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Old September 6th, 2008 (11:01 AM).
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I'm burning through Leafgreen presently, after beating Diamond (hooray), and I have a question regarding Ciro's Pokemon Maker. I always like to add pokemon to my party that I otherwise would be unable to acquire right away (I replace my starter with Cubone, for example, it's not like I populate my pokemon roster with legendaries or anything). It's also a huge boon to be able to set their movesets, and so CPM comes quite in handy. The problem is, I haven't quite mastered it, having been spoiled by the ease-of-use that is PokeSav.

And so, the meat of the question: Whenever I add a pokemon into my game from CPM, it acts as if it's a traded pokemon. This means that it gets boosted XP in battle, which is a problem for two reasons -- it's sort of cheap, being able to level so quickly, and it was a huge pain early on, when I got loads of "CUBONE won't obey!" because I didn't have the proper badge to control such rapidly-levelling pokemon.

So is there anyway to make it so that a pokemon added from Ciro's Pokemon Maker doesn't register as a traded pokemon? Or is there a similar application to Pokesav/CPM that works with GBA emulations?

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