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Old February 22nd, 2008 (7:01 AM).
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Glalie- 15
Regice- 15
Glaceon- 15
Jynx- 15
Articuno- 15 + 2 =17
Swinub- 15
Piloswine- 15
Delibird- 15
Smoochum- 15
Spheal- 15
Sealeo- 15
Walrein- 15
Mamoswine- 15
Frolass- 15
Dewgong- 15
Cloyster- 15
Lapras- 15
Sneasel- 15
Snover- 15
Abomasnow- 15
Weavile- 15


Misdreavus- 15
Shuppet- 15
Bannete- 15
Duskull- 15
Dusclops- 15
Mismagius- 15
Dusknoir- 15
Gastly- 15 - 2 13
Haunter- 15
Gengar- 15
Drifloon- 15
Drifblim- 15
Spiritomb- 15
Giratina- 15
Shedinja- 15
Sableye- 15
Rotom- 15

Official H+H rules= Must wait for two other posters to go before going again.
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