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    IMPORTANT NOTE!!: SUs are closed, but there will be a SEQUEL RP coming up after this one closes! So if you can wait until that one appears, I'd be happy to have you join!

    The same history that has brought them together,
    is now tearing them apart...


    Though many regions of the Pokémon have remained untouched by time, in the Katsu region everything has changed. Gyms are closed, Pokémon centers are demolished and Coordinators, Trainers, Professors and Breeders flee by the hundreds.

    Signs are posted everywhere that read:
    All recreational activities relating to the usage and/or involvement of Pokémon are disallowed.
    Poké Balls, Potions, Stat Healers or any other Pokémon related item are to be destroyed immediately.
    All Pokémon are to be delivered to a drop-off center effective immediately.
    If any Pokémon is spotted or you have knowledge of any of the rules stated above being broken, please contact the authorities.

    Pokémon are being deported and... disposed of at an increasing rate, rapidly depleting the native population. Riots break out and lives, Pokémon and human alike, are lost. The economy crashes, leaving people reeling for a new way of life. People are forced to give up their life-long partners and companions in order to obey the law.

    Why has caused all of this to happen? The same thing that had brought them together in the first place: the natural bond between Pokémon and human. Pokémon and humans became so close to one another that there was little distinction between them. That is, until people began abusing that connection. Pretty soon, a group rose up in power and began taking advantage of both people and Pokémon. Soon they were taken down by the authorities, but they came to the conclusion that the only way to prevent further uprisings was to get rid of all the Pokémon in the region.

    Pokémon are disappearing and a storm is brewing in the Katsu region...


    You are a trainer. When this change begins, you rebel against them. You attempt to save the Pokémon from extraction, but when the danger of keeping your parter increases, you run. The region is large and you find that you are lost, until you are picked up by a team called the Uprising. They take you in and train you to fight for the cause of saving the Pokémon, but with this choice comes a price. Police officers search for you, bounty hunters pursue you and a group that is on the rise has taken an interest in you...

    Are you up for it?

    1. Be active.
    2. Don't godmod.
    3. Only post OOC things on the OOC thread (unless separated like this and marked OOC).
    4. Follow basic role-playing rules.
    5. Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation as best you can.
    6. Don't bunny without permission.
    7. If you aren't active for a long period of time without excuse, you will either be bunnied or kicked out.
    8. Post your profile on the OOC thread to see if it is accepted before posting it here.

    Sign Up: Trainer
    Name: first (optional middle) last
    Age: (preferabley over 13, but if you have a good reason they can be 10)
    Gender: (uhh...)
    Appearance: (details! at least a good paragraph)
    Personality: (make layers)
    Background: (their history: what made them join? this includes what their Pokémon is if you do not sign up their Pokémon)
    Additional Information: (anything else?)
    RP Sample: (a sample of a past RP or a sample of your writing that shows your style well)

    Sign Up: Pokémon (optional: you can write from your Pokémon's point of view as well)
    Nickname: (if they have one)
    Breed: (what Pokémon is it? NO LEGENDARIES!!!)
    Gender: (uhh...)
    Moves: (up to four, make them reasonable or I won't accept)
    Appearance: (if there are any unique qualities to them)
    Personality: (make it a good match or balance for its trainer)
    History: (how did your trainer receive this Pokémon? it can just state that you received it from a professor)
    Additional information: (more stuff?)
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      Name: Maud Howll
      Age: Fifteen
      Gender: Female

      Personality: Before really getting to know Maud, you should probably learn that she's not polite or lady-like. Like, at all. She uses slang and not-really-words words like "ain't". "Please" isn't something you'll hear from her often, and if you get a "Thank you," you're a lucky person. But she's not really all that rude, unless she's agitated. Maud can be a kind (if a bit stubborn) and helpful person when she actually finds that she cares to do so. She's a jerk as a stranger, but a decent friend and companion.

      Maud is also very competitive. She loves nothing more than a challenge, and battling is undoubtedly her favorite activity. It's not really that she likes to win as much as that she loves competing alltogether. As such, she can laugh about her errors and take a loss well (though she might occassionally pretend she lost because of something like 'distractions' or 'type disadvantage'). While battling, however, she's a fast thinker, and can invent some rather clever strategies. She likes to work with each of her Pokemon's individual personalities and base battle styles off of that, making her a rather tricky foe at times.

