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wazzup's Event Trading Thread

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Old April 22nd, 2008 (11:33 AM).
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    Join Date: Feb 2008
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    *bolded events are updates*

    Hi! Thanks for looking. My main wants are the following events below:

    Sport hitmonlee
    any Wish
    any PCNY's
    PCNYa, PCNYb, PCNYc, PCNYd Glooms!
    any other events I don't have or touched events I do have in an ut form

    The following are events I can offer for them:

    GTS Events (complete)
    Ken Psyduck UT
    ShigeShige Psyduck UT
    Jun Psyduck UT

    NOA (complete)
    Tom Heracross UT
    Seth Heracross UT
    Christy Heracross UT

    10 ANIV (complete)
    Dragonite UT
    Entei UT
    Raikou UT
    Suicune UT
    Absol UT
    Alakazam UT
    Blaziken UT
    Espeon UT
    Umbreon T
    Umbreon UT
    Latias UT
    Latios UT
    Blastoise UT
    Charizard UT
    Bulbasaur UT
    Pikachu BT
    Pikachu UT
    Typhlosion UT
    Bulbasaur UT
    Zapdos UT
    Moltres UT
    Articuno UT
    Tyranitar UT
    Celebi UT

    Ho-oh T

    10ANNI (Italy)
    Lugia T

    Lugia UT
    Ho-oh UT
    Latios BT (some exp. and has pkrs)

    Poke Festa 06 (complete?)
    Magmortar UT
    Magmar UT
    Metang UT
    Electabuzz UT

    Saikyou (complete)
    Dragonite UT
    Salamance UT
    Milotic UT w/ flame orb
    Milotic T
    Magmortar UT
    Electivire UT

    PKTOPIA (complete)
    Pikachu UT
    Electivire UT
    Magmortar UT

    PALCITY (complete)
    Lucario UT
    Mew UT
    Manaphy UT

    Hadou (complete)
    Mew BT
    Regice UT
    Registeel UT
    Regirock UT

    Pokebox (complete)
    Skitty (SHINY) UT
    Swablu UT
    Zigzagoon UT
    Pichu UT

    Entei UT
    Raikou UT
    Latias UT
    Lugia UT
    Pikachu UT
    Suicune UT
    Ho-oh UT
    Charizard(Glurak) UT except for cured pkrs

    Growlithe UT
    Staryu UT
    Vulpix UT
    Shellder UT
    Sandshrew UT
    Haunter UT w/ everstone
    Machoke UT w/ everstone
    Ekans UT
    Slowpoke UT

    Pokepark (complete)
    Taiwan Jirachi UT
    Taiwan Mew UT
    Taiwan Celebi UT
    Psyduck UT
    Meowth UT
    Plusle UT
    Minun UT
    Spinda UT
    Cacnea UT
    Surskit UT
    Skitty UT
    Corsola UT
    Wishmur UT
    Taillow UT
    Wynut UT
    Spoink UT
    Pichu UT
    Igglybuff UT

    Stamp (complete)
    Stamp Absol UT
    Stamp Pichu UT

    Berry Glitch Fix
    RUBY Zigzagoon UT
    SAPPHIRE Zigzagoon UT (Japenese)

    Shedinja UT
    Duskull UT
    Cacturne UT
    Aggron UT
    Pikachu UT
    Flygon UT
    Staryu UT

    Shuppet UT
    Wailord UT
    Kingdra UT
    Milotic UT

    Salamance UT
    Exploud UT
    Wailord UT
    Crawdaunt UT
    Pikachu UT
    Kingdra UT

    Altaria UT
    Zangoose UT
    Milotic UT
    Flygon UT
    Seviper UT
    Tropius UT
    Gardevoir UT
    Salamance UT

    Ralts UT
    Chansey UT
    Farfetch'd UT
    Absol UT (japanese)

    Misc. Events (all around)
    Ageto Celebi UT
    10th Deoxys UT
    WISHMKR Jirachi UT
    TCGWC Pikachu BT
    SPACE C Deoxys UT
    DOEL Deoxys BT
    Aura Mew UT
    Movie Darkrai-bold BT
    DUKING Plusle UT
    ROCKS Metang UT shiny
    ROCKS Metang UT
    TRU Manaphy UT
    Concert Chatot UT
    TANABATA Jirachi (ID:07077) UT
    MATTLE Ho-oh T
    PC Tokyo Charmander UT i think (lvl 40)
    Gorku Octillery UT
    Yamamoto Whiscash UT
    Syokoton Tropius UT
    Sunday Wobbuffet UT
    NWS Manaphy UT
    E4ALL Manaphy UT
    JBHF Manaphy UT
    Channel Jirachi UT
    Blue Riolu UT
    AnnivSH Mudkip UT
    AnnivSH Bulbasaur UT
    MT BATA Ho-oh UT
    MONTE L Ho-oh UT
    DUELLBE Ho-oh UT
    Batoruyama (Battle Mountain) Ho-oh UT
    Misturin Celebi
    GameFAQ Meowth UT
    Tozia Charmander UT

    NFT Events
    Yukari Mew UT
    Yukari Phione UT
    Yukari Aerodactyl UT
    Potere Treecko UT
    Sport Hitmonchan UT
    Pokemon Ranger Batonnage Riolu (03208) serious, Apr.6,2008
    - NFT at all for this one. Please don't even ask me for it.

    ^^ NFT trade events can be for trade if any of the wanted list pokemon are offered, other Yukaris for the Yukaris only, or a good offer is made.

    Got all except the wishmkr jirachi from trades.

    fc: ELYSE
    0602 3216 1588

    My events for trade:
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    Old April 22nd, 2008 (11:55 AM).
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      could i get a deoxs off u please ???
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      Old April 22nd, 2008 (11:59 AM).
      wazzup123's Avatar
      wazzup123 wazzup123 is offline
        Join Date: Feb 2008
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        What can you offer?

        filler filler
        fc: ELYSE
        0602 3216 1588

        My events for trade:
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        Old April 22nd, 2008 (4:45 PM).
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        gET LiKE mE
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          Hey I need Wish Farfetch'd
          Check my thread please.
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