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    Chapter list:
    Chapter one: I am Iron man!
    Chapter two: Magnetism
    Chapter three: Water stone
    Chapter four: Halen's misdeeds.

    Chapter one: I am Iron man!

    This very well may be the last bit of evidence that I, and my company, ever existed. I once was the CEO of my own company, poketech, not to mention I worked down in the lab with everyone else. Yes, I have been ridiculed for choosing such a ridiculous name, but I had my reasons. But that is not what I am trying to tell you. Our downfall started with our study of Porygon, the worlds first, and so far only, pokemon created by humans that is not a clone. Even though many of our scientists helped create this pokemon, we still needed to understand it better.

    We created an environment that we believe would be natural to it. We had to seal off all computers from their range, of course, to prevent their escape. But other than that, we recreated what we assume dead space to be like. Using experimental technology, we dulled the gravity in the room, allowing these pokemon to float without straining themselves to much. Nothing but stars lined the walls, and in our effort to make it seem natural, we used the false stars as light outlets, and installed low-watt bulbs in them. We could see this through a one-way mirror, the only part of the room not lined with light-bulbs.

    As we studied this pokemon, we realized that it could not breed, so unless we generated more of these highly valuable pokemon, they would all die out.

    We knew of the upgrades and dubius discs that enhanced Porygon, so we based the solution to our problem on that. If we could develop this experimental product, that we dubbed gender change disc (our scientists are not known for their creativity) we could, supposedly, create a way for Porygon to breed. With that, we would be known as the saviors of a species of pokemon, as humans would not be able to recreate Porygon forever.

    We worked on this for almost a year, when we made another discovery. As with all creatures, rational or otherwise, two Porygons had begun to fight over territory. We watched, astounded, as these two pokemon fought in quite an unusual manner. Instead of any physical contact, or use of abilities, these pokemon pressed their heads together and started coming apart.

    After a few minutes, the winner came reformed, and loser just hung there, not reforming. We realized how serious this was, as it was the first unnatural death in our experimental colony. But still, this allowed us a chance to study a Porygon's anatomy after it had aged some time.

    We studied this with great interest, replaying the video over and over again, trying to figure out how they had hurt each other. In the end we concluded that somehow, using their ability to travel through cyberspace, they must of fought each other on some other dimensional plane, leaving their bodies temporarily. This was a major breakthrough, and we assigned a team to start study of this theoretical realm immediately.

    After some time one of our employees got greedy and sold the information to many major presses. We didn't want the news out yet (in fact, we didn't want to release it until all projects involving it were done) but sadly, it had happened.

    Of course, we got many calls from news reporters, trying to get more info on this topic, along with them constantly badgering us in our regular lives like paparazzi. We had finally faked closing the project (a very obvious idea, one that many should have thought of before we stood this for eight weeks) when the colony finally gave all the info they could give us. At a mortality count of ten deaths, nine of which were natural, and a birth count of eleven, both out of twenty in the beginning, we actually had more pokemon than we started with. Of course, all major members of the project received one, and all was well.

    For the time being.

    We actually did close the project on Friday, March thirteenth, 2***. But that was not the end of our problems.

    It was a bright sunny day, both of my children were outside, twins actually, training their pokemon for a battle I had promised them the next day. I personally made sure they both got a Porygon. They where actually the first to receive the experimental gender changing discs, thought they decided they would like to be acquainted with their pokemon first. I did not hear them approach, as I was on my lawn mower, doing the job that went with the piece of machinery I was using.

    "Mr. Granton," One of the men shouted, making sure I could hear, "if you would so kind as to stop what you are doing, we only need a moment of your time!"

    I heard them say my name, but it took a few moments to click. Three men in business suits had came to my house, and asked for a moment of my time. They did not look like the reporter types I had seen before, but one can not be to sure. That is emphasized when two of them are rather strong men, who were looking at me, as if they would jump on me at any moment.

    So I got off of my lawn mower, walked over to the sidewalk, and replied to them "Hello, what is it you need from me?"

    "We simply need a moment of your time." The smallest of the three answered adding "We are from Halen incorporated."

    "What do you want? The lab results from my research, a free Porygon, whatever. Just spit it out." I said angrily. Not knowing what these people wanted.

