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Old July 14th, 2004 (5:28 AM). Edited July 14th, 2004 by Shinin.
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    this is where u can make a game idea that isnt about pokemon.

    here is mine

    only for GCN

    Controls same as Tony Hawk's Underground. So are the non-special tricks.

    Mario was sitting in the castle with Peach when suddenly, Koopa the Quick crashed through the window on a skateboard! They decided to have a skateboarding tournament.

    Mario (Fireball)
    Luigi (Thunderhand)
    Peach (Umbrella Float)
    Paratroopa (Fly)
    Koopa the Quick (Shell Spin)
    Yoshi (Flutter Kick)
    DK (Banana Throw)
    Bowser (Flame Boost)
    Bowser Jr. (Shell Spin)
    Birdo (Egg Shoot)
    Wario (Fury Punch)
    Waluigi (Punch)
    Daisy (Dress Float)

    Bob-Omb (False Explosion) (Beat Baby Level in Story Mode)
    Kamek (Wand Magic) (Beat Easy Level in Story Mode)
    Prince Peasly (Hair Wave) (Beat Medium Level in Story Mode)
    Fawful (Jetpack) (Beat Hard Level in Story Mode)
    Tubba Blubba (Earthquake) (Beat Really Hard Level in Story Mode)
    Cackletta (Lightning Strike) (Beat Normal Level in Tournament Mode)

    Mushroom Castle (A 3 floor castle with lots of good places to grind on, jump off and has some quarterpipes.)
    Mario's House (A 2 floor house with tons of places to grind. You can also go into Mario's backyard, which has jumps.
    Luigi's Mansion (A 3 floor mansion with lots of half & quarterpipes.)
    Yoshi's Island (An island with lots of hills that you can jump off of, some fences to grind on and a large fullpipe.)
    Koopa Beach (A beach with some beachhouses that have fences & halfpipes. There is a large bridge over the water.)
    Kongo Jungle (A jungle with fallen over trees to grind on and some quarterpipes.)
    Bowser's Castle (A large 2 floor castle. Lots of quarterpipes and fences.)

    Bob-Omb Mountain (A large mountain with jumps and quarterpipes.) (Unlock Bob-Omb.)
    Bowser Island (A large island with a stone carving of Bowser's head that you can do tricks on.) (Unlock Kamek.)
    BeanBean Castle (A large 2 floor castle with good places to do tricks on.) (Unlock Prince Peasly.)
    Koopa Cruiser (A large airship with lots of fences and quarterpipes.) (Unlock Fawful.)
    Golden Park (A very large skatepark with tons of great things to do tricks on.) (Beat Tournament Mode in Super Level.)


    1. Story Mode
    2. Free Skate/High Score
    3. Multiplayer
    4. Create Skateparks
    5. Create Goals
    6. Tournament Mode
    7. Options

    There are 4 levels at the start (Baby, Easy, Medium and Hard). After you beat Hard, Really Hard appears and after you beat that Impossible appears.
    The Story
    You can play as any of the regular characters. You go through the regular courses in the order that they are listed above.

    You can either skate around any area for fun or try to beat your high scores.

    Multiplayer is 2-4 players only. Multiplayer games (all from THPS4 except last one):
    -High Score
    -Combo Mambo
    -King of the Hill
    -Mushroom Mania
    Mushroom Mania is where there are 25 mushrooms scattered around the course. The person who has the most at the end wins.

    Just like in the TH games, you make a skatepark.

    Create goals like in THUG.

    There are two levels here: Normal and Super. Tournament appears when you beat Impossible Level in Story Mode. All you do in this is play as a character and have a High Score game with all of the characters other than the character that you are playing as.

    The options are the same as THPS4.
    bobthebomb - Unlock Bob-Omb
    magikoopa - Unlock Kamek
    beanman - Unlock Prince Peasly
    fink-rat! - Unlock Fawful
    blubbatubba - Unlock Tubba Blubba
    beanstar - Unlock Cackletta
    mt.bomb - Unlock Bob-Omb Mountain
    islabowsa - Unlock Bowser Island
    greenbean - Unlock BeanBean Castle
    krooza - Unlock Koopa Cruiser
    cheatingisfun - Unlock Golden Park

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    Old July 14th, 2004 (5:33 AM).
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      make a hack! make a hack!!!


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