      Speaking of Pokemon, Maud seems to have a sort of connection with them. No, she's not one of those trainers who can read Pokemon thoughts and form perfect human-Pokemon bonds and such, but she has an understanding for them. Loyalty is something she values dearly in a companion, and few companions are more loyal than well-trained Pokemon. Namely, she finds that 'doglike' Pokemon tend to be more loyal and easier to befriend, which is why she specializes in raising them.

      Appearance: Much like her personality would imply, Maud doesn't care for anything too nice or fancy. Besides, she's always out training and travelling. What would be the point of wearing nice clothes if you're only going to get them dirty on the road...? Using this philosophy, she figures it doesn't really matter what she's wearing and slips on a plain, cozy T-shirt with near-worn-out jeans and a simple hoodie. If she's not wearing old tennis shoes and a pair of black gloves, by the way, then that's probably an imposter of some sort rather than the actual Maud.

      Likewise, her red-brown shoulder-length hair is almost always a bit of a mess (what; do you think a trainer like her has the time to brush it every day...?), and while she isn't a filthy and smelly slob she isn't the most hygenic of people. But, the life of a devoted trainer isn't always perfect and pretty and clean, you know~

      Anyways, Maud is of moderate height; not tall, and definitely not short. She's not at all fat, but not super-skinny. In other words, pretty average. Her eyes are a dull green color; her skin a little bit pale.

      Background: Maud had always lived in Goldenrod with her mother (her father worked so much she rarely saw him, and he didn't really seem to want much to do with her). She ate, slept, and did pretty much what most kids do in a middle-class home not far from the bustling, busy, polluted main area of the city. Her mother, however, was originally from Sinnoh. She had one Pokemon that she had trained for a while (though she gave up her Pokemon journey at the age of eleven), a Purugly, and when she sent Maud out to do simple errands like getting something from the store, she would make sure that Purugly was with her daughter. Goldenrod was a relatively safe place, but you never knew what could happen... It seemed simple to just send her out with a Pokemon just in case and avoid all worry.

      How Maud obtained her own Pokemon, however, is a rather strange story. On a certain trip to pick up a carton of milk from the local convenience store, she came across a few men in black uniforms discussing something behind a shady building. Her curiosity perked up, and she decided to hide and listen to them. Judging by the uniforms, they appeared to be from Team Rocket, a group assumed to have disbanded a while back... And there was some sort of delivery truck with them. A truck full of stolen Pokeballs, containing rare or strong Pokemon. Supposedly the two strange men were going to deliver these Pokemon to be prizes at the Goldenrod Game Corner. People had been suspicious that Team Rocket was associated with the Game Corner for a while now, but if it was really true...

      The men spotted her and threatened to harm her if she didn't leave immediately. Maud, however, felt some crazy and stupid sense of justice, and called out her mother's Purugly. The strongest Pokemon the Rocket members had was a Zubat, which was no trouble for the Pokemon Maud's mother had trained. Afterwords, they were forced to flee, leaving Maud to investigate the truck. In the front seat of the truck, however, were two round objects... Eggs, perhaps? She decided to notify the Goldenrod police as soon as possible, but secretly kept the 'eggs' with her.

      For about a month she was famous around town for helping to put an end to the last known forces of Team Rocket in Jhoto, though her mother was outraged that she had attempted such a thing. Maud didn't really care that she was angry, though... The 'eggs' were what was really on her mind. She still kept it a secret that she had taken them, but if they really were Pokemon eggs...

      When they hatched into a pair of Eevees, among all things, that settled it. Maud was going to become a trainer. Her mother thought battling and training and all was cruel and dangerous now, however, and prohibited Maud from ever doing such a thing.

      So she ran away.

      Maud left a simple little note for her parents, took her two little Eevees, and set off on her journey. Within the next year, she had collected seven of Jhoto's badges. Within the next four years (which she filled with lots of vigourous training), she had earned second-place in the Jhoto Pokemon League tournament. That was good enough for Maud.
      She recently ventured to the Katsu region, only to find in in its current state. Maud, however, wasn't about to let people here eliminate Pokemon over such an issue as this. She was more than willing to join the Uprising, in hopes that she and her Pokemon companions could prove to these people that what they were doing was simply wrong.

