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    Revival of my longest lasting RP...

    The Star in the Sky
    now with an actual plot!

    rating up'd a notch!


    December 31rst
















    DATE 2/21/2013



    Composition Journal
    Amanda Rivor

    Do not read

    Page 71

    Date January 1rst 2012

    Dear Diary,

    I can't believe I'm sitting here, writting this down right now. The world around me is spiraling; I don't know where to begin. I'll start by going back to last night. It was new years, and one of the coldest I've ever lived through. While the fireworks were going off as the dawn of the new year hit, I sat in my room and wrote down yesterday's entry. But the second I did, there was a flash of light outside my window. For a few solid seconds, I felt as if time stopped. Really! I'm not kidding! Time just stopped, and then I saw some kind of light go through me, and it was over. But it wasn't just the light that was gone, there was something much more missing.

    Remember that star I wrote in you about a month back? The one that looked so big that it would pop right out of the sky? I think it did. The gigantic star was nowhere to be found, and I was a little bit scared, but Tom, my brother, said that though it was a strange occurance, it didn't change anything within us, so we shouldn't worry about it. Well, he was pretty wrong.

    First, let me tell you about how the New Year begins with a bang.

    As my brother and I walked around the backyard for a little while in our warm winter jackets, we noticed that there was some kind of silence. Being a Viridian City citizen and living next to the Viridian forest, that was kind of strange. Most nights us people couldn't get any sleep because of the wild Pokémon activity. Last night it was eerily quiet. That was because there were no Pokémon to be found. Anywhere.

    The news said it wasn't just Viridian either. The entire continent of Kanto had been stripped of Pokémon, as well as Johto to the west. According to the news, Hoenn and Sinnoh and Orre could not be contacted though. Flights traveling to those regions have also lost communications, and only a few port sailors who were out at sea came back, depicting a giant wall of fog that wasn't letting them leave anywhere.

    I heard communications were down but it's strange though; I called my friend on the phone who lives in Goldenrod, and she answered completely without any disputes with the phone wiring. Then I heard from my parents that the news said communications with Johto and Kanto were working properly; it was only the other three that was giving them a hard time.

    Still, this news about no communication was deeply overshadowed by the news that no Pokémon life can be found. Trainers are brokenhearted; I know I would feel the same if I had a Pokémon, but my parents never let me and my brother travel on journeys. Well, actually, they let my brother, but he turned them down and stayed with us. That doesn't matter though. I still can't get the sad feeling I get when I think about all those brokenhearted, and then when I think of a future world with no Pokémon. It's scary.

    I really hope there's more answers tomorrow.



    You are either a scared individual or one who seeks the answers to this mysterious phenomena. You may be a trainer or you may be someone who never got to be on a journey, but whoever you were before is slipping away. As the days go by in the RP, you will begin to change slowly into Pokémon. It may start at your face or in a shortness of height or loss of hair, change of hair color, or change of skin tone. The more days pass, the more like a Pokémon you will look. On any particular day in the RP you will choose to be the day you become a full Pokémon.

    But no matter how much you change, something greater will come. Something that is maybe far more evil. By the time we reach a certain time in the RP, the star will grow ever so slowly once again. The next time it implodes, all new life may be ruined...

    Unless you do something about it.

    KNOWN FACTS SINCE 1/25/2013
    hidden rules

    Only Kanto and Johto have been effected.

    There is no communication available to Hoenn, Orre, or Sinnoh. These regions are sealed off from any sort of transportation by a massive fog that will re-route anyone and everyone who crosses it back to where they were.

    Transformation to Pokémon is inevitable. You can only control how fast or slow your transformation lasts.

    Once a human has become a full Pokémon, there is no turning back.

    Pokémon are gone from this new world. If a human was a trainer, there is almost no chance that they will ever see their Pokémon again unless special cases involving only if the human becomes a Psychic, Ghost, or Dark type Pokémon or if the Pokémon in question is one of the mentioned types and is powerful enough to hold a connection for a small period of time with its trainer.


    1. No one is allowed to become a legendary.

    2. This thread will be left OOC free after it begins unless it is for any RPer in general to inform the poster before of a misunderstanding written in their post. All late sign-ups must be posted in the OOC thread.

    3. You should know your grammar before posting, and if not, have a dictionary, spell check, and beta reader by your side at all times.

    4. Though this RP now has a plot to be followed, it has the same mechanics as the previous and works the same way as well, meaning that no boundaries are off limits (with the exception of Hoenn, Orre, and Sinnoh) and you can stay with the main group who goes after the main plot or travel alone or with another RPer elsewhere.

    5. You are allowed to create your own plot to follow besides the main plot, but if you do, it will not be centered on any of the legendaries save Mewtwo.

    6. No Godmodding, Powerplaying, bunnying, or any other basic no-no's.

    7. Nothing obscene. Fail to follow and your off the RP.

    7. This rule must be followed AT ALL TIMES! Have fun.


    Name: (Crucial)

    Age: (There is no limit to what age you can be, but be aware that if you plan on creating someone very young that you better play the part well and act that age.)

    Gender: (This is important for obvious reasons. I'm also giving you so much liberty here that I will allow you to make a character that is becoming a Pokémon that is genderless (Magnemite) or of the opposite gender. Be sure that if your character is either of those that you state your original gender and the gender you become. Ex. Male to Female, Female to Male, Male/Female to Genderless...)

    Location: (You are allowed to be anywhere in Kanto or Johto. State your region and city, though it would be nice if you were in Viridian or somewhere near so that the main plot could kick off quick.)

    Pokémon to Become: (Two restrictions here, the first being that you cannot become a legendary. The second restriction is that you cannot become an evolved form of a Pokémon. Pick a Pokémon, and if it has a previous evolution, then the starting evolution is what you are to become. You are allowed to evolve, but only after a few days, weeks, or months of being a Pokémon and if you have a stone to evolve with if you are a Pokémon that needs one. You are allowed to become almost any Pokémon. Even the Pokémon of Hoenn, Orre, and Sinnoh. Irrelevant reminder, but remember that you control when you become full Pokémon.)

    Appearance/Description: (Though what you look like will change throughout the RP, this is still needed. I want a paragraph or more.)

    Personality: (I want this a paragraph long as well. It would be nice if your personality matched the Pokémon you are becoming, but it is not crucial.)

    History: (Completely optional, but like the previous, this RP is also dramatically driven, so a good history on some aspects of your character's life wouldn't hurt to add tension or drama as the RP continues. A paragraph or more long please.)

    Love: (It's back! Love interests. Simply put whether you are single and interested or not interested or get together with a buddy and RP as a couple in relationship. Mine is going to be Single and Interested, but you are allowed to contact me and ask if you want to RP as my character's love interest.)

    Other: (Anything extra that does not fit anywhere else and adds to the sign-up goes here)

    RP Sample: (Go ahead; blow me away.)


    Name: Tom Rivor

    Age: Fifteen

    Gender: Male

    Location: Kanto, Viridian City

    Pokémon to Become: Psyduck

    Appearance/Description: Tom's face is freckle filled as if drilled in with a nail gun. From the back, his hair is longer than most but only barely reaches to the lower half of his neck, and is not in an even flow. The only major appearance with him that sets him apart from the rest of his family are his green eyes. His skin tone is fair, and though the eye doctor says he needs glasses, he does not wear any. Not even contacts. He does however have prescribed sun-glasses which he sometimes wears on a random occasion.

    Clothing wise, Tom pulls on a dark gold colored sweater on and black jeans. His sweater is made of a hard fabric. Upon being asked by his parents why he wears a sweater instead of a good, much stronger winter jacket for the cold, he replies that the sweater builds up so much heat in the inside that it does its job well. He is of course lying, and only said that because he loves the sweater and does not want to get rid of it. There is no special reason for his black jeans. Most of his jeans are black.

    Personality: You might want to watch out. Though Tom has calm mind and usually states the obvious and is sometimes called uninteresting, he has a good bluff. A Poker Face, most would call it, but Tom answers by saying he does not know how to play the game anyway. He more or less learned this stiff look skill from his sister Amanda of the many times she forced him into strange situations, said situations ranging from white lies to, say, misconception of truth and what is generally wanted to be believed. Such as skipping school. And stolen pups. And rigged bets. Yes, his sister who is only fourteen is already exploring a very wild and unusual side of life, and Tom has always been tagged along for the ride when the mal feces hit the fan. Given that the situation is terrible, it is usually Tom that gets him and his sister out of a dislocated leg or two.

    He can be very passive too, which adds to the bore factor that already grows around him. The only time his passive actions have ever helped him have been through fancy parties his parents sometimes put up at their house. Not even a super computer can calculate how many times he has been told how he was such a sweet, gentle, nice, and polite young man his mother raised. It was not so bad, if it weren't for Amanda telling nearly everyone at school about every mamas boy action he did. Yet somehow, she still convinced him to not kill her. It was a skill they both had. A skill Tom was not all too happy to share, but it wasn't the only thing they had together. They both had the tendancy to take any and every opportunity, even so much as a favor. Sure, sometimes they did not fall through, but that wasn't the point. At least, to them it wasn't. That is what usually got them into so much trouble.

    History: Tom is the only member of the family to have green eyes. No matter how far back his family can be traced, no one has ever had green as the color. He has his own ideas, but it could be luck and probability chance that gave him those colors. He has as well tried to sustain a relationship with a girl from his school. They both broke up with each other under different conditions and the girl in particular starting a Pokémon journey. They made the good-byes and the break-up as emotionally painless as possible, and Tom has since then been trying to have another relationship. His family has delt with tragedy with the death of his brother the year before, 2011, on a fair August day. His brother Lucas had been thirteen years old and died of an unknown cause in his room. Police have not been able to report anything other than he might have had some sort of agent that went undetected and slowly killed him.

    Love: Single and Interested

    Other: Tom's birthday is on the cursed April 1rst. He has on so many occasions been given more pranks than gifts because of it.


    Random_Fan: Tom Rivor, Psyduck, Age 15, Male, Single and Interested (Active)

    Nerevarine: Ash Williams, Riolu, Age 16, Male, Single and Very Interested (Active)

    Nerevarine: Rayna Harson, Ralts, Age 17, Female, In Love but Will Accept to Love Others (Active)

    AExcalibur: Maria Hollander, Ralts, Age 16, Female, Single and Possibly Interested (Active)

    Charizard_maa: Mike Anone, Absol, Age 18, Male (Original) Female (Pokémon), Single and Interested but no Time (Active)

    Gummy: Cato Cornelius, Abra, Age 16, Male, Flirtatious but Uninterested (Active)

    Lash: Adam Ake, Aipom, Age 14, Male, Uninterested Unless Opertunities Arise (Inactive)

    Trainer Kat: London Luscious, Eevee, Age 17, Female, Single and Interested (Active)

    [email protected]: Maxwell Stephanopolous Ainsworth-Chamberlaine, Gastly, Age 17, Male, Single and Interested (Active)

    Gamekrazy: Yuuki Modoki, Kangaskhan, Age 15, Male (Original) Female (Pokémon), Single and Interested (Active)

    I, Riolu: Lee Hallows, Houndour, Age 15, Male, Single and Undecided (Active)

    XunknownX: Aryn Evans, Cubone, Age 17, Female, Single and Uninterested at the Moment (Active)

    Fallen Angel_Messiah of Black Roses: AJ Valentine, Riolu, Age 7, Male, Uninterested (Active)

    SkyeSlipstream: Craig Hayuro, Sableye, Age 14, Male, Single and Uninterested (Active)


    Remember that this RP is mostly free going and sign-ups are always accepted. If there is a late sign-up, I will send the late RPer a summary of what has gone on so far. You as an RPer are not tagged onto the main story either and are allowed to create your own plots and goals to follow so long as they stray away from the Legendaries not including Mewtwo. Oh, and if you can help it, it would be neat if a week in RP time could go by without anyone becoming a full Pokémon yet, though it is not required.