    "Oh, we don't want any of those, we want you." The man answered, offering his hand "I'm Vincent Arthur, by the way.

    I returned the hand shake and added "What do you want me for?"

    "We would like to recruit you for our private team of scientists, to working on projects for the government. It is top secret, so you would have to move to our special housing quarters on the laboratory grounds. We understand that this would be a big move, so we will give you a few days to decide, just call us when you are ready to give your answer." He said, handing me a card with his name and the phone number to his office phone. "Just remember," he added on his way back to a limousine I that I hadn't seen behind the big men with him, "Only call me between two and six P.M. okay?"

    "Okay," I mumbled, getting back to my lawn mower. The rest of the day was rather uneventful, compared to that occurrence, and little seemed to make a difference after that. I thought long and hard on the matter. If I took the job, then I would be given a special house near the lab, likely a hearty salary, and would help discover many new things in our world. I talked to my wife and she said we should go, it would be good for us. I agreed with her, but she made me explain it to the kids. That made the whole matter one of the worst experiences I had before now, but I digress. When I told them, there was a little crying, a lot of anger, and I was ignored for the next few days.

    But that passed, and we moved to our new house on the grounds of Halen inc.'s lab. It was a nice house, made of brick. It had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and was already furnished and had cable. We loved it, but I thought I heard a grumble from my son Jacob.

    My new job was great, I pioneered many new fields of research no one had ever thought of before. I was given my own team of scientists, each with a degree from one of many major colleges. I felt embarrassed by the fact that these men worked under me, when it should have been the other way around. I'm not complaining though, I loved my work, until the day it happened.

    We had continued my work on modifying objects that evolved pokemon. We had perfected the new gender disc for Porygon, creating salvation for that species of pokemon. We had modified the upgrade and dubious discs to make the Porygon stronger, and increased the effect steel coats had on pokemon. I would rather not describe the monstrosities we created while perfecting these, but that is something else.

    We even made new evolutions of pokemon by changing the object that evolved them to fit the molecular makeup of another. But there was one thing we had not tried, and I strictly forbidded it. Testing these objects on humans. I was afraid of what the outcome might be, considering some of the things that had come out of our previous experiments. This did not make our superiors very happy, as that project would have made a lot of money. So, behind my back, they started their own project on human improvement, using my research. I have seen the results of this, and once again, I would prefer not to describe, beyond saying that they were monstrous.

    One day one of these scientists who were working on the project gave me a big, metal ball. It looked like pure iron, but he only said "Keep it, I thought you might like it."

    "Ummm... Thank you, I guess." I mumbled back, turning to place it somewhere safe until I could leave. Suddenly, the ball flattened in my hand, enveloping it in pure, liquid iron. At least I thought it was liquid iron. The metal spread up my arm, covering it with the silvery substance as it went. I screamed, trying to scratch the stuff off of me, but to no avail. It moved past my arm and around my shoulders, covering my other arm. I gave the other scientist a look of concern, but he just stood there, a satisfied smirk on his face. I had little time to think about this, as the metal was still encasing my body, but I realized not long afterward that this man had purposely done this to me. It covered the entire lower half of my body, and moved upwards. When it reached my neck, one final scream escaped my throat, then nothing.

    I woke up hours later, tied to a table, feeling awkwardly stiff. I managed to get my head up far enough to see the new me. I was metal, the first iron man, if I remember correctly. My body was coated in metal, but I still had every feature I had before, just more metallic. Everything after that was a daze, as I broke free from my restraints, and made my way out of the building. I found myself much stronger that before, due to my new body. I made my way out of the room, to find men stationed with AK-47 Kalashnikov pointed straight at me, and three fully grown Mightyena. I simply ignored this, and beat every living thing I saw to death, nothing seemed to effect me. I destroyed the building, and ran, ran until I could run no more. I wound up in the slums of Jubilife city, having started from a remote area near Canalave. I sat down in an alley and caught my breath, thinking over the past few hours.

    Halen incorporated had turned me into this monster, I killed nigh on fifty men and pokemon all together, and I could never see my family again.

