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Old October 22nd, 2007 (5:22 PM).
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Due to increasing school demands, as well as the demands of a new job, I'm having trouble working on my Yu-Gi-Oh! Library. In other words, I'm finally making it into a community project. Now, just because I don't have time to work on it and want the help of others doesn't mean it's goint to be easy to get in on the deal. I won't let just anybody in. In fact, All I want to be doing after this point, at least until I get more time, is to be supervising the project, as well as helping with the mapping. Anyway, I'll give you a link to the thread at the bottom of the post. On to the requirements:

General Requirements:

1. Must have a copy of RPG Maker XP. I don't care if it's legal or not. (If you want to know why, it's because the legal version doen't work on Vista, while the illegal versions do. And why am I talking about sick birds?)

2. Must have prior experiences with game devoelopment. In other words, you must give examples of past work. These can't be some kind of ten-minute project either. (Unless it's really, really good) It has to be something that actually took some skill to create.

3. Must have the time needed to work on the project. I don't intend for my project to be someone's backburner project.

Mapper Requirements:

1. I need to see examples of your work. I don't mean just one, I mean several, using several different default RMXP tilesets. And these maps need to be good.

Planner Requirements:

1. Basically, I want creativity. And I don't mean creativity like Monty Python, I mean creativity like so many player claim games lack. I want to see ideas for the project. And Not the run-of-the-mill ideas like adding real duels either. That's easy! What I want is something that is good!

Scripter Requirements:

1. I don't even know why I'm adding this. I mean, the only thing I would really need scripted is a full Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG dueling system, and I'm pretty sure most people don't want to do that kind of thind. So, unless you've done a full battle system before (or something equally impressive), don't apply for this position. In fact, I shouldn't have event added it in the first place.

Eventer Requirements:

1. You MUST be able to handle complex events! I have a couple in this game that I'm pretty sure have over 1,000 lines of script! I won't even give you comments (in the events), because they would take too ling to add.

2. You MUST know how to make an event simple instead of complex. There are many ways of achieving the same goal, and I prefer the simplest.

Now, on to what you'd be taking on:

1. This project will still be mine. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I will ALWAYS have final say in an issue, and if you want to do something different, you'd better sonvince me. Not that I'm very hard to convince, mind you.

2. You will have to work together on this. If you can't get along, you're off the project, no matter how good you are.

3. I really want to see the library turn out well, So I won't really be hard on you unless you make major mistakes.

4. The area to the north of the library in the game is for me and me only. In other words, don't edit it without my permission.

5. If you get in, have fun!


Now, you guys might be wondering why it sounds so hard to work with me, or even get in on the project. That's because I really want the game to turn out well, and I don't want somebody who can't handle the job to join in. Please, if you think you can make it, post in this thread with your "resumes". I'll be waiting. Have a great day!

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