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Old November 12th, 2008 (11:59 AM).
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    I finally made this thread, so... um, hi? ;

    Anyway, I'm Aaron, and washed 'round here while googling randomly lol! I like sprites and fusions and whatnot, also, I like to battle and brawl, even If I'm not that good
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    Old November 12th, 2008 (12:17 PM).
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    Well, welcome to PC, Aaron! Please take time to read the rules and FAQ, and feel free to ask any mods or admins if you have any unanswered questions.

    Anyways... Sprites and fusions are awesome (I'm an amateur at it), and Brawl is a fun game.

    Anyways, once again, welcome!
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    Old November 12th, 2008 (12:23 PM).
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    Welcome to PC, Aaron!

    I'm sure you'll find that PC is much more enjoyable as an actual member. Perhaps you'd like to post a few of your sprites (if you make them =X) in the Art Gallery, and if you're looking for some wifi battles, head over to the Wifi Battle Stadium =P

    I love brawl as well. It's a pretty awesome game if I don't say so myself

    So enjoy yourself around here! =P

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    Old November 12th, 2008 (12:48 PM).
    SolarAaron2 SolarAaron2 is offline
    I can has cheezburger?
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      Thnks for the warm welcome, all of you

      and yes, I do make fusions, I'll post them soon :D
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      Old November 12th, 2008 (2:01 PM).
      Vernikova Vernikova is offline
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        Awesome, it's a random character! Welcome to PC. Read the rules that are set and the FAQ. Have fun here.
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        Old November 12th, 2008 (8:57 PM). Edited November 13th, 2008 by Hiidoran.
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        Ah yes, the mystical power of Google has bestowed upon us a new member...
        Let us all sing it's praises! xD

        Well hello there, SolarAaron2!
        Welcome to the community that is so lovingly referred to as the Pokécommunity. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that I am glad you finally decided to make an introduction for yourself. After all, the quickest way to make good friends is to jump right out there and let people know you exist!

        So, you're an artist of the digital medium, eh?
        Well, I do believe we have just the sub-forum for you around here. If you haven't already been introduced, let me acquaint you with the Pixel Art sub-forum, Aaron. It's simply full of projects, tutorials, and the like. I'm sure all your artistic needs will be satisfied over there. ;D

        Well, I do apologize for the late welcome. Better late than never, right?
        Hope you have a wonderful stay here at the community. Perhaps you might even become a regular around here, yes?

        Take care, SolarAaron.
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        Old November 13th, 2008 (3:56 PM).
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        Hey there and welcome to PC.

        Just like me you were a lurker then you finally decided to register but unlike me you came here randomly for google while i acctually tried to find a place like this (and what a place this is).

        Im sure you will make alot of freinds here and fit right in.(Man i just reliased (can't spell...)how similiar my welcomes are towards the end...random)

        Anway see you around.
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        Old November 13th, 2008 (4:17 PM).
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          And Slyther makes another late entrance

          Hello there, SolarAaron2/Aaron

          Yay, another Brawl lover! I'm sure you're good at Brawl, everyone says they're not that good and they manage to totally crush me (lol, I suck at Brawl, but I :heart: it)

          Anyways, welcome to PC, I hope you enjoy your stay (?) here, please remember to read the Rules and refer to the FAQ if you have any questions, as they will likely be answered there. I wish I could write a longer, more welcoming welcome, but then it wouldn't be as welcoming, I hope you find my welcoming welcome satisfactorily (is that a word? o.o) welcoming. (Yeah, frequent use of one word and its variations) Having said that, I'm glad you decided to join the Community, and I hope to see you around.

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          Old November 13th, 2008 (4:57 PM).
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            Hey, I'm new too, I found this site by Googling also, I looked for a Script Guide for Pokemon ROMS and I found one by Visual, so I signed up yay :D
            ¡ǝsɐǝld ¡ǝɯ dlǝɥ ǝuoǝɯos 'ǝɹǝɥ uı uʍop ǝpısdn pǝddɐɹʇ ɯ,ı 'ǝɹnʇɐuƃıs ʎɯ ƃuıpɐǝɹ ǝɹ,noʎ 'ollǝɥ
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            Old November 13th, 2008 (5:25 PM).
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            Well I'm glad you joined this site :D,always nice to have a new member. Hope you have a great time here at PC and make sure to read the Rules and FAQ. See ya around soon.

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