      Pokemon: ((No, I won't be RPing from any of their direct perspectives, though they will all be RPed just as importantly as Maud herself.))

      Nickname: Ann
      Breed: Espeon
      Gender: Female
      Moves: Psychic, Morning Sun, Return, Helping Hand

      Appearance: Ann resembles a normal Espeon; though she is perhaps a bit smaller and leaner than most.

      Personality: Ann is a fun-loving Pokemon. She loves to play around, even in the heat of battle. She's a bit quirky, but also loyal, and can get surprisingly serious when the time calls for it. Ann also can become a ferocious force to mess with when her brother, Dan, is in danger.

      History: Ann was one of Maud's two first Pokemon. She and her brother, Dan, hatched from eggs at the same time. Maud named her after the character Little Ann from one of her favorite books, Where the Red Fern Grows.


      Nickname: Dan
      Breed: Umbreon
      Gender: Male
      Moves: Toxic, Confuse Ray, Moonlight, Last Resort

      Appearance: Dan resembles a normal Umbreon, though he is perhaps a bit more stocky and muscular than most.

      Personality: Dan is rather silent, cold, and reserved. He doesn't like to show much emotion, though deep down he truly cares for and loves his companions (especially his sister). He tends to be calm and calculative in battle; while he doesn't like to cause direct harm, he can pull off nasty tricks that devestate an opponent.

      History: Dan was one of Maud's two first Pokemon. He and his sister, Ann, hatched from eggs at the same time. Maud named him after the character Old Dan from one of her favorite books, Where the Red Fern Grows.


      Nickname: Molly
      Breed: Houndoom
      Gender: Female
      Moves: Flamethrower, Will-O-Wisp, Nasty Plot, Faint Attack

      Appearance: Molly is pretty much a regular Houndoom.

      Personality: Molly is a wiley creature. She has a sly air about her, and loves nothing more than pranks and tricks. She may seem like she has the 'evil' air of most Houndooms, though really she is just devious. The only person who really knows Molly's soft, loving side is... well, Maud.

      History: During Maud's journey, around the time she had obtained four badges, there seemed to be some sort of pesky Pokemon stealing food and various items from her when she camped for the night. After about three days of this, Maud decided to have the recently-evolved Dan and Ann keep watch for anything suspicious. On the night this happened, she awoke to find Dan pinning down a lean little Houndour, and Ann glaring at it fiercely. The Houndour looked half-starved, actually... Figuring it had only been stealing because it needed something to eat, Maud simply smiled and offered it a piece of 'beef' jerky (let's just say it's Miltank jerky and get on with it... :P).

      Eventually, seeing as the Houndour was still following her after that... Well, trying to capture it didn't seem like a bad idea. The Houndour didn't even struggle against the Pokeball, and so it was.


      Nickname: Jester ("Jess")
      Breed: Poochyena
      Gender: Male
      Moves: Scary Face, Taunt, Assurance, Super Fang (see History and Additional Info...)

      Appearance: Jess was partially named for the odd 'checkerboard' pattern on his legs. While most Poochyenas have black paws and gray legs, the black fur on Jester's legs trails up in unique little diamond shapes. (Maud thought it made him look sort of comical, and combined with his personality the name seemed perfect.)

      Personality: Jess is an oddball. He really is just plain quirky. One moment he'll be prancing playfully about, and the next he'll be trying to bite the hand of even his trainer. It's all in a playful manner, however. He doesn't really know how to act completely serious, even if the situation calls for it, and probably sees everything as a game. He also has a few strange tendencies, like nipping at the air for no apparent reason or intently trying to dig into solid ground. Pokemon doctors have suggested the idea that he may have some sort of mental disorder, actually, but Maud has always shrugged off that possibility.

      History: Jess is an escapee from a Pokemon testing lab near Blackthorn City. The scientists at this lab were trying to design ways for Pokemon to become more powerful; learning moves they normally can't know and having over all more strength. They were originally testing on 'weak' Pokemon (like Pidgey, Poochyena, and Bidoof), and alterning genes to prevent their evolution; it would be stupid to test out a project like this and end up with a Super-Tyranitar or even a Super-Raticate running about destroying things. Jess' mother had been tested on, and it was hoped that her pups would be stronger than normal Poochyenas. The test was supposedly a failure, however. It's more than likely the reason for Jester's oddities.

