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Old June 5th, 2018 (12:14 AM). Edited June 7th, 2018 by Emeril126.
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    Yale, Sangria, Lilac
    Welcome to Navia! The region where the old mixes with the new! Covered mostly all year by snow, this beautiful region is also split into multiple ecosystems, ranging from the relaxing Tropics all the way into scorching deserts! With every turn your bound to find creatures you have never seen or run into an old one that decided to make a change. If you love to explore, learn history and discover truths, we hope you visit our region Navia! Where every decision, will make the most wondrous story of your life!

    The Idea:
    For the longest time I've always wanted a Pokémon region that is based mostly in a snowy region, which is why most of my inspiration comes from Scandinavia! But that does not mean there are any areas without snow. Scandinavia is also home to many different deserts, forests, mountains and swamps; There are also a lot of unique lore and myths surrounding the area! You may also be wondering why there are three titles, that's because there are three games built into one! Each of them having there own unique story, enemies and characters. Now which version you pick is actually determined by how you treat specific events up to the 3rd gym battle. Once after, one of the game's three unique stories will unfold with its own legendary Pokémon and evil team! But one of the three will be kind of like your yellow version or platinum version which will be the hardest to get to, seriously did you think everything would be just handed to you? Where is the fun in that? I'm also aiming for the game to be not to difficult but a lot harder and more strategic unlike black2, white2, X, Y, ORAS, SM and USUM. Now this may seem to ambitious to some, but this project is strictly for fun and new challenges are what makes things interesting and enjoyable! Anyway continue on if you are still interested!


    I will be using pokemon essentials as it is the most user friendly system out there as of today and the elite battle system (Hello moving sprites!....*groan*)

    Art Direction: I really want to go with Gen V sprites (for over world) but Gen IV might be a much easier direction to go with especially since the tile sets seem to be much easier to replicate But I'm not really sure yet.

    Evil Teams:
    Oh come on, did you seriously think there would not be any?

    The Flame Giants:
    The main evil team in Pokémon Sangria, their goal is to de throne the Pokémon league and purge the land of winter forever by seeking out a legendary Destroyer of the region.

    The Frost Giants:
    The main evil team in Pokémon Yale, their goal is to take back what was once there home and plague the world in another Ice age by seeking out the Legendary Creator of the region.

    ???? ????????:
    This one is a surprise! Sorry but it will never be revealed until MUCH later! WAHAHAH!

    Some Locations:

    Selfoss: Starting location of game. A small city on the island Cieand, but it is the most populated city there. An urban legend is stated, that on your 16th birthday if you go to the water falls at night you will meet your life partner.

    Pyramiden: An abandoned coal town which one of the evil teams have made there base of operations, it is believed the mine was closed because of a cursed object that was found.

    Finn woods: A once abandoned town in the woods, now friendly Pokémon are the only residents and welcome all visitors, legends also state that an evil mythical Pokémon appears during a full moon.

    Trolway: A mountainous area completely inhabited with only troll like Pokémon. But it is said that only low evolution Pokémon are the inhabitants.

    Rovani: The winter wonderland city, at night time the lights make the scenery a sight to behold. It is home to the ice gym leader, his gym is a little unique as its both indoors and outdoors. Its also home to the science center where most research on the Aurora is done.

    Murmansk Ghost ship: A haunting old area filled with ghost and water Pokémon, it is an old warship that was destroyed during the great Pokémon war, legends say it was done by a haunting specter. Tourists are allowed near and on the ship to study it but there is one spot in which no man or Pokémon will go near.

    Railway power station: An old underground railway that is no longer in use. If one travels through be expected to be confronted by the overwhelming electric and steel Pokémon that roam it. Some people say that they have also spotted the legendary bird of thunder from Kanto during Summer.

    Majaka: This is the most remote area of the region where barley any humans reside due to its harsh blizzards that happen regardless of season. Some locals say the blizzards are keeping something truly terrifying hidden. On a most recent exploration, an explorer turned his radio on and discovered an unusual and eerie tune playing over and over.

    NOTE: Some of the locations are just their real world names for right now, I seriously cannot think of good area names lol

    New Types:
    Dun dun dun! we got two new types! I wonder if you can take a guess at what they are. I also tried to take a somewhat realistic approach as to what would effect them and what would not effect them.

    Weakness: Dark, Grass
    Effective Against: Dark, Fairy, Ghost, Normal, Water
    Immune from: Fire, Water, Sound
    Resistant: Ice, Ground
    Not Effective Against: Steel, Rock, Fire, Ice

    Weaknesses: Electric, Ground, Rock, Steel
    Effective Against: Fairy, Ghost, Flying
    Immune from: Normal
    Resistant: Ghost, Fairy, Light
    Not Effective Against: Water, Poison, Fire

    The Pokémon:
    My Goal is to make about 125 original Pokémon if not more for the region just because of its size and everything. There will also be a mixture of Pokémon from other regions (just not many) some new mega's and forms for Pokémon. Also most Pokémon WILL get re-colored shiny sprites (I'm looking at you Garchomp).

    New Forms:
    Ekans - Type: Poison/Water, Ability: Dry Skin or Swift Swim, HA: Lightning Rod.
    Arbok - Type: Poison/Water, Ability: Dry Skin or Swift Swim, HA: Lightning Rod.
    Spinarak - Type: Bug/Dark, Ability: Tangling Hair or Insomnia, HA: Prism Armor.
    Ariodos - Type: Bug/Dark, Ability: Tangling Hair or Comatose, HA: Prism Armor.