    At this, I wept, wept until I could weep no more. When suddenly a Porygon approached me, and made its odd cyber call to me. I expected nothing but mess in its call, but I heard words. Human words.

    It had said "What is wrong, strange sir?"

    I was to shocked to answer, but it was patient, and finally I said "I just lost my whole life, because of Halen incorpoated, and can never see my family again."

    "Ah, I see." It stated, adding "And what do you plan to do about this?"

    I hadn't thought of that, so the question took me by surprise, but I answered "I don't know."

    "So, you just came from that evil Halen inc., lost your family and friends, yet you have no plans for the future. That is most unlike you, Samuel."

    It knew my name. This pokemon knew my name. "How do you know my name?" I asked, moving towards it.

    "Why Samuel, do you not remember me?"

    "No, I am afraid I do not."

    "Samuel, I am one of your test subjects, the first successful male Porygon."

    I was shocked by this, every one of my subjects was at the lab, being studied. I reacted coolly to this, deciding to think on it later. But for now, I chose the rational path and said "What is your name then?"

    "I, my dear friend, am unit T207, but you may call me Neal."

    "Well Neal, it is nice to meet you."
    Well, here it is, my long awaited return to fanfiction, I think. Maybe. I hope. I'll keep the list at the top updated, I guess.
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      I don't have time for a big review, so you'll have to settle for this. Well, I thought it was cool. I liked how even though the story shifted away from Porygon, you kept on the subject of the pokemon. I do realize that you are participating in NaNoWriMo, so I'll be patient for the next chapter. Yeah, thats right people, I am rather impatient. I do think the ending was a little rushed, is that because you wanted to get this done before November? *Checks posting date* Yup, that's probably it.
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      I saw the link in your signiture.

      I see why you choose that title. I am interested in reading more. No gramemar errors jumped out at me, so good job.

      Now, I am curious as why the human can understand the porygon, unless that ball turned "Iron Man" into a) a human computer hybrid, or b) a human Pokemon hybrid.

      Either way I am eagerly waiting for more.
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        Chapter two: Magnetism

        "Neal, we've been walking for hours, or I have at least. You just float." I moaned, turning my shiny, metallic head to my Pokemon partner.

        "Samuel, if you want to get to Hearthome city by sundown, we can only stop for sustenance." Neal replied.

        "Whatever." I mumbled turning my head. "Why must you talk that way?"

        "What did you say?" Neal asked.

        "I said, why must you talk that way?" I said rather loudly, stopping in the road.

        "Samuel, I talk no different than you or any other of your kind."

        "What other of my kind? I'm the only human Pokemon hybrid in the world!"

        "No need to shout Samuel, but I do not talk differently, I simply talk in a more sophisticated manner."

        I dropped the subject then, cutting off the short conversation. We were walking to Hearthome to get to my private cabin, so we could figure out what to do. High noon took its toll on my body, the heat generated by my body stayed much longer, along with the sun's heat. Both of those aspects, combined with my inability to sweat due to my lack of pores, made midday extremely hot for me.

        After Neal had found me in the Jubilife slums, he took me to see the rest of the research Porygons who escaped. Only five of the Pokemon managed to escape, while the rest were recaptured. They told me that when I destroyed the laboratory I was held in, they escaped their holding area. I had spent the rest of the night there, although I did not get much sleep. This caused me to be rather grumpy when morning came and Neal and I set out for Hearthome. So now, as we walked towards our destination, my mood only worsened.

        But as we walked, I felt an odd attraction to one direction. When I told Neal this, he simply thought on it and said "Well, I honestly do not know what is causing you to want to go in that direction." Soon afterwards, I saw a boy further along the road, who appeared to be lost. As I passed by, I saw that he had extremely black hair, and he looked no older than fourteen.

        When I asked him if he was lost, he simply looked at me, screamed, and took off ahead of us. I remembered then that I could no longer interact with humans without getting a response similar to that. I was about to continue on my way when a small flash of light hit my eye. When I turned to investigate the source, I saw a small, metal disc on the ground.

        I bent over to pick it up, curious as to what it was. Seeing a small latch on the side, I opened it. Inside was an extremely thin disc with the letters N,E,S,and W on it.

