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Final Fantasy X: Memoirs of a Spiran
From The Final Fantasy Wiki:
[Spira is the world in which the stories of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 take place. It is composed of one continent and several islands. Spira consists of many diverse climates: the tropical seaside islands of Besaid and Kilika, the temperate locales in the Mi'ihen and Mushroom Rock regions, the polar extremes of Macalania and Mt Gagazet and the arid desert of Bikanel.]

To Be Amended!

Note: To best understand this fanfiction, adequate understanding of the world, characters, story, etc. of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 is a must.

Chapter Guide~
{Act One}
Prologue: See Below.
Chapter One: Coming Soon.

Act One: Start!

My story begins near the end. It's an extrordinarily average story about Not-So-Average Me! Listen to my story, I'd love to be remembered.
A man ran through the Moonflow. It was dusk when he found his way to the outpost. He was wearing Summer garb, but still looked rather out-of-breath. Even with short, brown hair, he was sweating and panting while trying to speak. "The-they...they defeat--defeated," he said while trying to catch his breath.

"Out with it, boy!" an older, huskier man shouted from the crowd. The entire outpost grew silent as the young man began to speak again.

"They defeated Sin!" the young man wheezed. The chatter in the room grew to a loud roar. "Sin is dead?" shouted one voice. "High Summoner Braska did it!" came another. I, of course, being so young had no idea what any of this clamor meant. Nor did I have any recollection of the event, until she reminded me!

The young man started out the door again. "Waiiitt!" shouted the older man from before, "Let me go tell Guadosalam. I own this outpost. treat!" The older man helped the younger to a chair. Everyone in the outpost gathered around the young man to ask questions. Once things had settled down, we left the tavern and continued down the river until we found a place to rest...

"Lets go! We'll leave you lazy bums behind if you don't hurry up!" shouted a voice from the distance. "Well, I guess this is another story for another day. Come on!" I said as I got up and started walking towards the voice...
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