people I know and would happily give you a mention if anyone I know is looking for help with artwork, but if not then I don't mind if I have to pay, so long as the payment meets the quality of the work, and as long as it isn't too expensive (I don't have a lot of spare cash lying around)

Thanks in advance if you decide to help me out!
Last but not least, I'd prefer to see some of your work beforehand, so if you're interested in helping

IPL Teams/Mascots (Keeping this to the conference I'm in, otherwise it'd be 32 mascots)

Midnight Necrozma (My team, would prefer to have it at the front)
Helsinki Hydreigons, The Nootherlandians (Piplup)
Toronto Blue (No given mascot, so just going to go with Nurse Joy, since that's the coach's avatar on Discord)
Munich Quagsires, Meet Your Mantine, Hampshire Hoopas, Wenters Weavile
Stoic Sandslash, Murano Island Marshadows, Dutch Dragonites, Munich Milotics
LA Gallade, Sea Isle Seakings, New York Metagross, Black Starmies

NPF Teams/Mascots

Midnight Necrozma, Stoic Sandslash, Gothenburg Golems, Chicago Victory Stars (Victini)
Adelaide Aggrons, Miami Luxrays, Dubai Dusknoirs, Sydney Shellos


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You can't offer payment or engage in transactions on this site, but besides that, good luck on your request!

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