        "A compass." I mumbled, standing up. Something about it seemed off though, I had a strange feeling that it had something to do with my current state. So I asked Neal "Neal, which way is north?"

        After a few seconds, Neal replied with "To your left."

        "Then why is this compass pointing straight at me?"

        Neal hovered over to see this strange occurrence. When he saw the compass pointing towards me, he said "I can't be wrong. We're going east, so north must be to the left of us."

        My mind was working fast to find a solution to this problem, giving me an idea. "Neal," I said, "can you hold the compass?"

        He was able to, using his leg. I told him to watch the N on the compass. So as he stared at the letter for north, I walked in a circle around him.

        "Samuel, the N is following you." He said, obviously confused.

        "but that must mean..." I thought, finishing the sentence aloud with "Neal, I'm magnetic!"

        "Magnetic, how?" He replied.

        "How should I know?" I said.

        "You're the scientist!"

        "You're the walking computer!"

        "Oh shut up!" Neal shouted.

        "Well, that sure was out of character for you." I said, teasing him.

        "I SAID SHUT UP!" He shouted, louder this time.

        "Okay, okay." I mumbled, not wanting to attract attention from other things in the area. This was followed by an awkward silence.

        We started walking again, even though it was getting dark. The silence continued, mainly because Neal didn't respond to any attempts at a conversation I made. I wondered why he was so angry over such a little dispute, but I didn't dwell on it for very long. My mind was elsewhere.

        What could have caused my magnetism? I thought, Pokemon evolved by the metal coat don't seem to have a magnetic properties, so why do I? If the metal coat made me this way, what caused it to become magnetic? Facts, what are the facts? I asked myself, Magnets work by pointing the electrons in an object in one direction, pulling that object in the direction of the electrons. Most metal can be turned into an electromagnet by running an electric current through it, copper is mainly used for this purpose. But that effect only lasts as long as the charge is still supplying the electromagnet with power. After that, there may be some power left, but not much. To keep an electromagnet charged without power for as long as I've been away from electricity would require a generator so big, it wouldn't fit in any conventional buildings. And the maintenance would be so difficult. Not to mention the cost of the materials. Really, this would be nearly impossible for any man made generator. But then something came to my mind, although I did not have time to run through it, as something hit my back, and nearly knocked me over. I turned to see a metal garbage can, with no lid. Then I reached around to my back and, as I suspected, there was a garbage can lid stuck to my back.

        "You okay?" Neal said, suppressing a chuckle.

        "Yeah, yeah. But how did the lid come dislodged? Neal?" I said, but to late, Neal had already started off ahead of me. I broke into a run, catching up with him.

        "Nice one," I said, pumping my legs to keep up.

        "Yeah, I know. Even computers have creativity." He replied, putting on a burst of speed.

        I soon caught up, and we kept this pace, heading up a hill. As we neared the crest, I reached behind my back, and grabbed the lid, taking it off. I made a quick pirouette, hurling the lid like an Olympic discus thrower. But, just before it hit Neal, which would have slowed him down severely, it curved, like a Frisbee. It slammed into a tree and fell to the ground, dented.

        "Nice try, to bad you forgot about wind!" Neal shouted, teasing me.

        "Of course I though of it! I simply misthrew the lid!" I said back.

        "Right," He taunted, returning to the path ahead of him. But as he passed the crest of the hill, he stopped, and gasped.

        I soon caught up with Neal, only to be flabbergasted as well.

        The entire hillside was brown, scorched by an unknown source.

        As Neal and I descended the hill, I realized where we were, as I saw the charred ruins of a cabin, but I did not dare to approach it; for sleeping inside, was a full grown Charizard, which was wrapped around and egg. Against my better judgement, I slowly approached the egg, wanting to get a better look at it. Few people ever got a chance to see a full grown wild Charizard, which also happened to have an egg with it.

        But, just as I had my hand on the egg, I heard Neal shout as hard as he could from the other side of the hillside "Hey Samuel, I found something!"

        This, of course, woke the Charizard, who's attention turned first to the egg.

        As it saw my hand on the egg, I realized this was a mother. Mother animals are always so very protective of there eggs. This one especially so. As it stood up and roared in my face, I mumbled "Ah, ****!"