    Relevant Advertising!

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      Name: Ash Williams

      Age: 16

      Gender: Male

      Location: Viridian City

      Pokémon to Become: Riolu

      Appearance/Description: Ash has a straight forward face. It is gaunt and gets five oclock shadow if he doesn't shave within 3 days. Ash's hair color is jet black and it makes him look like a ghost on his pale Caucasian skin complexion. His eye color is cerulean and is practically the only color in his face. Ash has a slim body shape. His clothing consists of a dark blue button down shirt. Ash's pants are dark blue jeans with small pockets. His pokegear is on his left wrist and is always tuned to the time function. Ash rarely uses the phone function yet he still has both a map card and radio card.

      Personality: Ash acts very social. He knows much about the world and likes to hear things. Ash has a very logical mind and he perceives everything from another person's view before he takes action. Ash is smart in his own way but doesn't know any solid facts. He speaks in metaphors and sometimes when he is talking to people he might change the subject before the problem is solved. This sometimes causes Ash to lose friends instead of gaining them. When Ash hears someone say something wrong even if he isn't part of the conversation he will still correct them.

      Ash acts very lonely when he isn't with anyone. This is why he drifted throughout his journey.

      History: Ash was something of a drifter trainer. He didn't train for glory, for the pokemon league or for the title. He trained entirely for the pokemon. Ash wandered around both Kanto and Johto during his pokemon journey. Ash trained one of each type, however his main trump pokemon was a Lucario called "King". However that is where Ash's history becomes unknown. The only thing that is known is that he was in Saffron City when the incident happened. When he saw his own pokemon die in his eyes he decided to wander amongst his feelings. Around present day Ash found himself on a bus heading to Viridian city.

      There have been hints that Ash had a girl friend somewhere during his journey. However this is currently debatable. (Subplot)

      Love: Single and very interested


      RP Sample: I am going to use the one from the last rp. Not like I need it because you already know my rp style has been much better since then

      The clock's red numbers changed from 2:40 to 2:41. It was AM and Ash was tired. His mom had told him to study as much as he could. But he didn't think he should study this late. It was 2:41 AM and he was searching up information on rock pokemon. Let me see Geodude evolves into Graveler. Graveler can evolve into Golem. The picture on the next page had a picture of a Golem in a battle ready stance. He yawned for a very long time and continued to read. Golem one of the strongest rock pokemon has a very good fire resistance. It can resist even a Charizard's strongest breath and still continue to fight.

      Ash then closed the book that had the title "Encyclopedia of rock pokemon". He put it down and took the book "Encyclopedia of Fire pokemon." He looked at the heading Torchic. Torchic is chick pokemon. Because of its size it stays close to its trainer and fears most pokemon. However upon command Torchic can and will fight bravely. Once its relationship grows Torchic creates a bond between its trainer and may evolve. Then the page said "See next page Combusken".

      Ash closed the Encyclopedia and started to think. Torchic, the pokemon I asked Professer Oak for. He said that Professer Birch may have one and would ask for one. That was one week ago and maybe he will have it today. I hope that I can be a good trainer for it.

      The next day Ash walked over to Professer Oak's house. He went to the professor and asked "I would like a pokemon". He turned around with a grim look on his face. "Im sorry Ash but something has happened. For absolutely no reason all the pokemon in the world have... passed on." Cain looked very dumbfounded. "WHAT???" Professer Oak went over to his computer. "look i got an email from professors all over the world. Their pokemon have vanished from the face of the world." Ash was still looking dumbfounded. But he knew this would not stop him. "Wait you mean the Torchic I requested is... gone?"

      Professer Oak answered "Yes im sorry". Ash ran back to his house. His dream was shattered into a million pieces. But this would not stop him from traveling through Kanto. He went up to his room and took off his shirt and put on his favorite dark blue button down. Then he went towards the Jeans he had placed on his chair the night before. He took off his sweat pants and put the Jeans on. Okay, I do not have any pokemon. But I wonder if there are pokemon still alive out there. Then he took off his white socks and placed his black ones on. Then he took off the boots he put on and placed on his old sneakers. He had these sneakers for a month now and they were worn and broken in. After putting this all on he went to the 2nd floor stairs and started to walk down them.
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      Name: Darkly


      Gender: male

      Location: viridian city

      Pokémon to Become: He already is one

      Appearance/Description: He is a black flygon with a blade on the end of his tail and hypnotic red eyes. he has been a pokemon for a long time. which is why he evolved. it is rumored that he was never a human at all, and he was the only pokemon to survive.

      Personality: he considers himself to be the most thing in the universe, but he is really just a crazy spazz. he leads team dark sky, with his assistants: glitchy the porygon z and a salamence named salamence.

      History: (Completely optional, but like the previous, this RP is also dramatically driven, so a good history on some aspects of your character's life wouldn't hurt to add tension or drama as the RP continues. A paragraph or more long please.)

      Love: single and not interested, not that anyone would love an evil flygon anyway(this may change later)

      rp sample: I don't really have one... I hve one where he is yelling at salamence though. if you want me to post it, I will

      I am only making him a flygon, because I love flygon, but I hate trapinch and vibrava
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        Nerevarine: It's great to see a veteran to the Star in the Sky back. Your sign-up is good with the exception that you stated your characters name a bit too much in the appearance and personality sections, but I know you know what your doing. Your RP sample though ripping from the first one is a bit poor near the end (I even saw the name Cain there), but the newly created intro was good quality writing, so you are *Accepted*.

        Darkly_the_flygon: I like how you try to be original, but unfortunately, you cannot be a Pokemon right from the start. All life of Pokemon is gone. All the same, your appearance and personality do not reach the standards (a.k.a. too short and jerky as well as too mystery dungeon-ish at personality, which this RP is not based on) that I'm looking for in this RP, and without an RP sample leads me to further declining you to be in this RP because I do not know how good you are at storytelling, which this RP is going to be hugely based upon. *Declined*
        I'm BACK! >:]
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          Name: Maria Hollander
          Age: 16
          Gender: Female
          Location: Viridian City, Kanto Region
          Pokémon to Become: Ralts

          Appearance/Description: blonde hair hangs slightly below Maria's shoulders, often combed but still isn't as neat as those beauty models with the same type of hair she has. Standing at five foot five, Maria definitely isn't the largest person out of them all, but is fairly skinny and is quite agile when needed. Clear blue eyes, she has a face of beauty to accompany them as well, devoid of freckles or other markings that could degrade from her face's appearance. In addition, Maria has Caucasian skin pale enough to make her seem somewhat like a ghost.

          As for Maria's attire, the first thing to notice would be how she wears a white sweater, different from all the other female trainers who try to pick up on male trainers by looking as unoriginal and yet fashionable as possible. Below that, is a purple skirt reaching just below her knees. Maria also appears to wear white sneakers and some regular socks, so mobility as a trainer isn't hindered much. The only accessory Maria has is a Poketch strapped tightly around her wrist.

          Personality: Maria is fairly kind and caring to others, showing a gentle and docile nature when needed. However she can easily pull a fake one, manipulating someone she is sure she won't run into again with something such as a fake kiss on the lips. This is normally to obtain something she desires, and Maria's highest priority in her personality (the caring nature of her's) helps with this as well. Those who do gain her trust and friendship though, often end up able to avoid this negative portion of Maria, and end up being aided by her instead. Lastly, Maria often ends up lost in thought, and rarely if ever does something without a set plan. Due to this, Maria neglects the opportunity to lead, and sometimes ends up lagging behind, thinking about others and herself.

          History: Maria grew up mostly a normal life to her. In her school years, she often hung out with a tightly-knit group of females that would get along with her and ended up pretty popular in the schools she gone to. As a lass, the girl managed to make many relationships, though most of her boyfriends ended up breaking up for their own reasons.

          Starting to get into Pokemon by the fifth grade, Maria thought of taking an advanced course in Pokemon Trainers and Battling for junior high school. Once she had gotten out of elementary, the young girl pestered her parents and eventually managed to convince them to send her to a Pokemon Academy. There she was given three Pokemon (a Charmander, a Squirtle, and a Bulbasaur) in order to learn the basics, and had managed to do so with some difficulty. Content with this knowledge learned through her junior high years, once again Maria had managed to find a way to get what she wanted. It was mostly through good grades and studying to get her parents to allow the female to participate in the career of a Pokemon Trainer.

          The journey as a trainer was much more harsher than Maria had imagined though. If it wasn't for the Charmander she had chosen as her starter in Pallet Town, and the fact she was lucky enough to come across a Ralts (perhaps because Maria was feeling very cheerful at the moment?) in Viridian Forest, chances are the girl would choose for something such as a breeder. However eventually she continued on, catching Pokemon here and there to increase her data on the Pokedex, though the only two Pokemon that proved useful were the Charmander and a Ralts, whom evolved into a Charizard and a Gardevoir by the time Maria was at the Pokemon League. Celebrating, Maria chose to return to her family in Viridian City as it was also Christmas Vacation (for those who were still being taught in school, at least).

          Unfortunately on December 31th, 2012 the star in the sky went out, and access to Hoenn (Where the Pokemon League Championships were planned to go to in the beginning of Spring) was unavailable. Along with several other catastrophic events, the worst one possible for the lady would be that her two Pokemon, the ones whom brought her so far, had suddenly vanished, along with the other Pokemon in the world.

          Love: Single, and possibly interested.
          Other: Nothing, really.

          RP Sample: I can make a new one, but here's a post from a RP I made a while back called "Construct." I just noticed something though. Both RPs have the character with the same first name. I really gotta stop reusing names so much.

          Stuck in the darkness, a young morph appeared to be sitting motionlessly on a mattress. All that was visible of her were red eyes, staring at a steel door leading out of the room she was in. It was confinement, punished for nothing she had really done. But no one cared, well at least for those who somehow owned her. The morph stared, as the dim cell gained light due to the steel door opening. A person in a black outfit, consisting of a black tee with a red R on it, black pants, shoes and cap of the same color. In addition, he had several Pokeballs as well.

          "Come on," the grunt said. The morph stood up, her white skirt reaching down on the floor. If she could, she would retaliate. But there was no way to do so, as those whom taken her captive have placed a collar on her neck, rendering any usage of her Pokemon abilities useless. Following the grunt, she and him proceeded throughout a system of complex halls, until reaching a door, not any different from any of the others.

          "So yea, you can probably guess, but just another check-up. Sometimes though, I feel a bit sorry for you, as all you're stuck doing is waiting in that cell. However, even if you do escape, you're gonna be a reject to most of society, and even your own family, you know? Just gonna be a hermit all your life, living in a cave or something," the Rocket said to the morph, as she didn't listen. Just something to make her feel better, then he instantly made it worse, reminding her that any chance of escape wouldn't help. All she was were a lab rat.

