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Posted October 3rd, 2019
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Crystal Little Cup, or Little Cup 2, is a Pokemon Crystal romhack that changes all Pokemon to follow Smongon’s LC ruleset,
which means all Pokemon must be able to evolve, must be at their lowest evolution, and must be level 5.
This forces you to come up with new strategies and brings new challenge to Pokemon Crystal. TMs are crucial.

Download Link on my discord:

Basic Changelog
All Pokemon have been Changed to level 5
All pokemon follow smogon LC rules
Legendaries are replaced by shiny LC pokemon.
Evo Stones and Rare Candy are disabled, can still be sold.
Pokemon cannot gain XP
All Pokemon have a default TM move to give them more diverse movesets.
These new movesets can be found on my discord

Programming: GreenAndACat
Pokemon Crystal Dissasembly: pret