        Finally! YES! I did it! So what if it took me a month! Haha! Oh, and I guess I can give you the word count:1377. The ending is worth the shortness though.
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        You pasted it twice.

        I really like the ending, I like it a lot. It's pretty funny. I didn't notice any other errors, but I just work up.

        I think computers may have feelings too. XD
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          I really like the story, turning him into an iron man. The porygon idea was good. I can't wait for the next chapter.. I was thinking of doing something like this, only it was just a bunch of undeveloped thoughts. You story, has made me look back at the,uh.. three or four ideas I have, and then write and write.
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            Chapter three: Water stone.

            While I was in mortal peril due to a very angry Charizard, Neal was investigating something he had found. Not that I noticed, I was hoping not to have my face scorched off.

            "Hey Samuel, I asked you to come over here!" Neal repeated, looking my way.

            As I danced around the mother Pokemon's attacks, I replied "I'm rather occupied right now Neal, maybe you should ask me again later!"

            "Well there's no need for sarcasm!" Neal said, sounding annoyed.

            "Just get over here and help me you idiot!"

            "Now you're insulting me? That doesn't make me fell very inclined to help you!"

            I was about to say a few choice words to Neal when I felt a massive heat on my right leg, followed by a intense pain. As I looked down at it, I saw a few embers die out on my red hot leg.

            Ignoring the pain in my leg, I shouted to Neal “Just get over here and help me! Or would you rather I die, and you become recaptured without my guidance?” I chanced another look at my leg between jets of fire and saw that it had cooled down, but part of it had slopped down a little. "Oh great! Just great!" I thought, quickly snapping back to reality as another flame nearly missed my face.

            As I jumped around I noticed my injured leg was rather stiff, and the pain from the burn had yet to subside. Eventually I was forced into the ruins of my cabin, which complicated things as I dodged around charred supports and the occasional heap of black mess that was some appliance or piece of furniture.

            As I continued to avoid the angry Pokemon's seemingly endless stream of attacks, I made a fatal mistake. While running through what I assumed was once my bedroom, I chanced a quick glance at mt pursuer. Much to my dismay, I found the Charizard did not seem tired in the least. This, however is when I ran straight into the stump of a wooden beam, causing me to go head over heels into the ground, my back hitting it with a resounding thud.

            When I looked up, I wished I hadn't, considering I stared straight into the furious eyes of a mother Pokemon, who thought I had threatened her egg. Just when I thought I was about to be a melted mess, a tri-colored beam struck the Charizard on its side, blasting it a few yards away.

            "Perhaps next time you should try not touching the egg of a mother Pokemon." Neal said, floating past. I could feel a certain amount of annoyance in his statement. As I stared wide-eyed, Neal went to the Pokemon, and hit it with another attack.

            Thankfully, this knocked out the Pokemon, but it made me wonder, "How did Neal get so strong?"

            Later that day, after we gained a considerable distance between the Pokemon and ourselves, Neal said to me "You know, perhaps you could learn to use that magnetism of yours. Perhaps we can figure out how to control it. And on the note of training, you do seem more like a Pokemon than a human, perhaps we should try teaching you actual attacks."

            "What?" I replied, somewhat affronted, "I can hardly stand this body, and you expect me to suddenly decide "Oh, maybe I should become a Pokemon and lose whatever is left of my humanity! What should I be? A Scizor, or maybe a Steelix! Yeah, a Steelix! That's the ticket!"

            "There's no need to talk like that, I offered a valid suggestion, and you answered me with sarcasm, which, by the way, hardly fit in with what I was saying. I did not say you should become a Pokemon, I was simply suggesting you learn how to defend yourself.

            "Yeah, well, maybe I'm not ready to do that yet." I mumbled, not saying anything on the subject from then on.

            Neal suddenly stopped walking then, and stared at me with his never blinking eyes.

            I had made a short gap between us before I realized he had stopped. I turned to him and said "Come on! We need to find somewhere to stay before nightfall!"


            "What did you say?"

            "No. I won't go with you if I have to defend you all the time. Either you learn how to defend yourself, or I leave, and you have to deal with all of this on your own. Or at least learn to listen to me! I had found something important earlier, but you just blew me off for some egg of a Pokemon you knew was extremely dangerous, especially since you are pretty much a steel type Pokemon!"