          Knocking on the door, the grunt and she had waited for several more minutes, even though there was no actual way to memorize the time, due to a lack of a clock or any grunt willing to even say a word around her in the entire facility. The steel door slid into the wall, as a scientist with a similar outfit and frameless glasses appeared into view.

          "Another check-up from the boss?" the scientist asked, eying the two a bit. Of course he knew the answer. She was one of the most important morphs as she was one of the originals, and they were STILL tampering with her DNA just because things still needed to be perfected. The only thing worthwhile was to turn her completely into a Pokemon or back into a human, so at least something accepted her. It was no use to protest, as any words she would spit at the two would be ignored.

          "Yep, he still won't bother letting her do anything around the base, even though every damned Pokemorph in the place has some sort of job around here, except her. They still won't even let her in that project," the grunt replied. Again about the damn project. Supposedly, the Rockets been sending morphs in so the scientists could examine the effects of an artificial world. Through some overheard conversations, the morph even found out it was so the boss could play God for a while in an alternate dimension, even ending up to catch some of the Sinnoh legendaries. Most of the important ones never did hide on Earth anyways, so this would be a chance for him to find some.

          Even more annoying, was the fact that the Gardevoir morph wasn't allowed to do anything except some excerise, practicing the abilities she had gained, and to rot in the cell. Some morphs were allowed to roam freely for good behavior, though they also had their powers limited and were confined to only a portion of the base. Still, she was the only one tortured like this. Why? She was the original Pokemorphs, and to the Rockets, she was trash.

          The scientist walked out of the doorway, allowing the morph and the grunt to enter. The man was found at a computer, checking up data from some of the hard drives he had inserted.

          "Subject Name: Maria Corina, Subject DNA: 282 Gardevoir, yea that's done now so someone doesn't complain when they end up checking my work. Uh... Yea... Mind putting it to sleep again? I got my Pokemon taken away again for skipping that last time..." the scientist said. She was to be put to sleep or paralyzed, for obvious reasons. Blood samples and such had to be taken, and this was only to prevent any struggling. The scientists and medics had some... Inexperience with their own equipment, so it was going to sting. A lot.

          "Fine..." the grunt said, disgusted with having to waste energy on calling on one of his most disliked Pokemon. A red and white sphere was tossed to the ground, as a larger sphere of purple, venomous gas appeared from it. Maria knew what was coming up next. Yet, even if she tried to move, she would be punished even more. Anything she did was at a loss, and the grunt and scientist seemed to not care if she got damaged long as it didn't interfere with the work. The Ghastly's eyes glowed a bright blue, as the ghost managed to somehow restrain her with a move called Mean Look (where just by staring at a Pokemon, the victim was trapped for several seconds). The blue eyes turned back to their original color, as the morph felt drowsy and ended up falling onto the marble floor. The Ghastly had done it's job and was called back as Maria fell asleep quickly.


          Please excuse me for not filling out the sign-up completely. I just tend to notice these kind of RPs which have a scent of success in them at the last minutes of the day. I promise I will fill it out tomorrow. Just not today, as I have to go to bed soon and to get ready for school tomorrow. So look forward to a hopefully decent sign-up when I get back from school.

          Credit to Vivaa for the theme.
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            Name: Rayna Harson

            Age: 17

            Gender: Female

            Location: Viridian

            Pokémon to Become: Gardivior|Will start as Ralts\Will evolve into Kirlia

            Appearance/Description: Rayna

            Personality: As a dancer Rayna knows nothing better, She loves everyone she meets and at times is to kind for her own good. She won't think twice about helping another and has no higher priority then making sure that everyone around her is happy and comfortable.She loves to cook for everyone especially parties, she constantly gives out hugs when people need them and the occasional kiss if the circumstances call for it.

            History: Rayna was raised by Breeder parents and grew to love pokemon. She raised many herself and sold them to very rich people, her favorite to raise were Chatot's which she had many of, she taught them all to talk and she loved to just sit in the aviary and carry conversations with the tiny blue birds. Nothing much happened in her life, until Alex showed up in it. Alex was a traveling Pokemon trainer from the Shinnoh Reagen. She fell in love with him and offered her one and only Shiny Chatot, he didn't except it saying that he had no need for it. He told her that if she wanted he would take Chatot only so that he could send her messages. Rayna accepted and handed the Chatot named Andy over. After Alex left Rayna waited for his first message, it came a week later and stated that he was back in Shinnoh and that she was in his thoughts every day and that he was planning to return fallowing the next full moon. Rayna rejoiced every time Andy arrived with a note, falling more and more in love with Alex as time went on. until on day, She got a very different kind of message, it was an officially sealed letter from someone that she did not know, It had on line and one line only, "I'm sorry for your loss." Rayna knew immediately what it meant, it meant that she would never see Alex again. His pokemon and affects were delivered to her by Nocowl a few days later and Rayna couldn't bare to see the things that he had bought for her. His backpack had blood on it and she was unsure how he had actually died. she sent a message to the one who had sent the message to her but got no response. She cries for her lost love still and will forever think of him.

            She loves Alex but is willing to accept the love of another if they wish for it.

            Other: Rayna is a musician as well as a dancer and singer, she can play the Bass, the guitar, and the keyboard. (not sure if that was important...) It is also quite possible that Alex did not die and that he will make an appearance... *smiles evil*

            RP Sample: You be so right Random, it is missing something... let me see what I can do about it.

            Originally Posted by I made this up just now **edit** 9:53 am during class **edit** Finished during work. XD 4:57 pm

            Rayna ran her hands over the beautiful Bass that Alex had bought her in HeartHome city, It was a breath taking black with the slightest hit of yellow near the center, it's neck was long strong and made of something far stronger then the wood that they were normally made with, "Oh Alex... you didn't have to!" she looked to him, even sitting she had to tilt her head back just to look into eyes, as brown as the Noctowl he had ridden to get to her, that were forever smiling even in the depths of misery.

            "I wanted to." he said before he leaned forward and kissed her gently on the forehead, "You deserve it." His lips brushed over her soft skin as he spoke, and his breath warmed her as nothing else possibly could.

            She wrapped her arms around him; keeping the bass balanced in her lap as she did so, "Oh Alex..." Tears of overwhelming joy flooded her eyes and dropped onto her blouse, "I love you so much."

            "I love you too." he said pulling back, a chuckle touches his heart, "I just wish that we didn't' live so far apart."

            "Then stay here Alex... you said you liked it here." Rayna said taking both of his hands in hers, his hands which must have been three times larger then her own, trembled slightly. “Won’t you stay with me Alex....?”

            Alex only smiled and said, in a voice that showed how many times he had since the relationship began, "I can't just abandon my Pokemon Rayna. They need me back in Shinnoh." he chuckled slightly at the hurt in her eyes, "But I promise you, I will one day take you to Shinnoh, when I have a house to call my own. And there my love, we shall live and raise the family we have been talking about.”

            Rayna smiled despite herself, She began to make small circles on the backs of his hands with her thumbs, "Alex...why-?" she stops short when he reaches forward and kisses her full on the mouth. The kiss was long and warm making her melt against him in a way she never had, the emotions that he put into that kiss was enough to make even the Chatot’s around them see how much he truly loved her. She placed her hands on his chest and allowed the kiss to continue into something that seemed to have no end and no beginning. When he finally pulled away Rayna could scarcely breath let alone put a proper sentence together, "...Alex..." she was able to whisper as she lay her head against his strong chest. Although hidden behind a thick traveling jacket, the muscles that she knew he had twitched slightly with the rise and fall of his respiration.

            Alex ran his fingers threw Rayna’s long black hair, he closed his eyes and thought about how lucky he was to have found her, after all his years as a Pokemon trainer he knew that he had been missing something. Never had he expected that the thing he had always been searching for was this angel that he held in his arms, as he wrapped his mind around how long they would once again be apart, one thing stood above all others, "Never leave me Rayna." He whispered hugging her tightly as though afraid she would in fact leave him.

            "I won’t..." she answered and looked up at him, "I will never love anyone as I love you Alex." He lowered his head and covered her mouth with his, Reyna sighed as he pulled away. “Alex...” A cold like none she had ever felt fell over her and Alex was gone, “ALEX!” she looks around her, even the bass that he had bought her was gone. “ALEX!”

            Her own screaming woke her, she sits up so fast that the Chatot’s flutter around the aviary, Rayna placed a hand on her forhead tears flowing from her eyes at the loss of the wonderful memories that she had just drifted into. She looked around the aviary, twenty tiny eyes look back and one of the small blue birds actualy asks, “What wron’?”

            Rayna burried her face in her hands, It had only been three days since she had gotten the letter and two days since she had receaved the bloody pack and all of his pokemon. She turned to the backpack which she had kept close to her ever since the Noctowl had dilivered it. She had already looked inside, all it had was his trainer card and Battle City points card, he had been a high ranker.... had been. Rayna sobs as a Chatot lands on her shoulder and rubs it’s head against her cheek, “I miss him so much...” she whispered to who ever might have been listening.

            I think that's it... toodles!
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              Name: Mike Anone

              Age: 18

              Gender: Male (original) to Female (pokemon)

              Location: Pallet Town

              Pokémon to Become: Absol

              Appearance/Description: Mike is around 6'11 and very skinny with a very narrow face that shows his very tanned skin. Long dark brown hair sometimes covers his brown eyes but it is no longer then a little pass his ears. Mike is mostly dress for travel with a simple pair of red running shoes that lead up to his baggy blue jean pants that are being held up by a black belt that use to carry his pokeballs. Mike also wears a red button up shirt that is under a long green jacket that has four pockets. A backpack could been seen over his shoulder to carry large items that don't fit in his jacket pockets. A blue Poketch can be seen around Mike's wrist.

              Personality: Mike tends to be a bit distant from other people but does enjoy being in crowds and around people since he prefers to just be around people and as he would say, "It is better to eat with a group then to eat alone." Mike is the type of person that like to know a lot of things thus making him feel that he is pretty knowledgeable about most things. This want to know things has also left Mike to be a determine person and sometimes this will leave Mike to work on something until it is done which leads to him forgetting something like eating lunch. A friendly person once a person starts talking to him but Mike rarely speaks to anybody unless he is seeking information.

              History: Mike started out in the Sinnoh region at the age of ten as a pokemon trainer. Starting out with just a small turtwig, Mike travel though out the Sinnoh region defeating gym leader after gym leader to work his way up the Sinnoh Pokemon League. Still while on this pokemon journey, Mike did took the time to view the vast land of Sinnoh and became very interested in the Legends that were found thoughout the Sinnoh region.

              Mike eventually competed in the Sinnoh League and did fairly well to reach the top sixteen. Mike was glad of himself but felt like he could do better. Mike did wanted to continue on to other regions but felt like he needed to learn more about pokemon so he decided to learn how to become a basic breeder. The first pokemon he breed was a small charmander which he later on made sure it was rasied to a strong charizard with the help of his now Torterra. Still Mike's intrest in Legendary pokemon never died down and as the years went by, Mike grew more intrested in the Legendary Pokemon of the world and the legends surrounding them.

