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Old March 18th, 2008 (12:57 PM). Edited March 18th, 2008 by menace64.
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I've begun a game in my signature. I have written a riddle about one Pokemon species. If you think you know what it is, PM me your answer and, if you're right, I'll put you in my signature as the winner and I'll come up with another riddle.

Happy thinking!

BreakingBen got the first riddle correct! The answer was Doduo.

This one is harder!
Pokemon Riddle #4
All but forgotten, I could never trim my branches.
I'm a living opposition, but I have some nice defenses.

Guess which Pokemon this is (it isn't Sudowoodo or Torterra!) and PM me your answer! Win a space in my signature!

BreakingBen: 2 Points
Quarab58: 1 Point
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