            "I AM NOT A POKEMON!" I bellowed, my eyes locked to his in a furious stare.

            "Fine, but how do you explain this." He calmly replied, his eyes frosting over as a recorded voice came out of his mouth. "Samuel Granton has agreed to become part of the program sir, he will receive the transformation in the morning, and our first Pokemon soldier will be born!"

            As Neal's eyes returned to normal I sputtered out "B-but... but I thought... they tricked me... I didn't know!"

            "Right, of course they did." Neal said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. Now will you admit you are partially a Pokemon and train with me?"

            Seeing no way out of the predicament I was in, aside from abandoning Neal, I said "Okay, just don't rush me."

            Neal didn't say anything to this comment, he simply played another recording, this time of himself. "That idiot, he should know better than to mess around with a mother Charizard. Oh well, I guess I better save him. Can't carry this though, so here it is you idiot: I found a TM for Flash Cannon, so you better get back here to get it! This may be your only chance to learn how to attack!"

            As Neal once again returned to normal, I said "Wait, you want me to go back to the ruins, hope the Charizard doesn't notice me, and pick up some TM, even though there is a chance it won't work?"

            He replied simply, "Yes."

            "Punch him!" I thought, while saying "Fine, I'll do it in the morning. Now can we find somewhere to stay for the night? Please!"

            Neal just told me to follow him, seeing no better option I did, and he led me straight into a forest. We walked through the trees for a small while, until he said, "Here, we stop here."

            I looked around, seeing nothing but trees, and only enough space for me and Neal I said "What about a fire?"

            "Fire? Why do we need fire?" He replied, giving me a confused look.

            "I don't know, it just seems natural."

            "Fine," he said, lowering himself to the ground, "go gather some firewood."

            While I was looking for firewood, a young girl was sitting in a highly fortified cell, crying for her lost family.

            Her sobs could be heard only by herself, as the fortification around her cell was so thick, it was soundproof as well. She was also part of the program Samuel had been sucked into, but she refused to cooperate. They had made here differently, so she could not fight back when they restrained her. The room she was in was completely padded, which was reinforced by six inches of solid steel, which was surrounded by an electric fence. In her state and electric fence would be fatal, so even if she did get past the metal, she would die. They had made her body such a conductor, that anything electric charge would hurt her severely.

            She was to depressed to care though, her father had been killed by the very corporation he worked for, and her mother and two brothers hadn't survived the transformation. After close to an hour of this she realized she needed to get out of there.

            "But how?" She said to no one, "I'm made of water! I'm blue! I can't just sneak out of here!" So she sat there, and waited. It wasn't much time after this when she heard a hiss, and saw the door opening.

            She quickly made her way to side of the door that wouldn't be blocked, waiting for her chance. As a man stepped in the room, holding an electric stun gun ready, she jumped on his back, wrapping her arm around his neck.

            "Drop the gun," she said, tightening her hold. By now the door had already closed as a security measure, which many of the staff realized was a bad choice later.

            The man was new to the job, and overall was unprepared for this, so he immediately dropped his weapon, saying "Please don't hurt me!"

            "How many guards are out there?" She said, holding the man tighter.

            "None! We still need to replace them!" He said, scared.

            "Good, then we don't need to hurt anyone." She whispered in his ear. "Now give me the gun."

            He quickly reached down and gave her his weapon, repeating "Please don't hurt me!"

            After retrieving the weapon, she dropped herself off the man, holding the gun to his neck, saying "You're going to help me get out of here, and if you think this gun won't kill you, imagine what could happen if I shot your spine."

            Fearing the result, he quickly took her out of the room, and led her to the exit.

            When she got out of the building, still holding the guard hostage, she saw that she was in a heavily wooded area. She had known they transported her, but she did not expect to be in a forest.

            Walking around the man, she said "Sorry, but I can't have you squealing on me." shooting him with the stun gun.

            As the man shook his way to the ground, she ran off into the forest, fearing for her life. It was then that she ran into a man who had been bending over to pick up a piece of firewood.