              Mike eventually decided to see the leading professor of Sinnoh, Professor Rowan, asking to work under him as a lab assistant to learn about Legendary Pokemon. Mike, at the age of 15, felt that this was the time of his life where he must try his hardest to learn the most that he can in order to make a career in pokemon like he wanted. Professor Rowan saw this and decided to let him be a lab assistant for him. After a few months, Rowan decided to use Mike’s talents as a traveler to be a field researcher by finding information about the Hoenn Legendaries. Mike agree to the job and went there to see the ruins that were in the Hoenn Desert, Sky Pillar and the three mysterious caves in Hoenn. While doing this, Mike decided to continue keep his skills of a pokemon trainer sharp by taking part of the Hoenn Gym League and eventually completed in the Ever Grande Tournament to make the top twelve once he was done with his research for Rowan. Mike even befriended an absol to join his group of pokemon that included his Torterra and Charizard.

              Mike return back to Sinnoh with a lot of data from Hoenn including what he believes what could be a tie between the ruins of the Hoenn Desert which was called Mirage Tower, Sky Pillar and the mysterious caves. Rowan seemed proud in Mike's work and after some time to organize the work, Rowan asked Mike to investigate the Legendary Bird Trio. Mike agreed to the job and sent off for Kanto.

              While in Kanto, Mike visit Pallet Town since it is every trainer dream to visit the famous Oak lab while seeing if he could get information about the Legendary Bird Trio. While there not only did Mike receive information about the Legendary Fire Bird Moltres has been reported to be seen in the mountains of Kanto's Victory Road but that it was actually really close to Pallet Town. It was the night before Mike was going to leave, which happened to be New Years Eve, did Mike witness the disappearance of his pokemon. Now Mike travel alone heading for Viridian hoping to catch any information about where his pokemon went expectedly his closest pokemon trio, Torterra, Charizard and Absol, while trying to seek information about the Legendary Bird Trio.

              Love: Single, interested, no time. Still would like to find somebody though.

              Other: Mike found out that singing helps a pokemon developed and while he tries, Mike just sucks at singing but still his pokemon did enjoy him singing.

              RP Sample: From The Ivory Tower RP

              A fury of flames were shot at a fast rate but soon a whirlwind came out and gather up the flames and then shot it upward and then began to wrap around an absol pokemorph. The flames and wind didn't hurt the absol pokemorth at all. He was dressed in baggy clothing and just stared at the combusken pokemorph. It was then beginning to charge at the absol morth.

              Mikel just stood there with his shield made up of flames and wind. He had used Razor Wind to help gather up the flames. He could feel the warmth of the flames against his fur and the light from the flames lit the dark chamber. Mikel could see the combuskin morph running at him with a glowing claw. Mikel could tell that the morph was going to attack Mikel with a SkyUppercut. Mikel knew that this attack would do a lot of damage to himself if the let that attack hit him. Still Mikel knew that this match was done.

              The combusken morph was only a matter of feet from hitting MIkel but Mikel just waved his hand and span around releasing the combination of Flamethower and Razor Wind from his control and rushing at the combuskin morph. The flaming bird pokemorph jumped up but soon the wind and flames followed and trapped the combuskin pokemorph. The pokemorph let out a yell of pain as the flying and fire attacks ripped off feathers from the combuskin morph. Soon the wind and flames dispense and the combuskin morph fell to the ground with a soft thud. The combuskin morph just laid there unable to countinue the fight.

              Mikel had already began to walk away from the scene. This dark and cold chamber was nothing new to him. Almost daily he is here being force to battle others like himself just for amusement. He could see faces from a window that loomed high above him. Still he didn't mind. Nothing really matter to him. These kind of things always happen to him and it made no difference.

              "That was good Mikel." said a Shade to the absol pokemorph. He then smiled and said, "Take a rest for the day."

              Mikel nodded and didn't even look at the Shade. He then walked up the cold stairs to his room. MIkel was walking on to his room. The hallway was dark which he didn't mind and it was cold but that was not a problem too. Still he pasted the room that was next to his and heard the words 'escape'.

              Mikel stopped for a moment and then walked on. He then walked on but stopped again once he knew that he couldn't be seen from the doorway. MIkel for some reason didn't know why the word 'escape' had made him stop. He just stood there to hear more.

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                I want to join this rp but my sign up would come a bit late.PS i haven't joined any rp before but i can assure you my grammer is not that bad.let me in if my sign up is acceptable.
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                  Will complete soon.

                  Name: (Crucial)

                  Age: 12

                  Gender: Female to male

                  Location: (You are allowed to be anywhere in Kanto or Johto. State your region and city, though it would be nice if you were in Viridian or somewhere near so that the main plot could kick off quick.)

                  Pokémon to Become: Charmander

                  Appearance/Description: She has sapphire-blue eyes.

                  Personality: Rough and tough(I want this a paragraph long as well. It would be nice if your personality matched the Pokémon you are becoming, but it is not crucial.)

                  History: (Completely optional, but like the previous, this RP is also dramatically driven, so a good history on some aspects of your character's life wouldn't hurt to add tension or drama as the RP continues. A paragraph or more long please.)

                  Love: Single and thinks romantic love is for brainless beings, therefore, immune to romance.

                  Other: (Anything extra that does not fit anywhere else and adds to the sign-up goes here)

                  RP Sample: (Go ahead; blow me away.)
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                  sorry about my character... I just don't like any basic pokemon, flygon, salamence and porygon z are the only pokemon I like, but I could sign up as a character that becomes a porygon (because I don't mind porygon)
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                    Placeholder for the win. xD; I have papers and stuff due, so I can't finish right this moment, but it'll probably be finished sometime Wednesday. The name...well, her name's gonna be explained later in the sign up, promise. =]

                    Name: London Luscious

                    Age: 17

                    Gender: Female

                    Location: Viridian City

                    Pokémon to Become: Eevee, but will evolve into Umbreon

                    Appearance/Description: Standing at 5'5", and weighing around 101 lbs, London is both edgy and beautiful. She has shoulder-length black hair (quite obviously dyed), complete with copious amounts of layers to give her the typical 'scene' kid hairstyle. Occasionally, she will accessorize and put clips in her hair. Her piercing blue eyes are always lined perfectly, heavy black eyeliner running along both her top and bottom lids. She has thick eyelashes, which curl drastically upwards with the help of an eyelash curler. These are always coated with black mascara. Depending on the day, she wears a different colored eyeshadow, each shade flecked with glitter. Her skin has no trace of acne, and her eyebrows are always shaped to perfection. Her wardrobe is quite trendy as well, her usual top being a black "wife beater" tank top, coupled with a black mini skirt that flares out just below her butt. Slung low around her hips is a stud belt, three rows of studs present. Despite having an extremely short skirt on, London's legs aren't bare. She will wear either black leggings or black fishnets. If she wears the leggings, she has a pair of black heels with an ankle strap that she wears, and if her selection is the fishnets, her calves are covered by black go-go boots with a two inch heel. This style, however, is not London's work. Her stylists do all the work for her. Though you'll never hear her admit it, she has neither done her hair nor makeup, nor selected an outfit for herself in the past two years.

                    Personality: Despite her all-black garb, London is actually a fairly nice girl. She is social and outgoing, and in a room full of strangers, is usually the first one to make conversation. She gives out smiles like they're candy, an action that often causes the males around her to nearly faint with excitement. However, London is not some two dimensional, overly happy buffoon. She can get extremely cocky, and whether this is because of her looks or her popularity is currently unknown. Occasionally, she can become condescending, especially if she's being bothered far more than any normal person should. She doesn't take criticism well, and is prone to sulking if she feels insulted. Despite these rather minor personality flaws, she is quite easy to get along with, and rarely causes drama. London has never fallen in love, rather, it's always the boy who is prone to falling for her. In fact, it's rare that she's short of boys to date.

                    History: London Luscious was born in Violet City to middle-class parents. She attended public school from the time she was born. She was inherently smart, and received high marks in elementary and middle school. It should be noted that while London had it in her to excel at school, she fell in with the wrong crowd almost as soon as she set foot in high school. However, not everyone in her 'group' of friends was a bad influence on her. Among the drug addicts and the alcoholics, she found a boy. A boy who would later go on to be her best friend. Jacob was quite possibly the nicest person she'd ever met, never failing to compliment her when she was feeling down. What she didn't know was that there was more to Jacob than met the eye. The boy had been suffering from depression, and before their friendship, he had failed multiple suicide attempts. The knowledge of this caused London a great deal of heartache. When she was fourteen, she was just finishing up her freshman year. It was then that Jacob's parents decided to move to Verdanturf Town to get away from the big city and, hopefully, help Jacob heal. London has not heard from him since, though she still refers to him as her best friend.

                    While everything I've told you up to this point may cause London to appear to be a normal girl, this is not at all the case. In fact, London is a rockstar, and a relatively well-known one at that. When she was just shy of fifteen, she and four of her male friends formed a garage band. Initially, the project was intended to be simple fun, though as they progressed, the group decided they wanted to pursue a career in music. After a ton of wheeling and dealing (comprised mostly of flirting, thanks to London), a local bar/hangout agreed to book them as the opening act for a slightly popular local band. The crowd's reaction was astounding. The overwhelming approval from the public allowed the band to return a second time, only now they were the main act, rather than the pre-show.

                    Despite their initial success in Violet City, the band simply hadn't become the stars they had wanted to be. For these next few months, London and the boys found themselves playing in bars, mostly in Azalea and New Bark, though since both were small towns, the shows weren't as extravagant as the band wanted them to be. A month or two after London's fifteenth birthday, the band decided they were going to play their final show, going all out and making it as spectacular as possible. Of course, they selected Violet City as the location, in the same bar where they had gotten their start. And the show was remarkable for a final performance. Many fans who approached them afterwards excitedly informed them that it was their best show yet...including a fairly well-known producer. After minutes of grilling, the man signed them on, provided they would record each song with the same passion they had displayed in their "final" performance. And of course, the band agreed.

                    Their road to fame was not an easy one. About three months into their contract, one of the band members, Jack, got closer to London. Closer than he should have. Jack asked her out, and the two began dating. Most anyone in the music industry will tell you not to date your band members, but neither Jack nor London heeded the warning. Their relationship interfered with their career, as the couple would often ditch the band in order to spend time with each other. London, however, realized this a month after they began dating, and broke it off without a second thought. Furious, Jack quit the band, and the group was left with the daunting task of finding another drummer...not to mention Jack had been a crowd favorite. Their salvation came in the form of Reggie Hicks, who was later renamed "Reggie Rampage" to continue on the theme the band had started.

                    In fact, London's real name is Delilah Rose Hawthorne, but currently, the only person whom she ever told was her best friend, as he is the only person she's ever been close to. London Luscious is merely a stage name. Currently, the band is on tour across Kanto. Or, they were. Viridian City is meant to be their final performance, which is why London is there now.

                    London has never trained, nor handled Pokémon. Her cousin was a Pokémon breeder, and gave London's family a freshly hatched Igglybuff as sort of a 'family pet'. That's as far as her interactions with Pokémon go.

                    Love: Single, open to a relationship.

                    Other: London's part in the band is singer/guitar player.