      Supposedly he escaped. That or the scientists simply abandoned the pups, finding them to be 'worthless'. Whatever the case, when Maud came across a sick-looking little Poochyena, in Jhoto of all places, she was more than willing to nurse him back to health. Maud, however, has never known Jester's true story, or where he came from at all.

      Additional Info: Through some strange genetic error, Jester cannot evolve. It was strange at first, when Maud had trained him for a year and he still was not a Mightyena. But, when he was taken to a Pokemon specialist to find out about this, it was confirmed that for some reason, he can't ever be a Mightyena. All the same, Maud trains him and battles with him, and the two really don't seem to mind.

      Also, Maud has discovered that he somehow knows the move 'Super Fang', which is used as a key strategy move in battles...

      Additional Information: None. :D

      RP Sample: From Gummy's Return of the Fallen...
      Kat hated crowds.

      It wasn't so much that she didn't care for being around others, or that she was anti-social. Crowds were just... too many people. As such, being part of them made her feel cramped. Annoyed. Irritable. And nobody likes an irritable Katrynah. Nobody.

      So, instead of plunging into the huge mass of moving and chattering and annoying Pokemon, the Pachirisu kept to the edge of it, managing to slip past others with little if any notice thanks to her small size. She hadn't been in this town long enough to get used to these meetings... In fact, it took her about five minutes to realize the ringing chime of that bell meant 'come to town square and listen to some guy talk for a while'. Kat sort of wished she hadn't remembered that when she did. Her cozy little hut was much more comfortable than these clogged streets, filled with the traffic of Pokemon bodies. Bleh.

      She noticed the movement starting to come to a halt (Finally!), and blinked, realizing the crowd must have reached the square. Only... she couldn't see a thing behind all these much-taller-than-her Pokemon! Gah, she thought, not satisfied at all, If some moron is gonna drag me outta my house to yap in my ears, I should at least be able to see who the heck he is. Of course, she could always slink around this rediculous assembly of townsfolk.

      Carefully slipping past a few legs and over a tail or two, Kat made her way to the very front of the crowd, a slight smirk on her face as she did so. It was so easy for her to be ignored and unnoticed if she really tried. Sometimes, she actually thought it was a blessing that she had been born a Pachirisu rather than, say, a Charizard. (All the same, she believed being a Charizard would be quite nice... The ability to fly and rain flames down upon her foes... Ahh. Now, how amazing would that be?)

      "... my fellow Pokemon, that these are not natural occurrences..."

      A voice caught her ears. Kat looked up to see the speaker, a Weavile, who seemed to be recieving quite a few looks from the crowd that said things along the lines of, 'Heh. You can't be serious...'

      Drat. I could have missed half the meeting-speech-whatever-it-is by now... she thought in dismay. As the Weavile continued, a Breloom behind her was giggling, probably at the speaker's words. Kat whirled around, eyes blazing with anger. She wasn't in an exactly "good" mood right now.

      "You. Quiet. I'm tryin' ta hear this guy," Kat spat. She didn't wait for a reply either (though she did see the Breloom close his mouth with an alarmed expression). Instead, she turned back around and continued listening to the Weavile's words.

      “He says it is a sign that the dark one, Giratina, will return to free his fallen followers and wage war once again. This brings me to my main point. I call upon all brave warriors to meet on the northwestern outskirts of Little Hillmoss Town. The time for waiting is over, so we much act! And that is why I’m calling for a small battalion to aid me in finding and destroying the fallen ones.”

      Now Kat realized what everyone was so humored by... Giratina, huh? Right... Good luck convincing people by preaching that. The truth was, many Pokemon didn't believe that the Legendary Pokemon still -or ever had - power over the world. In fact, some didn't even believe the Legendaries existed at all! Kat was among those who were skeptical as to what Legendary Pokemon really had control over. That, however, wasn't what concerned her. She'd caught a bit about the quakes and disasters in the Weavile's speeh...

