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Fable (title in the work)

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Old October 17th, 2008 (9:41 PM).
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Ok with Fable 2 coming out shortly, I started to wonder what happened between those 500 years. So i found this site. (need microsoft silver light to load)

now i was thinking of working on a game that would do the 500 years in between Fable and Fable 2. I'm hoping that there will be some fellow fable players out here the community. so story line and the ideas

Story/plot: pretty much ive been reading that site listed above and getting ideas. For the hero's guild and to where it will fall. then you a ex hero who escaped the first killing of the hero's and mages guild, run and hide. you will have to survive and not use your powers of will. You will do your best hiding but once in a while hunters of the few remaning heros will find you and you will have to defend yourself.
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