                    RP Sample:

                    Originally Posted by POP! Panic Shuffle! View Post
                    Tomorrow would be a long day. This was the conclusion Dean came to as he sat atop Heath’s bed. His guitar still sat perched on his knee, given minor attention in the form of a handful of soft strums. No, Dean had become more interested in something else, at least for the moment. Heath had stood to retrieve two plastic bags from his backpack, causing a grin to spread across Dean’s face. It was a move that the boy recognized all too well. The bags, one of marshmallows and one of chocolate chips, now sat between the two roommates. The marshmallows were tiny, the ones you would drop into a mug of cocoa. This excited Dean immensely. Though he was usually a cocky brat, he found himself occasionally taking pleasure in small, insignificant things. This was one of those times. Reaching down, he scooped up a handful of marshmallows, being sure to mix in four or five chocolate chips. This, he popped into his awaiting mouth.

                    “Man, Heath,” he managed through chewing. It was at this point that he swallowed. While he was often extremely rude, Dean drew the line at speaking whilst eating this heavenly concoction. It just wasn’t right. “You da man,” he finished. The junior stood, clutching his guitar with one hand. The other, he dragged through his shaggy black hair. It was still just as soft as ever. His guitar found itself seated in its usual stand in the corner of the room, while its master began to strip. Everything Dean was wearing, sans boxers, was soon heaped into a crumpled mess against the wall, leaving him clothed in only the black shorts. Never mind that the white shirt, which was growing increasingly wrinkled by the second, was part of his uniform. Dean couldn’t be bothered to deal with the fabric at this point in time. He was sure his roommate wouldn’t complain, anyway. This wasn’t the first year they had roomed together, after all.

                    It was obvious by the muffled creaks of the ladder that Dean was ascending the steps to his bed. Without another word, he planted his head firmly on the pillow and shut his eyes.

                    ---Next morning---

                    There was no doubt about it--Dean was a restless sleeper. The sheet on his bed was now tangled around his legs, and the quilt…well, who knew where that was? As if to tell him he needed to awaken, light shone through the curtains, landing directly on Dean’s eye. At this, he furrowed his brow. Who was the sun to tell him to get out of bed? As if he, the attractive, rich Dean Caldwell, could be controlled by the sun. In one fist, he grasped the pillow beneath him and, in one swift motion, flung it at the window. He would be satisfied with himself, only now he had nothing on which to rest his head. The choice was his. He could either get up and get the pillow, at which point he would already be awake enough to get dressed, or he could try to sleep rather uncomfortably without. He decided on the former. It was already light enough in the room, to the point where he would not have to flip the light switch. As he descended the ladder, one balled-up object caught his eye.

                    “There you are!” he exclaimed gleefully, gathering the fallen quilt into his arms and hoisting it up onto his bed. The cover had obviously fallen in the middle of the night, most likely the result of one swift kick from Dean.

                    If there was one thing that Dean Caldwell was skilled at, it was quick showering. The warm water was certainly welcome after a cold night without a quilt. Into his hand, he squirted one glob of coconut-scented shampoo, letting the fragrance enter his nose before rubbing the shampoo on his hair. He could almost feel it permeate his scalp. Once he had both lathered and rinsed, he applied a conditioner, also containing the sweet smell of coconut. This was responsible for the silky smooth feeling his ebony locks carried.

                    This was the extent of his primping. Part of his appeal, after all, was his “I’m-too-cool-to-care” attitude. Now that he was dry, he began to dress. Momentarily, he considered substituting his black hoodie for that required sports coat, but he decided against it. It was better not to anger teachers on the first day back. They would probably chastise him for wearing a wrinkled shirt as it was, as if the pink tie didn’t anger male teachers enough.

                    The trek to his homeroom class was not a time consuming one. Dean was tall, and his strides were long. Upon reaching the newly segregated class, he slung his arms around two blondes, flashing them each a sparkly Dean smile.

                    I'm slightly stuck-up and aesthetics-obsessed, so it's highly unlikely you'll see me use anything but shiny Pokemon.
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                    Name: Cato Cornelius

                    Age: 16

                    Gender: Male

                    Location: Viridian Forest

                    Pokémon to Become: Abra

                    Appearance/Description: When you first look at Cato, words like ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’ enter your head, and with good reason too. Standing at a measly five feet, five inches and with those scrawny arms and legs, you’d have to be blind to mistake him for intimidating. His eyes are a magnificent olive shade, but due to his bad eyesight, one would have to stare through his thick glasses to see them. In a desperate attempt to look at least partially cool, Cato regularly gels his short, jet black hair, as that seems to be the ‘style’ at the moment. Nevertheless, his effort is easily over shadowed by his choice of wardrobe. It is a rare occasion for anyone to see Cato without his lab coat and a pair of dress pants. On his belt, where most Pokemon Trainers carry their pokeballs, he carries an assortment of scientific tools (magnifying glass, goggles and a notepad). His usual footwear is his favorite pair of white sneakers— or more accurately, his once-white sneakers, as they have been dirtied by many treks to the Viridian Forest.

                    Personality: Not having much of a social life, Cato spends most of his time alone. This has caused him to develop an anti-social personality, decreasing his chances even more at gaining friends. Aside from his anti-social problems, Cato can get quite cocky at times. He may not be the strongest or fastest, but his intelligence is vastly superior to that of his peers. He’s quick to prove someone wrong or ‘show off’ his smarts in even the silliest of discussions. He takes almost everything seriously, even jokes or sarcasm. But what’s worst of all is that he’s EXTREMELY stubborn and when others try to inform him of his flaws, he tells them otherwise before they can even finish.

                    History: Ever since he could remember, Cato never had much interest in becoming a Pokemon Trainer. He always viewed the profession as barbaric and degrading to Pokemon. Instead, his goal is to be a famous Pokemon professor, like Professor Oak, who lives only a short distance away. With no friends to hang out with and no Pokemon to train, Cato spends most of his free-time going to Oak’s lab in Pallet town and observing his work. Recently, immediately before the incident, Oak had noticed the young boy’s ambition to become a professor and, through parental consent, sent him on a week long expedition to the Viridian Forest, which housed the largest variety of bug-typed Pokemon in Kanto. You can only imagine his frustration when all the Pokemon mysteriously vanished.

                    Love: Single and uninterested, but does try to flirt (and fail epically).

                    Other: None that I can think of.

                    RP Sample:
                    Originally Posted by Loki’s POP! Panic Shuffe!

                    “WHAT? THERE’S TWO GYMS NOW!”

                    Jamal was staring at a crumpled up paper in his hands and was breathing rather hard. He was just given his schedule (which also held his room number), a student handbook, that hideous uniform, and a small map of the new Academy. His sudden outburst gained him a few questioning glares, but he paid no mind to the passing students. The young male had been hoping to be the first to sign up for basketball tryouts to show his commitment, but with only an hour to spare, there was no possible way he could check out a second gym if the first one didn’t have the sign-up sheets. Frustrated, the teen crumpled the map into a paper ball and threw it at what looked like a passing freshmen. Without waiting to see if he hit his target or not, Jamal grabbed his suitcase and made a run for what he hoped to still be the boy’s dorm. As he ran, he glanced at the sheet of paper that held his room number.

                    “Room 25... hey, that’s my old jersey number!” he screamed in triumph, pointing at his chest as he was wearing said jersey. Again, he was greeted by the stares of countless students.

                    As he thought about the coincidence of his room number and jersey number, Jamal failed to notice the young woman running in the opposite direction. With a loud— and quite painful— thud, the two slammed into each other and fell to the concrete. The angered student quickly sat upright, ready to scream at what he thought to be a male freshman. His jaw literally dropped as he saw the young girl pick herself up, along with her books, and walk off with a slight limp. Jamal had never seen a girl so close to the boy’s dorm, or on the Armon side for that matter. Realizing he’d need a few days to get used to the gender mix, the teen got to his feet, dusted himself and his suitcase off and continued his walk to his new room. The large building was in plain sight now, but fearing another unpleasant crash, Jamal paced himself. Surprisingly, the closer he got to his destination, the more females he saw walking by and a lot of them didn’t look half bad. Instead of thinking of who his new roommate would be, Jamal found himself wondering how most of the cute ones would look in their gym uniform.

                    Lost in his train of thought, time seemed to slip silently on by, and Jamal reached his dorm in what seemed like a couple of minutes. People were flying in an out of the building, hoping to make as much as their hour as possible. As a returning Junior, Jamal knew that tryouts sign-ups went beyond the first day of school and decided that he’d just check out the gyms whenever he was free. Rubbing the side of his head, as the pain from his run-in with the young girl had yet to pass, Jamal walked up to a security guard in the middle of the hallway. He stood infront of the man for sometime, but the guard didn’t respond. It was then that Jamal noticed the sunglasses on his face and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t very easy for the man to see indoors.

                    “Hello? Anyone there?” Jamal asked while pulling up his pants. His father had asked him to wear a belt for at least the first day. Naturally, he didn’t listen.

                    “Do you want something?” the guard replied, pulling down his shades to get a better look at Jamal.

                    “Yeah, I was just wondering if you could tell me where to find room 25.”

                    “How old are you boy? You gotta be a sophomore at the very least, and you still don’t know your way around the dorm?” he questioned with a grunt. Jamal made a small grumble of his own. He hated his sophomore year and now he was being mistaken for one.

                    “Forget you, then!” he shouted before staring down the security guard and storming off. Just one of those moments when he really appreciated his height.

                    It wasted most of his hour of roaming but Jamal finally found his room. The ‘2’ was hanging upside-down, making the room number look like a ‘55’. He had actually passed by the room a couple of times but on his third go, found it weird for 55 to be between 24 and 26. He reached up to fix the number but stopped an inch short. A sudden idea struck him and a sickly grin appeared on his face. He decided that if he was going to have trouble finding this room, so was his roommate. With a small chuckle, Jamal retrieved his room key and unlocked the door, which swung open with the lightest of pushes. Jamal stepped into his home for next school year, and was pleased with the improvement from his old dorm and former senior roommate. However, that’s a story for another day...

                    Monotype Fire Challenge
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                    Name: Adam Ake

                    Age: Fourteen

                    Gender: Male

                    Location: Viridian City

                    Pokémon to Become: Aipom (which will evolve into Ambipom)

                    Appearance/Description: A first look at Adam would lead people to think he is an oddball. His hair is a bright shade of purple, obviously dyed. The length of his hair reaches his shoulders, and then some. His left eye is barely visible, hair nearly covering it. What pushes up that small bit of hair from completely covering his eye is a pair of thick rimmed black glasses. Eye color still stands out behind his glasses; A light purple color, matching his hair. For a shirt, he wears a short sleeved white undershirt. Over that, a dark purple, sleeveless zip up, thin vest with a hood. The zipper isn't all the way up, just a small three inches from the top. Pockets are visible in the front of the vest, due to the light purple interior. Placed on his hands, are black, fingerless gloves with a gray cuff. For pants, Adam wears normal dark blue pants with a small rip in the right knee. Finally, his shoes are black, with black laces.

                    Additional appearance info: Adam stands at the height of 5'2", weighs around 115ib - 130ib. Skin color, Caucasian.

