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Old November 10th, 2007 (9:40 AM). Edited November 10th, 2007 by Shuricel.
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    Hola! I'm new to these forums, but I have roleplayed in others before. I read through the rules, and I think this roleplay meets all requirements. Anyway, this roleplay is based on a manga I like called +Anima. Enjoy.

    Rating: PG-13

    Note: You don't need to read the paragraphs before the mark in bold if you already up to about Book 4 in the manga. It's suggested to read it if you've never heard of it, though. Warning, there are some spoilers, but I also had to make bits and pieces up every once in a while.

    Many centuries ago, there was a land seperated from the rest of the world by the sea. It was divided into a few regions, such as Asteria and Sailand, and had many large cities such as Astar, Stella, and Octopus. But there was one unique feature of this region, that none of the others held. It's still a mystery why it only effected this region, though none ponder it anymore, and very few had pondered it in the past.

    The thing that this island held, that no other region had, were the +Anima.

    The +Anima were a unique race of humans, beginning in the Kim-um-kir people. These +Anima would often gain many reactions. Some put them up in freak shows, in order to gain a quick buck, while others would be almost sympathetic to these humans. Others tended to be jealous of the unique abilities the +Anima had, while others tended to befriend them, or even use them, because of their unique abilities. Meanwhile, others despised them.

    Some people said they weren't even human.

    Each +Anima had one identifying feature: a black hued tattoo located somewhere on their body. It could be something as simple as a few lines, or something incredibly complicated and impossible to figure out which line ends where.

    But people could only become +Anima under two conditions. The first condition was that you had to be at the age of 15, or younger. The second requirement was a little harder to reach though. You had to be nearing the point of death, the point where there was no hope, when it seemed like there was no return. Because of this, people could never become +Anima on purpose.

    When they reached these two requirements, a change would take place. The first stage would be the less noticable one: The mark being etched into the skin, marking them as an +Anima for life. The second stage was the one that gave the +Anima it's powers: Their body would shift, growing the wings of a bird, or becoming more fishlike, almost looking like a merperson in appearance. They'd gain whatever characteristic they needed to escape death.

    The +Anima powers varied widely: Some would gain the power of flight, their arms morphing into wings, or wings coming from their back. Some would gain more subtle features, such as superhuman hearing or sight, though there were always less noticeable differences, such as larger ears the the gain of claws. There was an endless amount of possibilities. Fortunately, the reciever of the powers would have the ability to change back into their human form, and vice versa.

    Unless, they reached the point of no return. Though rare, some of the +Anima would morph into almost full-animal like states when they first turned into +Anima. They'd lose their minds to ravenous instincts to survive, never regaining the ability to change back. Never being able to end their existence as a monster.


    After a few hundred years of the first few +Anima, a two-century period of peace descended upon the island. There were few wars, and next to no life threatening deaths occured to people, and those that did happened to the older population. The existing +Anima died out.

    People started to doubt the very existance of them a decade after they became extinct. No trace of them were found until 1500 hundred years later.....

    It all began after an expedition in Australia. Very little of it was noted down in history in the year it occured. The details were unknown, though there are a few confirmed facts.

    A strange room filled with a sparkling jewel, and many carvings of strange animal-like beasts was uncovered. It's other known that a small landslide happened afterwards, causing most of the sanctuary to be lost under the rubble.

    The magic unleashed had not been undone, however.

    The father, who had come with his 14 year old son, was in grief, sure that his child had died in the rockslide. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Though the child did die, it turned out it was at the hands of it's own father.

    The man remembered seeing a strange creature emerge from the ruins. It looked human enough. But it was a frightening enough to cause the man to use his arms.

    The being had a strange, desert-lizard like hide on it's back, it's head covered by a mop of unruly brown hair. It had a more reptile like snout, and large claws had replaced it forelegs. A large dusty brown tail that was known to belong to one of the local lizards adorned it's hindquarters.

    If you had looked closely, you'd have seen the slash like mark atop it's shoulder. Unfortunately, the body had been lost to the sand.

    This incident had never been spoken of. At least, at not till it started happening in other places.

    The first report, approximately three hours later, was in the streets of new york. A thirteen year old had jumped off a twenty story building.Fourteen stories down, the tween had grown feathery brown wings, matching those of the pigeon sheltering on the skyscraper. Witnesses reported seeing him fly off, startled. It had been the next days headline.

    Many of these beings came into existance. Drowning children had been reported to have grown gills and become more fishlike and quickly swam out. An African boy in Mali had been reported to have grown a Rhino-like hide and gain the strength of one also after being toppled by a tree.

    People reacted in many different ways. Some were captured and studied by governments who wanted to study them, and find out how to create more in order to produce weapons of war. Some were simply killed. Others were taken in by new organizations specializing in watching those who had been rejected from their families. Many ran away as outcasts. Some of these managed to blend back into society, while others traveled in groups of other +Anima. People reacted in a million different ways.

    Confusion reigned the earth for two years, trying to find out what happened. The +Anima, though, now merely wanted to find a place to be accepted. Some others who were outcasted, wanted to rebel. Some killed themselves right after transforming. And others just wanted to stay safe.

    In this roleplay, you will help dicide what the fate of the +Anima will be. Here are some of the following outcomes:

    If the current +Anima rebelling do too much, or if one of the nations nearing war find out how to create more +Anima, this will mostly likely happen. This will most likely lead to Chaos or Peace.