    (Unique cannot evolve into Metagross)
    Beldum - Type: Steel/Light, Ability: Levitate or Clear Body
    Metang - Type: Steel/Light, Ability: Levitate or Clear Body

    And many more!

    New Megas:
    Swak - Type: Fighting/Psychic, Ability: Wonder Guard
    Throh - Type: Fighting/Sound, Ability: Wonder Guard
    Vispiquen - Type: Bug/Flying, Ability: Queenly Majesty
    Purugly - Type: Normal/Fariy, Ability: Fur Coat
    Skuntank -Type: Poison/Dark, Ability: Corrosion
    Avolugg - Type: Ice/Light, Ability: Refrigerate

    (Can only be used by the Unique Metang form)
    Metang - Type: Steel/Light, Ability: ????? ?????

    Also Many more to come!

    New Pokémon:

    Ustar- The legendary Pokémon of Sangria Version.

    Type: Fire/Steel
    Ability: Immortal Flame

    Izzrod- The Legendary Pokémon of Yale Version.

    Type: Ice/Sound
    Ability: Carbon Freeze

    Tolic- The first Pokémon I created (based off of a Troll)

    Type: Rock
    Ability: Bulletproof or Prankster
    Hidden Ability: Friend Guard

    Hyucene- One of the fossil Pokémon in this region (based on the prehistoric whale)

    Type: Rock/Water
    Ability: Lightning Rod
    Hidden Ability: Volt absorb

    New Abilities:

    Immortal Flame- Makes the Pokémon Immune to All water and Ice attacks, Absorbs Hp as well as raises Atk and SP Atk by one stage if hit by any Fire Attacks, also Pokémon cannot freeze. (Must be hit by enemy does not work if struck by ally.)

    Carbo Freeze- If hit by any physical attack (head-butt, fist moves, etc) will instantly cause freeze, Fire types are not very effective, Cannot be burned and if hit by an Ice move absorbs HP and increases both Def and Sp Def by one stage. (Must be hit by enemy does not work if struck by ally.)

    You the player- Born and raised on the Island of Cieand, both parents went missing since you were 8 years old and you have been living alone with your Loner, Neet little sister in the small city of Selfoss. You just turned 16 and want to take someone with you to the falls, Thus starting your adventure. (only have a concept of female trainer sorry XD)

    Skadii- An 11 year old Neet, who spends almost all her time in her room reading Ancient texts or chatting on internet forms. She may seem cold to everyone but you and its true because she's your sister.

    Makoto Stars:
    A young nurse in training that you meet quite often and occasionally helps you.

    That is all I have so far, I know its not much and there are only a few concept art but I hope you enjoyed this little presentation!

    If you would like to learn more or join me on this adventure, by all means anyone is welcome! Just Contact me through email or Private messages.
    (If I get enough people {if any} I'll create some sort of discord where we can all chat.)
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    Old July 1st, 2018 (5:20 PM).
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      Do you have any gym leader designs yet? if you don't, I can help you with that!
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      Old July 1st, 2018 (9:29 PM).
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        Damn...The fakemon designs are hella great
        Can't wait to try
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        Old July 1st, 2018 (9:39 PM).
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          The title includes and lilac did you get it from the rom hack or is there any inspiration from the hack ?
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          Old September 26th, 2018 (8:06 AM).
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            Ooh! Looks promising. :)

            In my region I named Selfoss to Scorch Town.
            Something like Seelfalls Village could work too. ;)

            How about also including Flensborg on the German-Danish border? :)

            Looking forward to seeing more. ^^
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            Old September 28th, 2018 (1:26 PM).
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              I think it would make way more sense to have a new type focused more on the mythology of the norse faith.

              Even in a "lazy" way you could just have two with inhabitants of Asgaard and Jotunheim as distinct types.

              Which would also make the legendaries feel like true deities.

              And that way you can also "cheat" when writing, because giving motivations to the characters becomes far easier, since the Norse Gods have a lot of personality you can borrow from, and none of them are truly boring.

              I mean, Loki had to get psyducked by a horse just to make sure he won a bet, and from that he gave birth to Odin's horse. And that isn't half the weird stuff in that story.
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              Old October 7th, 2018 (7:36 PM).
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                I love so many of your ideas -- how far into this project are you? How many sprites/Fakémon have you made? How familiar are you with Essentials?

                The world map you drew looks sick -- have you started drawing/mapping specific towns and cities yet? Also, think about how you would transfer to and from each island -- are you thinking of surf routes or just boats that instantly teleport you from one place to the other?

                I think the idea of having three different titles, while unique, is pretty confusing. Maybe just stick to one unifying title? That way, you could still have the storyline branch off after the 3rd gym as you mentioned, but it would be less confusing.

                Finally, I think you should consider one of the suggestions above, which is to base your legendaries in Norse mythology, and perhaps make each one a distinct type, as that would add a lot of depth and flavor to your game.
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                Old November 21st, 2018 (2:21 AM).
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                  hey would you still need members to help with your project
                  my discord is Tim!#3799 text me here if you want to talk
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