                    Personality: A frown is placed on his face. Though he may look to be one of an angry soul, what with the glasses and the long hair covering one eye, he actually is an all around nice guy. Always one to step into conversations, or even fights, he always wants to come out of most situations laughing or with a smile on his face. Never is he one for violence, only fighting for self defense. Another personality included into all these would be a sense of never giving up no matter what the cause. Standing, not falling. Whenever being criticized or made fun of, he tends to ignore with his frown. He is an intelligent person, thinking before acting.

                    Love: Uninterested unless the opportunity arises.

                    RP Sample:
                    The Grand Tournament by Trainer Kat

                    Marcus knew Kat was smiling in her victory. A smile emerged on his face when she came over to stroke Pikachus fur. He also pet Pikachu, proud of what it had done, and how hard it battled. Though, the smile turned to shock when many Pokemon known as Spearow began pecking at Charmander, Kat, Marcus, and Pikachu. Pokemon hurt, and trainers not use to this, such a sudden attack, Marcus yelled out an attack.


                    He didn't even know he yelled it out; Just pure instinct controlling him. Something controlled over Pikachus body, its wanting to protect and fight. Its body released a mass amount of electricity, shocking all the Spearow around, unfortunately Marcus, Kat, and Charmander too. The attack and motive caused more power to be released. Marcus got up after falling from the shock, next to Pikachu, who looked good and ready, though hurt.

                    More Spearow began to advance, however the Fearow yelled, it being the boss, commanding all the Spearow to stop. This, was its battle now. Its beak began spinning, and launching out many strikes, Fury Attack. Pikachus cheeks sparked, as Marcus told Kat to stay back quickly, him rushing up infront of her. Pikachu was ran out of energy though, when it tried to release a Thundershock to counter the Fury Attack, but not much was released. Marcus blocked, as the Fury Beaks hit both him and Pikachu. Little blood was drawn from Marcus, but more hits were taken on Pikahcu.


                    Marcus ran to its side, as the Fearows beak began spinning again. This time with more power however, a drill of power launched at the trainer and Pokemon. This, was a Drill Peck. Marcus ran up infront of Pikachu, arms out to defend it, him going to take the hit head on to defend. Pikachu however, jumped up on Marcus, then jumping out infront of him to take the Drill Peck. The attack hit Pikachu, making it fall to the ground. Marcus held back tears, but Pikachu was hurt.

                    The Fearow was angry, as lightning bolts became more vigorous. Fearow began charging for Marcus and Pikachu. A bolt of lightning came crashing down for Marcus and Pikachu. Marcus feared for his life. He thought this was going to be the end. But it wasn't. Pikachu ran up in anger, taking the lightning bolt dead on to its body in one jump. The lightning bolt dissipated, Pikachu now sparking with power in the air, falling down.

                    Its body absorbed the blow. Time became slow, all was quiet. Pikachu yelled its name, as an explosion of electricity emerged from its body. Fearow and Spearow caught in the electricity, this seemed to be a premature Thunder attack. The explosion ceased, Fearow still in the air, body sparking. It was though to be supposed to knocked out, but it wasn't. Badly damaged, it was more mad. Marcus only had once choice now. He quickly gave Pikachu the enlarged Pokeball, picked it up, and threw Pikachu towards Fearow.

                    Fearow collided with Pikachu, but not with its body; But with the Pokeball it was holding. It was sucked in by the ball in a red and white light, as Marcus caught Pikachu. The ball shook, but not for too long. Fearow was caught. The Spearow began flying away. The clouds began clearing, as Marcus fell down to the ground, panting. He used the last of his waking energy to give the caught Fearow to Kat, throwing it in her direction.

                    "I.. lose the bet... There is your caught Pokemon..."

                    He said, as he rolled over onto his back, panting. A rainbow appeared in the sky, which barely caught his eye. As his consciousness faded out, Marcus saw a glowing, small, cat like Pokemon flying through the air, near the rainbow. It flew away from sight, as Marcus' eyes closed, panting. He was unconscious now, but still alive.

                    School gets in the way of RP, sad. Alas, a placeholder. Will finish within the week~

                    Edit: Well, I finished what I could. Sorry if it seems, "skimpy" at all in any parts, I was typing this kinda late during the night. And, I seriously haven't done a lot of RPing within the last coupl'a months, so sorry once again if anything is lacking >:
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                    And **** you 2009 for taking him from us.
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                      AExcalibur: It's pretty good. Be aware though that your character coming across a Ralts in any which way or form in a Kanto area is highly unlikely. Still, your writing is far superior than even my own. XD Not to mention your character is believable. *Accepted*

                      JBCBlank: There's something missing in your RP sample. When I read it, I didn't feel much other than the words flying by my mind. Your sign up is okay, but the sample is very shaky and sketchy. I'm actually stuck with what I should do. Can you fix up the sample? I'll get back to you when that's done.

                      Charizard_maa: It's a very good sign up. Your RP sample has a few bumps, but it is acceptable. *Accepted*

                      Borax12: Sure, I guess. If your sign up is good enough, you will be accepted. But since you have nothing so far, I can't do much of anything.

                      Star-wierd letters-star: You go on and complete it then. >_>

                      Darkly_the_flygon: You are allowed to try and try again. When your sign-up is good enough, then you will be accepted. Work on it.

                      Trainer Kat: Wow, this is like a preview at the movie theater, and it looks pretty good. XD Finish up soon.

                      Gummy: Nearly flawless. *Accepted*

                      Lash: Finish up soon.
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                        Hey I remeber this.. I'm a bit rusty, if ya remember me.

                        Name: Noah Valentine

                        Age: 23

                        Gender: Male

                        A traveler, currently in Viridian

                        Pokémon to Become: Lucario

                        Appearance/Description: Noah is pretty tall, he stands at a nice 5 foot ten, he weighs around 185 pounds. Noah has red eyes, but most don't see them as he always is wearing shades. He has black silky hair in a short ponytail, he is latino american so he has somewhat dark skin.

                        He wears a black trenchcoat with a white cross on the back, he wears black leather pants and a black muscle shirt. He wears black combat boots with steel bottoms, fingerless gloves.

                        He will usually be carrying around a large bag.

                        Personality: He is usually not very talkative, somewhat mysterious. But he can think quick in a situation and always tries to be the voice of reason. However, when caught in a moment of complete and totall shock, he isn't as cool and calm as he would want to be. He tries to be nice to people he meets, making sure they feel comfortable around him, which is difficult... He just tries to be a nice guy, overall.

                        History: He started out normal enough, but around the time he hit college, things got wierd. As in getting kidnapped wierd. He was a test subject for a very choice experiment involving bio-weaponry. Basically, he was supposed to be the ultimate solider, however he escaped before it all took shape, and he ended up just stronger then regular. But not superhuman.

                        Love: Single. Unintrested.

                        Other: Be ready for a few strange shockers with this guy..

                        RP Sample:

                        Noah's smile faded away, this wasn't how it was supposed to end. He waited for his ears to stop ringing from the heavy spray of bullets that had just bombarded his position, apparently a cement cover wasn't enough to stop them from piercing into him. He felt the pain, the awful flashing pain of bullet wounds. And the smell, the sickly sweet copper smell of blood was everywhere.

                        He looked up at the beast who had shot, it was huge, it might've been a man, once. But now it was a hellish beast that wanted his blood, wanted HIS life. Noah could only gape at the thing, it stood atleast thirteen feet tall, it had a large gaping cyclops eye, staring right at him.

                        It's body was etched with hundreds of stitches, and on it's arms, attatched on was a chainsaw, and a mini-gun. " Well...thats" Noah mumbled, blood dribbling out of his mouth. Before he blacked out, he heard the deafining roar of a chainsaw. And then. Nothing.
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                          Name: Yuuki Modoki

                          Age: 15

                          Gender: Male to Female (because its an interesting idea, and I love putting my characters in weird situations.)

                          Location: Pewter City

                          Pokémon to Become:

                          Yuuki stands at 5'2, with brown eyes, blonde hair, and a light skin color. He is normally seen wearing a brown cargo jacket, the same shade of brown as a Kangaskahn’s hide, along with baggy cargo pants, also of the same color. His jacket usually goes unzipped down the front, and underneath he wears a white lighter brown t-shirt.

                          Personality: Yuuki tends to be a bit on the grumpy side, easily annoyed when people goof off or use sarcasm in serious situations. However, he can be generally a very good friend, always attempting to help out if a friend is in trouble. He isn’t the type of person to sit by and watch while something happens, and hates feeling helpless.

                          History: Yuuki’s older brother, Ichiro, headed out to be a pokemon trainer seven years prior to the star in the sky incident. His starter being a charmander, he left off to go explore the pokemon world with his pokemon, always coming back to visit on new years day. With Ichiro’s return for the first time, his family was amazed by his progress. He had expanded his pokedex to nearly 100 after one year of travling, and had expanded his team quite a bit.
                          His main pokemon was his Charizard, already fully evolved. He looked so different from when Yuuki remembered him, that small, timid looking lizard from the beginning of his brothers journey. Of course, there were additions to his brothers team, such as his Gengar and Alakazam, whom never seemed to get along, his Tyranatar, witch was simply antisocial, a Milktank, wich always was in a jolly mood, and finally a Kangaskahn, who was very overprotective of her child (whom everyone called Kenga), and frankly scared Yuuki. One new years when his brother was there, the large pokemon let its child out of the pouch for a bit. Yuuki decided to play a game of tag with it, and at first the little pokemon seemed to be having fun, until it was Yuuki’s turn to be ‘it’. When the mother saw the child chasing hers, she got very mad very fast, thinking that Yuuki had bad intentions. Luckly, Ichiro was there to stop his pokemon, but from that day forward, Yuuki has always been afraid of his brothers Kangaskahn.
                          Yuuki had gotten a package from his brother, whom had been adventuring in Jhoto, the night before the Christmas prior to the star incident. In it contained his present, a pokedex, because that was the year Yuuki was to start pokemon training, and attached was a card. It said the normal stuff about missing family, and not being able to wait till new years, but there was something else this time. The card mentioned that Kenga had grown too big for her mom to carry her anymore, and because Yuuki was to be traveling with him, he was wondering if he wanted the little Kangaskahn as his first pokemon.
                          Yuuki was uncertain about all of this, not positive how the mother would react (there had been no mishaps since the first one) but he guessed he would see how it would turn out when his brother and his pokemon arrived.
                          But no pokemon arrived on new years day. In fact, pokemon were nowhere to be seen. Pokemon, and his brother as well…

                          Love: Single, and interested


                          RP Sample: Taken from Pokemon Annihilation: Conquest on Serebii forums.