    A continuation of war, it would most likely lead to the deaths of many. This will happen as a result of one of a few things: A. One of the countries or species rule, leading to Tyranny. B. It lasts forever, till noone knows why they're fighting. This will unlikely happen. C. Peace, after chaos ends.

    Peace: More or less, the world will be peaceful for a while. Peace has different terms, though. +Anima could be treated differently, same with humans. The economy may also change drastically if this happens.

    Slavery: The more likely way for this to happen is for the +Anima to be overruled and taken into slaves. It could happen the other way, though unlikely.

    Isolation of +Anima: If the +Anima successfully find a place where they can't be bothered by humans, this will happen.

    Acceptance: This is what happens if the +Anima successfully get accepted into society.

    These are just a few of the possibilities, but both groups have many goals also.

    Some of the individuals want to find out why the +Anima only started happening, so they choose to investigate the small event before the revelation of the +Anima: the cave collapse. Meanwhile, others look for a cure for this 'ailment'. Some, like mentioned earlier, want to use +Anima as weapons as war, as soldiers with the eyes of the hawk, the tough hide of a rhinoceros, or the speed of a cheetah could be very useful indeed. There're a million different possible goals, +Anima-related or not, so don't be afraid to be creative with them.

    Rules: No Godmodding. Please.
    +Anima is not a condition that can be passed down to your kids, and you can't be an +Anima with a combination of two animals, and it must be a real animal.
    Please use grammer, and at least a paragraph per post.
    No bunnying. I'll allow slight bunnying if one of the people in your group hasn't been on in a while, if just to move the roleplay on, but that's it.
    I know this kinda roleplay gives you some freedom to affect the plot and make it turn your way, but don't make anything overly convenient.
    Please don't make you character ubersome.
    If you want your character to make some ginormous plot changing discovery or something, and it's unlikely they'll find it in the first place (i.e. Somebody finds the cure for +Anima and they're 10), please approve it by me.

    NOTE: We are going to need some HUMANS in the roleplay. You may make two characters if you wish to roleplay a +Anima, also, but we are going to need normal people to fully complete this roleplay, as they're play a major part in determining the +Anima's fate.

    Name: If you don't know what this is...I feel sorry for you.
    Human or +Anima: Are you a freaky animal thingy or a regular human?
    Age: Humans can be any age. +Anima can only be 18 or under, as the +Anima have only been around for 3 years, and you can only be 15 at the oldest to become an +Anima.
    Position of Power: Just your position of power. Please try not to be like a president or anything too major unleash you're an experienced roleplayer.
    Location: This is located in the real world more or less, so any of the countinents. Please try to have some groups live near each other, though. The roleplay won't move quickly if we're all miles apart.
    Goals: What's your goal? Are you rebelling, looking for peace? Etc. Goals aren't limited. It can be something more selfish, or an 'oh let's save the world goal'. This is just to help us know what your character's ideals are.
    Personality: Is your character shy and reserved? Open and social? Does your character has a tendency to do bad things, or is it a angel in human skin?
    General Appearance: Just what your character looks like. Tall and thin, short and stout? Etc.
    History: What's your character history? Did he have a tormented past, or is he a mamma's boy or something.
    Other Info: Basically what it says.

    +Anima only criteria:
    Age when you became +Anima:
    Must be 15 or under.
    +Anima animal: Whose animals abilities did you gain when you turned into a +Anima? Preferably, something reasonable. I'll let you be pretty free with what you are, but make sure it's something you'd at least find in the general area. No becoming trout +Anima in the desert, or elephant +Anima in america. Unless you have a reasonable way for this to happen.
    +Anima powers: What powers do you have as a +Anima? Remember, don't do anything too ubersome. At least, not without some drawbacks.
    Way you became a +Anima: What conditions caused you to become a +Anima?
    +Anima marking: You can just make this on a paint program and upload it, then write out what area on the body it it. You can write it out if you want, though.

    Thankie for reading all that. Sorry if it took a while. ;

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    Old December 6th, 2007 (1:08 PM). Edited December 6th, 2007 by Xhaiden.
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      Holy crap, yo. I think that I love you for this. -attaches self to your leg- I really want to join as my twins Kaile and Shale and a third character, Shye. You'll just have to forgive me for being slow in my sign up. I will finish it as soon as I can.

      Holy crap, yo. I think that I love you for this. -attaches self to your leg- I really want to join as my twins Kaiel and Shale and a third character, Shye. You'll just have to forgive me for being slow in my sign up. I will finish it as soon as I can.

      Name: Kaiel (pronounced Kyle) Johnathan Raye
      Human or +Anima: Human
      Position of Power: He is a member of a gang of humans that are anti +Anima. The gang itself is just small time at the moment and consists mostly of street punks.
      Location: Chicago
      Goals: The elimination of his twin brother is his number one priority and he is willing to do just about anything to do so. His second major goal is to rid the world of +Anima, starting in the city. He wants to leave the gang that he is part of so that he can move up in the world, placing himself in a more convenient position for finding and hunting his brother.
      Personality: Obsessive, sadistic, and a bit paranoid, Kaiel is not a very outgoing man. He is quiet unless addressed and typically, he appears to be calm and collected. Because of the situation with his sibling, he trusts no one, and likes to keep things that way. His arrogance is a bit daunting at times and he can be easily provoked by others. However, despite his flaws, Kaiel is a fairly good person, at least, toward other humans. He has no qualms about assisting others nor does he mind getting his hands dirty.
      General Appearance:
      Other Info:

      +Anima only criteria:

      +Anima animal:
      +Anima powers:

      +Anima marking:
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