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    Pixel Art

    Original rules by Signomi. Originally modified by Amachi and Fox♠. Most recently modified by Scarf.


    The Pixel Art section, previously known as Home of the Sprites, is a subforum of the Art Gallery in which members are invited to showcase all their work that requires attention to the very smallest detail on the monitor - the pixel. However, just as every other section has rules that are required to be followed, so must this section. Not doing so will result in moderator action and hence the possibility of receiving warnings and infraction points.


    Keep in mind that in addition to the Pixel Art rules the forum rules apply here unless stated otherwise. Please abide by them.

    • Threads in general
      This section is only for the showcase of pixel art and sprites. Any other thread is prohibited and will be closed. Note that if you desire to create a trainer card, sprite comic or a general thread relating to pixel work, please do so over in the Pixel Projects section.
    • Sprite Showcase Threads
      These require at least four (4) sprites or more. Any threads containing less than that will be moved to the Spriters Showcase/Discussion thread. In addition, sprite sheets (an image containing different sprite frames) count as a single sprite. Showcase threads may contain fusions and recolors, but must contain at least four (4) original sprites. See below for more info on recolors/fusions.
    • Pixel Art Threads
      Are those threads for pixel art other than sprite art. They can be made no matter how many pieces of work you have to show (eg. if you have less than four). However, don't make a separate thread for each piece you make.

      Recolours and Fusions: Due to the constant cluttering of the forum by threads that are solely recolours/fusions we have opened a new, single thread where all Recolours/Fusions now go, which you can find here. Any threads solely about recolours/fusions will be locked, deleted or merged with the main thread.
    • Constructive Criticism
      This is something that is regarded very highly in this section. It's one thing to say, "I like it" or "Nah, it doesn't really appeal to me", but it's another to add why you don't like it. It's not like you have to write an essay. A sentence or two is enough. "Wow that's really nice, I love the colors" is fine. However we'd still prefer it if you put a bit more time and elaboration into your posts since it's a lot more helpful and allows those who you are critiquing to understand the good/bad points of their work and improve upon them.

      In addition, do not react harshly to someone's criticisms. In most cases, people are just trying to help you improve. By posting your work you are inviting criticism as well as comments. If you don't want your work critiqued then do not post it.

      Constructive criticism is important in this section, and we encourage the practice of it. That is why those found to ignore this rule will receive a warning for SPAM, and if it is continued than an infraction for Constant SPAM (3 points - 3 months) will be issued.
    • Consecutive Posting
      In order to bump your work, we do permit consecutive posting, though there must be a considerable period of time between posts i.e. more than a day. In addition, if you are constricted by the image limit (maximum of 20 images per post), you are also permitted to post consecutively. That said, numerous posts in a row will not reflect well upon your thread.
    • Monthly Contests
      Once a month, a user is permitted to hold a contest providing they have the consent of any moderator of this subforum. For more information, look at the Monthly contests thread.
    • Sprite Shops
      Sprite shops are currently not permitted and all sprite shop threads will be closed or edited. If you would like to request artwork please use the Official Request Thread.
    • Pixel Art Theft
      The PokéCommunity takes a very strong stance against those found stealing and taking credit for the works of others, and hence they will immediately receive a warning if caught and proven. Remember that this section is for posting examples of your own work, and so stealing helps you in no way possible.

      Due to the seriousness of this offense those discovered will be punished with 4 points - permanent.
    • Thread Revival
      If you have new content and you wish to post in an existing thread of yours that is older than 30 days, you may revive that thread.
    (Rules are subject to changes as we see fit)

    Current Moderators

    If you have any questions, concerns, queries or suggestions, feel free to PM Scarf, the current Pixel Art moderator, in regards to them.

    Thanks for reading.

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