                          Megumi sighed as she looked down at the picture in her hands. It was a photo of her entire class that they took earlier this year. Well, at least it had been her class. They moved shortly after the picture had been taken, and now here they were, moving once again, merely five months after entering their current household.
                          She placed the photo in the box, and sealed it up to be brought down to the moving van (I say 'down' due to them being on the second floor.) Kai was sitting by the window to Megumi's room, watching Luso try to help get the box filled with all of Megumi's moms books into the van. Kai watched in amusement at the Riolu's attempts, knowing full well how many books the mom of the household actually owned, and already knowing it weighed many times more then the poor pokemon trying to move it. It was then that Hikaru came over and lifted the box for the pokemon, setting it inside the truck much more easily then the Riolu.
                          Luso marveled at his Sensei's abilities, while the Dragonite scratched the back of his head, saying it was nothing, really.
                          Hikaru began to head back into the house, with Luso marching right behind him, when something odd happened. Hikaru and Luso began to feel an uneasy feeling, like the type you feel when something big was about to happen. Hikaru, worried by said feeling, headed up the stairs for Megumi's room, Luso following right after, concerned about their friend.
                          However, the moment the two pokemon entered the girls room, there was a bright flash of light, and all four of them found themselved atop a large mountain, staring at a pokemon that they all believed to be a myth, who was telling them all some quite unbelievable things...

                          "Wha..." Megumi stammered, very confused by all that was happening, confused and afraid "What do you mean! S-since when has the world b-been in danger? Why do we have to save it? Whats going on!"
                          She felt a familiar hand upon her shoulder. It was Hikaru there to give support. It didn't matter what was going on, he would be there for her, the same with Kai, who jumped upon the dragonites shoulder, and Luso, who stood faithfully at his side. They would be there for their friend, and that made her feel a little better.

                          Lugia groaned a bit as his eyelids began to open, and he started to awaken from his unconscious state. He began to recall what had happened before he had fallen, only to wish he hadn't. The last things he remembered were seeing the beings whom used to be Zapdos and Moltres, give the orders to have him infected by a Deoxys, but after Arceus' rescue, everything began to blur. He looked over at Articuno, just as injured up as he was, and a pang of sadness went through his heart. Her two brothers had just been taken from her, and there was no way of telling if they ever would be able to return to normal, or if the only way to be with them again would be to become one of them. He could not help but feel like it was all his fault somehow. He wished there was something he could do, he would gladly give himself up in exchange for the three birds freedom at this point. He had never felt so powerless. He, a legendary pokemon, was coming to realize just how weak he really was...
                          It was then that he realized the humans. There were so many assembled, and in his current state, any one could throw an ultra ball and have a fairly good chance of catching him, however he knew that if Arceus had called them there, they should have been of pure hearts. He trusted Arceus, and held onto the hope that somehow, yes, somehow they would be able to get through this, stop the Deoxys, and reverse the infection. Yes... somehow...
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                            Lash: It's fine. The only “skimpy” part would be a phrase in the RP sample, but even then it is still an obvious mistake that anyone can make. *Accepted*

                            Fallen Angel_Messiah of Black Roses: Yes, another veteran. Only, you weren't kidding when you said you got a little rusty. >_>; You fall a little short in all areas and your character seems pretty 2D, not to mention that Lucario is a second evolved form. As well, your character would not flow with the plot easily and may have to be alone for a good chunk of the RP if you were accepted. It's good to see your expanding on the subplots you can have, but there's a lot to be worked on. Sorry. *Declined*

                            Gamekrazy: Your RP sample looks promising. Finish up soon.
                            I'm BACK! >:]
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                              Name: Maxwell Stephanopolous Ainsworth-Chamberlaine

                              Age: 17

                              Gender: Male

                              Location: Vermilion

                              Pokémon to Become: Gastly


                              Maxwell stands just above six feet tall and seems even taller, having the kind of immaculate posture you'd only ever see on magazine covers, or in those too rich for discomfort or worry. His hair is thick, shoulder-length and black as coal, always well-groomed but left hanging in a rather sloppy do. With eyes a dusty green colour, he gives off a somewhat dim, uncaring appearance - even though green is a warm colour, Maxwell's gaze looks cold and barren. In front of that gaze, he wears a large pair of thick, rounded square glasses. In every part the rich kid, he has only the slightest tan - seemingly to show off the fact that he has no need to be out in the sun, save for leisure. Naturally, Maxwell is the owner of a huge and varied wardrobe, but his favoured set of clothes is a simple black business suit, made to be light-weight and cool. He also owns a pair of corrective sunglasses.

                              Having free time to spare, and mounds of cash to boot, Maxwell keeps himself fit using his top-of-the-line personal gym. While he has neither the genetics nor the time spent to be truly buff, he keeps his body in good condition.

                              Personality: Maxwell likes to take it easy, and rarely exhibits any strong emotions. He is out to enjoy himself, and cares for little else. Being the type to easily get bored with an activity, and having the money and spare time to do it, he has taken up a large amount of (and discarded almost as many) hobbies. Examples include pokémon training, calligraphy and ping pong, among many, many others. He is always on the lookout for new passtimes, and even once, if only for a short time, considered joining Team Rocket.

                              Maxwell is rarely shaken or shocked, or emotionally moved at all. He takes his own steady mentality for granted, and looks at other people with a certain amount of disdain for their tendencies towards large egoes, violent aggression and meaningless depression. He does not suffer from much of a conscience, and has no qualms about hurting other people. Despite this, he is willing to make friends with people who have interests similar to his own, at least for as long as these people keep their cool. Once Maxwell finds a person to be too emotional for his tastes, he is likely to cut their friendship forever. He is very conscious of this side of his character, and would not have it any other way. He refuses to acknowledge any feelings for another person unless he can accept them intellectually as well.

                              In later days, what with the disappearance of his pokémon, Maxwell has rediscovered panic and frustration. He challenges these emotions bravely, and strives to overcome them - either by himself, or through getting back what was lost. He had a close relationship with his pokémon even after ending his pokémon journey, and occasionally took them out for a battle or a training period.

                              History: Born to a wealthy business mogul in Vermilion, Maxwell grew up surrounded by every toy, car or outfit he wished for. However, he quickly grew tired of the things he had, and switched hobbies almost as often than he switched underwear. Trying hobby after hobby upon hobby, he found a few that were interesting, but quit most as soon as he started. Pokémon training was among the things he gave a more serious try, and he kept having the occasional battle even after he gave up on the sport - six badges already in his pocket - returning to Vermilion to satisfy an urge to try out business management, and that's where he remains to this day.

                              Love: Single, interested but picky and paranoid.

                              Other: An approximate list of Maxwell's current hobbies: dart-throwing, chess, RC-cars, violin, banjo, sleight of hand/magic tricks, ventriloquism.

                              RP Sample: ( I used this to good effect last time. )
                              The steady clip-clop of bare hooves against rock signalled the approach of a rider, or in the very least a horse. Round a bend came this horse, a fine steed indeed. A destrier, milky white like brand new parchment, with eyes darker than bottomless pools of the finest ink.
                              Its tail bore the same dark hue as the eyes, as did its hooves, and the horse looked clean and newly groomed, as if had it left a king's stables mere moments ago. Although the horse had no crinet, the creature's head was protected a beautiful chamfron of silver-like metal, golden symbols lining its edges and the sign of infinity skillfully engraved between the eye slots. It was covered in heavy barding as well, made of the same shining metal as the chamfron, and covered in the same symbols.

                              Now, the horse was not riderless, and the rider was no less decorated than his steed: clad in shimmering full plate, though helmetless, he sat tall upon his mount, an unearthly brilliance radiating from his very person.

                              The paladin, for he must have been a paladin, truly resembled the knights of a bard's tale, fair to look at in spite of his scars, armour like sparkling silver and hair like sparkling gold, a sword by his side and a shield by the other. The men would admire him, the women moreso, and the children would follow him through the streets.

                              Here, however, he was alone, slowly travelling across the rocky ground in shadow cast by the cliffs. The knight was in a good mood, it seemed, for he was smiling, humming a popular tune as he rode. The horse did not seem bothered by it.

                              It was impossible to tell if he truly had a goal or was just trying to stick to the shadow, or both. But, as he followed the cliffside on his faithful steed, it was inevitable that he would happen upon the beaten body of a young man, dressed in charred robes on uncertain origin.
                              "Gadzooks!", the knight exclaimed, pulling at his reins. The destrier obediently halted, curiously eyeing the boy. "What ill fate has befallen this young man?" The rider asked himself.

                              Dismounting, he catiously approached it, leaving the cliff wall behind, his feet now treading grass instead of rock. As the body made no move the knight walked right up to it, in the mean time reaching into his armour, sticking three fingers inside the uppermost opening. From it he brought a small golden rectangle, connected to a thin brass chain that ran around his neck. The holy symbol of Scinta, godess of knowledge, to those who know such things.
                              With it outside his armour he spoke to the body at his feet.
                              "Are you alive or dead?"
                              Though he may have looked like the very empitome of heroism, and could certainly have acted the part if required, he felt he could allow himself a jest.
                              "If you are dead, I will forgive you for not replying."
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                                *sigh* It appears I'm finally done. Hope it's acceptable~.

                                :< I'm sorry if the history's a little short, I couldn't think of anything else to write.
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                                  Decided it might be better to have a simiilar character as too before, without the wierdness possesion things. -_-;

                                  Name: AJ Valentine

                                  Age: 7

                                  Gender: male

                                  Location: Viridian

                                  Pokémon to Become: Riolu

                                  Appearance/Description: AJ has somewhat long blond hair, but not long enough for any ponytail's or anything. He has angelic blue eyes. He is around four foot, maybe a little smaller, he only weighs around 50 or so pounds, he doesn't have too much muscle as he is just a little kid, he's just real skinny. He is caucasian. His skins a bit paler then he wants, but thats because he doesn't get enough sun, which is understandable. Sorta.

                                  When AJ noticed something that seemed like panic he decided he would need to look tough, so he dug out his halloween costume and started wearing that. His costume is that of Links, floppy green hat, brown undershirt, white pants and green tunic. He also wears leather brown boots. He is hoping he looks intimidating like this, but so far no one has been awed by his plastic sword.

                                  However, on a regular day, one where something strange isn't going on in the world... He will wear a usually colorful, oversized T-shirt with a light jacket with a picture of a pikachu on it, a pair of ratty blue denim jeans and some scruffy red sneakers that have not dirtied to much, since he doesn't do alot of activities. He usually never ever wears a hat, because he easily gets hat hair and it looks wierd.

                                  Personality: AJ tries to be a hero, he tries to be brave. But fails MISREBALY. Because in reality, he is just a small wimpy timid boy. However, he can be great company as he always follows orders (in fear of getting beat up..) And tries to please. He'll occasionaly crack jokes, which have the humor level of a 2nd graders... but atleast he tries. AJ is actually pretty lazy for a kid, unlike all the hyper and sports playing kids, he enjoys a nice day of playing his gameboy color.

                                  When faced with comments about the fact that he may be too young he promptly pouts and will usually do it anyway, which usually gets him in unwanted trouble, it's generally annoying of him.

                                  A bad thing would be at waht seems to be the WORST times he will talk louder then he really should, and maybe he's little gullible, Okay, Really gullible. Pizza man on the moon? Sure, he's asking what toppings. He's just like a sponge, soaks things in and belives them without any evidense. Your average 2nd grader.

                                  History: optional.

                                  Love: None.

                                  Other: not much to add here.

                                  RP Sample:

                                  AJ was at the park swinging, " Hey, Alex. Did you hear on the news, about the pokemon?" Someone said, they were close to the swing so AJ could hear just about everything. " Yeah, something about them vanishing...or something like that." The other person replied. " Yeah, they just all...vanished. Just like that."

                                  AJ was confused. " What'd ya mean that the pokemon are all gone?" He inquired from the swing.