            This man was different however, as he was coated in metal. As they stood up to brush themselves off, they both gasped a each others appearances. The girl saw a large, metal man gaping at her, and he saw a frightened, blue girl staring at him.

            I had was about to return to Neal when this happened, so I was dismayed with the fact that I had dropped all of the wood I had collected.

            The blue girl promptly apologized, but she did not move. I could tell she was scared of me, which was to be expected. I, however, tried to remain calm, saying to her "Are you okay?"

            She simply nodded, quivering with fear.

            "Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you." I told her, extending a hand. "Samuel Granton, at your service."

            She didn't except my hand, instead she gasped, fainting. Luckily, I caught her before she hit the ground.

            I carried her back to where Neal was sitting, setting her down gently.

            "That's not firewood." Neal said, looking at her.

            "I know, but she came running through the forest, and she tripped over me. She fainted when I told her my name. I might have left her if not for her appearance."

            "True, how often does one see a blue girl?" He replied, moving closer to her. "So I take it you don't want a fire anymore?"

            "I don't feel like recollecting all that wood I found, so no." I didn't tell Neal, but something about this girl seemed so familiar. I decided to think on it the next day, as I was feeling rather tired.

            As I laid down a small distance from the girl I said "Goodnight Neal, see you in the morning."

            I heard him whisper back "Goodnight Samuel, pleasant dreams."

            My last thought before I slept was "Why does she seem so familiar?"

            I snored that night.

            Yes! I finally got it done! I say this every time, don't I? Oh well. Thanks for the comments guys, I hope this one is to your liking. An even 2000 words, count 'em!
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              Chapter 1 Review: I've never read a fanfic about a Porygon before, and its definitely interesting. I like the way you caught they way they talk and battled... so robotic. That's how I had always envisioned a Porygon to be as it is appearently a 'data pokemon'. And the poor doctor, betrayed so easily.

              For Chatper 1 I saw no grammatical issues, and promise to review the next 2 chapters later, but at the moment I have to go. If no one reviews after me I'll just edit the reviews into this one.
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                Chapter four: Halen's misdeeds.

                I awoke early the next day, feeling rather cold. "Perhaps I should have gone to get that firewood back." I thought, standing up. My body still felt stiff from the metal, but that did not impede my stretching. I came to an abrupt stop when I saw a young girl sleeping not far from us. "Blue?" I thought, looking at her. That's when I realized something. Either she had no hair, or it was hidden by the blue. I reached up and checked my own scalp, and finding no hair, I realized that my metal coating might be acting like a large suit. "Does that mean my regular body is under this?" I wondered, turning to check on Neal.

                Neal looked like a shut down computer, his eyes were completely black, and his head was drooped. I was about to go get that firewood I had dropped the previous night when I heard a quiet humming, and Neal saying "Where are you going?"

                Still somewhat tired, I simply grunted "Firewood."

                Anything he said after that was lost as I walked into the forest. Nothing had changed from the night before, not that I really noticed. My mind was to occupied trying to figure out why that girl was so familiar. "I know I've seen here before." I thought, "If only I could see her features before she was transformed." "More importantly, where did she come from? She seemed so distraught when she ran into me,and she kept looking back. I doubt she could have gotten very far from wherever she came in her mental state. Is there a Halen lab nearby?" This thought worried me, because if there was a Halen lab nearby, I was in trouble. They might have already sent of a search party for the girl, which would be extremely bad. I knew human weapons had no effect on me, but pokemon could hurt me. And the girl wasn't bulletproof like me, so she was in even more trouble.

                I decided I'd find out more about the girl that day.


                Elsewhere, a man I would come to know later was having his own problems.

                "Hey Milo, you hear the news? We finally have a mission!" Someone said, hoping to get some sort of a reaction from the other.

                "Curtis, you idiot, there is one small detail you have forgotten. We have a mission, yes, but it is in two months. Come tell me this when it is at least a day away." Milo replied, his voice dripping with loathing.

                Curtis simply stalked off at this, mumbling to himself about how Milo could make any news bad news. "I'll go train then," He added to himself, "I do have two months."

