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Old August 30th, 2008 (4:45 PM). Edited August 30th, 2008 by dragondragon.
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    before i start this is my idea i cant make games personally but i can sprite and make maps and basicly do all the artwork and please read it all or most,

    im probably going to get slated for this but here goes....

    now my idea is basicly captain arcanes (different in many ways such as story) but i have been wanting to make a game like this for ages and thats how i found captain arcanes lost world and yes i have been posting on it hoping to help with the lost world game but it seems he has stopped so here is my idea....

    the game is unnamed at the moment

    the cities are to be based on the cartoon show with the factor of the games still so the gyms will look something like this...

    the reason it is not just the main stadium is becuase we still need the trainers to make it a challenge


    edit:- at the beggining so the professor doesnt look like a retard or even asking his own grandsons name name it will be a very brief intro something like this (very ruff drawing, did i mention it was VERY RUFF DRAWING) lets say you pick boy.

    i made a mistake not 2 months 2 weeks... if you read this youll know what i mean

    young boys and girls become trainers in summer when 10 years old...
    you are (unnamed) best friend of ash ketchum, you are one of the kids who got up early and got a choice between bulbasaur, charmander or squirtle the game looks like the cartoon show cities and such but you play kanto region exactly like any other game with a few pokemon from other areas turning up (very rare) but as you get to the end and into the next region you will be greeted by a jenny saying it is a crime to over work pokemon and take all your pokemon to a centre and you get offered either one of the next starter pokemon by the next professor and when you have that pokemon at lvl 20 and 2 more at vl 10 you will get all your old pokemon back and this happens in every region but of coursethat way by having all your pokemon such high lvls after the previous region it will have say at the end of indigo plateau your pokemon will be around the lvls of 40 and not 70 or 80 and since there is 4 regions pokemon can now reach 120 but even 40 is a massive accomplishment and is enough to beat kanto. you will meet ash numerous times with his new friends and all the other heroes such as may, dawn and lucas ect...

    other features:

    lots of overworld pokemon that you see helping there trainers in many different ways from carrying objects or detecting or even being rode on

    day/night system

    time, date, months and years: i have never seen this but here goes...
    1 minute = 1 hour in the game so in 730 minutes will be the end of 1 month there will be 4 months in a year (ur player does not grow) so there will be 4 seasons summer, winter, autumn and spring so the areas will change unless they are naturally snowy or stormy.. so there will be sun, brown leaves and glorious rain and snow

    this idea i have seen quite alot but i like it pokemon variation such as different type of pokemon have addapted to the habitat and evolved to survive or they are tropicle like now or they simply have a tan or a massive wool coat but here is the twist if you capture a pikachu from a snowy area he will have a thick fur coat but after 4 seasons are up he will change to the area u are in the most so he has adapted to his new habitat...

    thats my ideas but i will need alot of help as i cannot make games (yet) but i can do graphics and i will help best i can to the person (if i get someone) putting the game together. currently learning how to do it myself and remember this is just my idea a real story will be properly worked on soon and so there is no screenshots or anything like that so um yea....

    another idea.... at the beggining before you pick your pokemon or even leave the house you can go on an n64 and play POKEMON STADIUM with the choice of 6 pokemon to practice what type you like and how effictive they are against other types which will also play as your tutorial the pokemon will be ratata (the purple rat), pidgy, charmander, bulbasaur or squirtle.

    ok forget this idea it sucks but i will be back with another idea i definately want to make a game
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