                                  " They're just gone, kid, poof!" The man said before leaving with his friend. " Before I even had the chance to have one..." AJ sulked, he got off the swing and headed home, his house was just a block or so down. " Why would they just dissapear like that..." He wondered as he began to saw what the real damage was. People, everywhere.

                                  It seemed like everyone was either yelling or screaming, about their pokemon, it was head aching. He tried to quickly pass the area of yelling and screaming people. One woman grabbed him and yelled in his ear " Where is she?! My poor doggy! Oh Madona!" AJ tried to push the old lady off, this was insane! What was going on in the world? Running to avoid any rioter's he made it too his house, basically uninjured, an empty house.

                                  His house was never empty, his parents were always here by now.

                                  This day was defiantly not normal. And to make matters worse, he had an awful headache, he held onto his head, wishing his mom was here to give him some medicine or somthing...


                                  AJ opened his eyes quickly and looked around, what just happened... He looked at his feet, glass was there and above him... a blown out lightbulb. However, since his headache was gone, he didn't pay much mind.
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                                    I hope this is acceptable. It's not as detailed as I would like it to be, but if you need anymore information I'll gladly add it. Also, I'm sorry that the RP example is so short.~


                                    Name: Rose Pryce

                                    Age: fourteen

                                    Gender: Female

                                    Location: Kanto, Veridian City

                                    Pokémon to Become: Skitty

                                    Rose is 5' 4" and has an average build, slightly curved, but not to busty; she has a longer torso with shorter legs. Her skin is a light peach with pink tones. Instead of getting the bronze tan she always seems to get irritating sun burns.

                                    Her hair is a golden blonde, slightly wavy at the tips, with side swept bangs. She changes her hairstyle depending on her clothing and mood, but most of the time she is with two pigtails. Normally her hair, when down, hits the middle of her back.

                                    She likes to wear cute, but comfortable clothes since she is a Pokemon trainer. Her main outfit is a white collared shirt with a mauve sweater vest over it; the vest has the picture of a pókeball in the upper right-hand corner. Her bottom is a khaki skirt with pleats, accessorized with white leggings, so she can move freely. Her shoes are black and white converse style with black shoelaces.

                                    Rose is a very naive young girl. She is optimistic and can be very determined, even when the odds are against her she gives it her best; perhaps a tad stubborn when her innocent determination takes over. Also, her childlike behavior sometimes undermines her views of the horrid events taking place around her.

                                    Rose lived with her younger sister and single mom in the Kanto region. Her mother is a retired contest contestant from Hoenn and trained her two daughters to follow in her footsteps; eventually wanting her daughters to venture to Hoenn and Sinnoh. Even though Rose is very girly and tagged a 'prep' she was determined to become a Pokemon trainer. Her mother protested her daughter's wishes, but after taking matters into her own hands, Rose was given a chance to show her willpower on becoming a Pokemon trainer. The two agreed that Rose would battle a first time trainer like herself at Professor. Oak’s lab and if she won she could follow her dream. Sadly, she lost, but her mother finally realized her daughter’s feelings and the way she connected with the Pokemon. She allowed Rose to begin her journey.

                                    Rose soon found out her mother was against her becoming a Pokemon trainer because of her father, a trainer who also loved Pokemon, but departed their family because of it. Rose made a promise to her mother that she would come back one day, but after she was considered a master and beaten the Elite Four.

                                    Love: Single and interested~

                                    Other: She loves to write poetry.

                                    RP Sample:

                                    Rose stretched her limbs, her hair catching the rays from the sun, her bouncy pigtails glowing a bright gold. Muffin, her upbeat Plusle, clung to her shoulder, basking in the warmth like her owner. After a good nights rest at the local Pokèmon Center, the young trainer was eager to begin the day, hoping that perhaps a battle or new addition to the team was included in the schedule.
                                    "Are you hungry?" She asked, grinning up at Muffin who nodded energetically. Rose chuckled, knowing how much the small creature loved the Pokèmon food she carried.
                                    Sitting down at a bench outside of the Center, she slid her backpack from her shoulders and rummage inside for the plastic container of brown pellets and a bowl. Muffin hopped down onto the bench next to her, squeaking as Rose shook some of the delightful pellets into the little bowl.

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                                      Wow, this is getting pretty huge. o_o;

                                      Only moments ago I realized that more people than I first imagined were signing up. The last Star in the Sky had more than ten people, but not all were active, so it seemed more like four or five. This is the beggining and already I'm bombarded with sign-ups, and I'm not sure if handling so many RPers in one RP is wise. >_>;

                                      Alright, let's just get straight to business then. I really want to start this thing today.

                                      Trainer Kat: History's too short. Next!

                                      Nah I'm joking. This is ideally another flawless sign-up. I would say something more, but there isn't much to say about it. XD *Accepted*

                                      [email protected]: Your sign-up is good. The personality of your character is probably going to really go against my character's actions once this gets started, hehe. *Accepted*

                                      Fallen Angel_Messiah of Black Roses: I'm not going to lie to you; it is an improvement. The appearance and description section is questionable, the personality section is alright, and the RP sample is okay. It's going to need a little more tweaking.

                                      PkMn Trainer Rose: The personality is a bit on the short side. Everything else meets requirements, and I already know your pretty good at RPing from your post in “The End.” All I ask is that if you can, lengthen the personality.


                                      Okay, whoever wants to sign-up, I will create an OOC thread. Those that have placeholders here and have not finished their sign-ups are allowed to finish them in this thread. New applicants though need to hold on to those sign-ups as I get started on the first post, and then the OOC thread.
                                      I'm BACK! >:]
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                                        I redid it Random, I put more stuff and stuff.... XD that sure tells you alot don't it? What do you think...?

                                        -.- I am aware that I spelt it wrong... -.-

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                                          JBCBlank: It's much better. Thank you. ^_^ *Accepted*

                                          And now, we begin.

                                          Chapter 1

                                          COMMUNICATIONS ARCHIVE

                                          AIRWAVES SALVAGED FROM
                                          AREA DEAD ZONE
                                          AUTHORIZATION TO VIEW COMMUNICATIONS



                                          ACCESS CODE

                                          ENTER AUTHORIZATION ACCESS CODE




                                          SINNOH TO JOHTO
                                          LAST KNOWN COMMUNICATIONS
                                          THREE HOURS AFTER
                                          THE SHROUD

                                          COMMUNICATIONS ENGAGED

                                          SINNOH Airwaves Technician: “This is our 9th attempt at communications. Johto Skies, do you read?”
                                          JOHTO Airwaves Technician: (STATIC)
                                          SAT: “Johto Skies? Come in Johto Skies, where are you?”
                                          JAT: (STATIC)
                                          SAT: “There is no response from Johto Skies. I repeat, no response—,”
                                          JAT: “Grraaaaaaaaaaooooooohhhhhwl! GRAAAAAAAAAOOO—,” (DEAD LINE)

                                          COMMUNICATIONS LOST
                                          ALL SINNOH AIRWAVES EMPLOYEES
                                          VANISHED FROM SIGHT

                                          NONE HAVE BEEN SEEN AGAIN



                                          It Begins

                                          Any which way Tom Rivor looked at it, there was still no sense. If he looked around him, he'd see so many lives with so many different stories to tell. A lot of these people who stumbled into each other were in tears for obvious reasons. A lot of these people he saw were trainers. Their lives were being derailed and falling on a fast track, and they were scared to the extreme. They did not, possibly could not, stop and think or even hit the brakes.

                                          So what was he doing at the Pokémon Center? He thought about that question and remembered the morning. He was up at around 4:00 AM, shuffling around the living room with the rest of the family. By then, they had all heard what was going on. The reporter on the television had been very blunt when he spoke it out. It almost seemed like a joke. How was he supposed to accept that what started as a few stolen Pokémon would scale up to all of Kanto being rid of the life? It was not something that would sink in lightly. Later his uncle Gregory would recieve a call from the Pokémon Center, directly from his employer Nurse Joy to get his arse to work because of so many trainers in disdain. All help was required. Even volunteer help.

                                          Oh yes, that was how he ended up there. He volunteered. Of course. That would not explain why his sister Amanda walked through the front doors though, shivering from the cold snow that had accumulated outside. She was freezing cold. And worse; his parents told her to stay home. Tom knew why she was there though. She really wanted to help out. She somehow either talked them out of it or brought it upon herself to escape to this wild and crazy Center. Thinking about all he had done in the morning up to the current time at 7:00 PM, calming trainers everywhere they had gone, he now wondered whether he should warn his sister or let her suffer hearing the heartache stories a lot of the trainers would not stop crying about.

                                          Either way, he greeted his sister as she removed her jacket the way he always did. “What are you doing here?!” he shouted. “Do Mom and Dad know you're here?” She gave a weary smile. That would be a no. She had something in her hand. Quickly, with the brotherly love he so used with her, he took it from her and looked at the front cover. “What's this?”

                                          “Hey!” Amanda shouted. “Give that back!”

                                          She pulled it out of his grip and looked the precious book over, as if it were all she had left. She rubbed it, cared for it, and kissed it, all the while making Tom gag jokingly with her. “So what is it?” he asked. “I've never seen you with that before.”

                                          “It's called a diary, dork,” she said. “I keep all my stuff here; you don't just take a diary from someone like that! In fact...” And she immediately pulled a pen from her pocket. With a single click of the ball point, she scribbled on the front cover gently and with such precise cursive handwriting. Then she practically shoved what was written in his face, and she read aloud what was written. “Do not touch, Tom!” Then she pulled it back and hugged it again. “So what's going on here?”

                                          “What's going on here?” Tom laughed. “You haven't even told me if you had permission to be here!” Though he waited for her to answer, she was not going to. He sighed. He might as well tell her the news. “Nothing has happened and we still don't know where the Pokémon have gone off to. Now go home.”

                                          But she would not. Frustrated, and not wanting to deal with his sister at the moment, Tom let her be. She made her way to Nurse Joy and offered herself as a volunteer.

                                          That's just perfect, thought Tom sarcastically. To ocuppy himself some more he returned to the waiting area with a notepad and pen. He was ready to jot down every detail of what Pokémon any trainer was missing and would lie to them by replying that their companions would be found soon.
                                          I'm BACK! >:]
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                                            "Your a real angel Ash"

                                            *Bump* Ash Williams hit his head of a handle bar inside the dark bus. He shook his head and looked around. He must have fallen asleep on the bus again.

                                            Ash slowly looked around and saw he was the only one on the bus. "Last stop, end of the line." The driver said getting up. Ash slowly got up minding his head this time and stepped off the bus. Once he stepped off he breathed in the good fresh air. He was so used to the smog in the cities like Saffron and Celadon he forgot about the nice air in Viridian

                                            Ash fumbled around in his pocket and found a small pokeball he forgot about. Memories of King began to stream into his head. But he ignored them and began walking. Slipping the pokeball into his pocket

                                            Ash didn't know why he was in Viridian. He intended to go to Pewter. It might have been a simple mix up with the busses. Either way he walked towards the pokemon center. The crisp 7PM air felt good against his skin.

                                            Ash walked into the pokemon center. He saw that there were quite a few trainers there. He noticed someone jotting down information and sat down next to him. "Busy night huh?"
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