                Milo, however, decided he had better things to do than sit in their room all day. Not that he really would have minded staying in his area, but any more visits from his simpleton roommates would make him feel more homicidal than most would consider humanly possible.

                Not that he was entirely human anymore.

                Halen had made sure to that.

                He only stayed because he had nothing better to do. And they had promised him the chance to kill not long ago. About four months ago to be exact.

                Even seven months ago he would have been appalled at his current state of mind. But that was before he lost her.

                "No," He thought, shaking his head, "There is no need to bring that matter up again."

                But his mind had other ideas.

                Even though he knew it was a bad idea, he reached under his bed and pulled out his one secret.

                A thick book with the letters E and M printed on the cover.

                Normally, the guards watching him and the others would have taken it away, but they knew anyone who even came close to it besides him would be immediately killed.

                He slowly opened the cover, having a mental battle with himself over looking at it.

                It was his only remaining link to his old life, and to her. Their picture album from five years ago.

                As he looked through the pictures kept in the album, his mood slowly changed from loathing of everything around him to utter depression. The pictures ranged from her in the morning, to them sharing an extra large strawberry milkshake.

                But it was the last one he felt fit her best. The only picture he had of her after the transformation. She had chosen the Sunstone.

                She had nearly died during the change, and her health only went down from there. Her body just wasn't able to handle the change.

                The picture was of her smiling, just before she died. She had turned a bright yellow, and she always seemed to glow. That glowing was what always kept him going while she slowly died, but without it he became the hollow shell of a man he was before.

                "Elizabeth," He cried, tears dripping down his face.

                Halen had tricked him and his wife into participation as well, saying the process had been perfected. They had told him their was no chance of either of them dying. They had been excited, having been told they would become special in many ways. Milo hadn't had much desire to do it, but Elizabeth had insisted on it, saying it would be fun. That was the one flaw she had. She always felt that she was simply another person in the crowd, that there was nothing special about her.

                "Elizabeth," He cried again, "You were special. No one else was like you."


                I had already gotten the fire started when the young girl woke up.

                Upon realizing where she was, she got very scared, not knowing how she gotten there.

                "Who are you?" She screamed, pointing at me.

                I turned from my seat at the fire to face her, "Don't you remember? I told you last night when you ran into me."

                "She's obviously confused and scared Samuel, you were the same way when I found you." Neal said, turning around as well.

                "A talking Porygon?" She said, the volume of her voice not going down a decibel.

                "Yes," I said, deciding to reintroduce myself, "His name is Neal. Although he isn't exactly talking in a human way. We're just able to understand him because of our, ummm.... Condition I guess you could say. Sometimes I wish he couldn't talk, you'll understand after a few days with him."

                "And what exactly do you mean by that?" Neal said, giving me as annoyed a look as a pokemon with no eyelids or eyebrows could.

                "Heh heh, nothing." I said, considering he was strong enough to take down a full grown Charizard that was protecting her egg."Anyways, on to my name. Just don't faint when you hear it this time." I repeated my gesture from the night before, once again saying "Samuel Granton, at your service."

                This time, luckily, she didn't faint. She did however, gasp again, and jump on me saying, "Daddy!" In a very high and excited voice.

                "What?" I exclaimed, trying in vain to sit up again.

                "You never told me you had a daughter." Neal said, confused.

                "I never thought it was relevant!" I replied, still trying to get the girl off me.

                "It's me daddy! Annabelle!" She said, holding me tightly.

                "Annie?" I said, quite shocked. "So that was why she seemed so familiar." I thought. I didn't bother testing her further, my fatherly instinct wouldn't lie. I simply hugged her back, happy to have a part of my old life back.

                Neal surprisingly understood that an interruption at this point would be rude, so he turned back to make sure the fire didn't go out.

                After some time of this I finally decided to ask her the biggest question on my mind. "What happened to your mother and brothers?"

                This seemed to make her cringe a little, but she didn't reply.

                I figured out why.

                "Damn you Halen!" I thought, my mind blinded with sorrow and rage, "I will pay you back for this!"


                Sad chapter here. One of my shorter ones, 1354 words to be exact. In case you are wondering when I will finally get around to them getting that TM Neal was talking about, it will be next chapter.
                "Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms."
                ~Groucho Marx
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