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FireRed Pokemon Sunrise Orange

Started by Jangmo-oFett June 29th, 2018 1:05 PM
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Seen June 16th, 2019
Posted June 29th, 2018
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1.9 Years
1. Info
2. Story
3. Features
4. Screenshots
5. Tools Used
6. Credits
7. Download Links

ROM Base: Fire Red version 1.0
Language: English
Creator: Jangmo-o Fett


You've moved to Valencia Island over a year ago, and you've been asking the local Pokemon Professor, Prof. Ivy when she's going to give you your first Pokemon every day since.

You've just received a letter from her today, her friend in some far away region sent her a set of Starter Pokemon, and she's giving one to you, and her little sister so you can finally explore the Orange Islands, and take on the Orange Crew to earn your right to .

But it won't be an easy journey, a villainous group that calls themselves Team Umbra have been terrorizing the people of the quiet archipelago. It's up to you to put a stop to them.

I've always wanted to see a game set in the Orange Islands, and I know there's been a few other ROM Hacks that have set out to do this, this is just my idea of a game version of the Orange Islands

  • A brand new story set in the Orange Islands
  • A New Villainous Team, Team Umbra
  • A regional dex of around 240 Pokemon, mostly from gens 1-3, with a handful coming from later generations
  • New Orange Island form Pokemon, some based on the anime, some completely new
  • Some Alolan Forms, mostly Pokemon with "tropical" designs
  • Fairy Type
  • Physical Special Split
  • All other features included with Mr. Dollsteak's ROM Base
Features I hope to have by V2.0
  • Re-Usable TMs
  • Custom Sprites
  • Custom Tiles (maybe)


Download Links

Tools Used

Advanced Map
Gen III Hacking Suite
Advance Intro Editor
Advance Mart
Advance Trainer
Nameless Sprite Editor
Overworld Changer Rebirth Edition
Intro Text Editor
Attack Editor Advance
Lunar IPS


Anthroyd- YouTube ROM Hacking tutorials

ChaosRush- The DS-style 64x64 Pokémon Sprite Resource, Surfing Pikachu Sprite, Alolan Diglett Sprite, Alolan Geodude Sprite, Magmortar Sprite, Electivire Sprite, Leafeon Sprite, Glaceon Sprite, Gallade Sprite, Mismagius Sprite, Rhyperior Sprite, Weavile Sprite, Honchkrow Sprite, Sandile Sprite, Krokorok Sprite, Krookodile Sprite, Yanmega Sprite (Recolored by me), Dusknoir Sprite, Ambipomb Sprite, Boufallant Sprite, Elgyem Sprite, Beheeyem Sprite

Daman- Prof. Ivy OW Sprite, various Orange Island Formes that haven’t been implemented yet.

EndercreeperMugen- Alolan Exeggutor Icon Sprite

fishbowlsoul90- Turtonator Sprite

Gamerblack- Alolan Geodude Icon Sprite, Alolan Graveller Icon Sprite, Alolan Golem Icon Sprite, Alolan Raichu Icon Sprite, Alolan Diglett Icon Sprite, Alolan Dugtrio Icon Sprite

Goranthegreat- Sandygast Sprite, Pallosand Sprite, Drampa Sprite

jcling on DeviantArt- Made the Pokemon Trainer Creator, that I used to make some trainer designs

haimon_99- Alolan Raichu Sprite, Alolan Golem Sprite, Dhelmise Sprite, Drampa Sprite

HeXeR- Alolan Exeggutor Sprite, Drampa Sprite

HighOnMushrooms- Surfing Pikachu Sprite

il1dan- Alolan Graveller Sprite, Alolan Golem Sprite

Kevin RDS- Surfing Pikachu Sprite, Pallosand Sprite

Layell- Slyveon Sprite

leParagon- Alolan Golem Sprite, Dhelmise Sprite, Turtonator Sprite

LuckyLucci- Drampa Sprite

MBCMechachu- Alolan Geodude Sprite, Alolan Graveler Sprite

MrDollSteak Patch, Slyveon Icon, Klefki Icon

PandiRocks@17- Drampa Sprite

Pokemama- Surfing Pikachu Icon Sprite

Princessofmusic- Klefki Sprite

ReluctantPirateGames- Spinarak Sprite, Ariados Sprite, Nidorina Sprite, Nidoqueen Sprite, Nidorino Sprite, Nidoking Sprite, Sunflora Sprite, Staryu Sprite, Starmie Sprite, Tropius Sprite, Larvatar Sprite, Pupitar Sprite, Tyranitar Sprite

Renegade- All Gen V Icons

Ripple844- All Gen IV Sprites

Soloo993- Sylveon Sprite

Superjub- Sylveon Sprite

Tetra- Alolan Diglett Sprite

thedarkdragon11- Drampa Sprite

Trev- Alolan Diglett Sprite

Versekr Dark- Drampa Sprite

Wizznats- Rhyperior Sprite, Mamoswine Sprite, Krookodile Sprite, Yanmega Sprite (Recolored by me)

Xiechayghe- Alolan Geodude Sprite

Z-nogyroP- Alolan Raichu Sprite, Dhelmise, Sandygast Sprite, Pallosand Sprite, Sandygast Icon Sprite, Pallosand Icon Sprite
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