      A mountain. A gigantic, towering mountain. A symbol of strength and pure, untamed nature. Plummeting to the ground; scatterering into a million pieces. And, all of those pieces sliding down a hill, into a village... Homes destroyed. Lives ruined. Pokemon dead. All in one instant... All in one trembling quiver of the Earth itself...

      That was what got to her. Kat had seen a mountain tumble and crumble to pieces at the mercy of these quakes. She'd seen towns destroyed by them. Pokemon killed. Effort and lifestyles shattered. And she'd actually believed it was just around her hometown, too... But then, she came out here, and what do you know? Quakes. Whatever this was, it was definately abnormal. Now, Kat didn't immediately jump to the conclusion that Legendary Pokemon were to blame, but she felt she was a lot smarter than all these Pokemon insisting that it had to be 'the Earth going through changes'. That was a pethetic excuse, and everyone knew it. This was serious. And she cared enough to do something about it, in one way or another. Besides... What better did she have to do? Sit around here waiting for the next stupid town meeting?

      "Hey," Kat said, approaching the Weavile (seeing as the crowd was clearing away). "I'm in. And don't say something like, 'Oh, you're just a tiny Pachirisu'. That stuff doesn't work on me, and you're only looking stupid if ya' start patronizing me 'cause of my size. Got it?"

      She didn't care what he said in reply, or, honestly, if he replied at all. So long as this guy knew she wasn't one of those cute, huggable, fluffy little Pokemon that never did anything but stand around looking sickeningly adorable, she was perfectly content with him.
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        Name: Josh Charkewycz

        Age: 15

        Gender: Male

        Appearance: He is around 5'11", but with a slightly sturdy build. He has short-ish blonde hair, that is almost always messy. His skin is slightly tanned, which makes his calm blue eyes stand out a bit. He usually wears a plain white t-shirt, navy blue three-quarters with a crimson stripe down one side and white trainers.

        Personality: Josh is usually a very calm and confident person, who loves helping ou his friends. Whenever people fall out, he will try his best to stop them. Despite this he does have temper problems, and if anyone offends him he could snap at any minute.

        However, when seperated from his pokemon, he becomes a quite person, with no confidence and is scared of everything.

        Background: Josh comes from a rich family, who always had a hatred for Pokemon. They were always trying to sperate him from his Butterfree, but he wouldn't allow them. When the new laws were passed that all Pokemon were to be deported, His parents were over the moon. They tried to force him to hand over his Pokemon but he refused. His parents called the authorities, and so he ran away. Hiding in a forest, he was pursued by many Bounty Hunters, but he managed to evade them all. One day he met with Isabel Evans, who told him about the Uprising, and so he joined in hope that Pokemon would be saved.

        RP Sample:

        Josh was sitting in his room, playing with Twilight (His Butterfree). They were playing catch, with a ball that resembled Caterpie.

        "I don't know why my parents don't like you," he said to Twilight, "I mean you're like the most adorable thing ever." There was a loud rap on the door, and his parents entered.

        "You better read this!" said his father, handing him a piece of paper. Josh took it from his fahter, and stared at the page. When he read it his skin went pale. It said:

        'All recreational activities relating to the usage and/or involvement of Pokémon are disallowed.
        Poké Balls, Potions, Stat Healers or any other Pokémon related item are to be destroyed immediately.
        All Pokémon are to be delivered to a drop-off center effective immediately.
        If any Pokémon is spotted or you have knowledge of any of the rules stated above being broken, please contact the authorities.'

        He glanced at his parents, then grabbed Twilight and jumped for his window. His parents, anticipating this went to grab him. When they were almost upon him, he changed direction and bolted out his door.

        "Hello, is that the authorities," said his mother on the phone, "Good, because my son is breaking the new law, and we need you to get his Butterfree."

        He hurried down the stairs, tears in his eyes, because of his parents reporting him.

        "Goodbye!" he whispered to all in the house, and fled into the forest.

        Sign Up: Pokémon

        Nickname: Twilight (Twi)

        Breed: Butterfree

        Gender: Female

        Moves: Tackle, Confusion, Sleep Poweder, Bug Bite

        Appearance: Like all Butterfrees, but with Blue Eyes

        Personality: Calm and relaxed, but can be quite moody. Can't stand being seperated from Josh

        History: Josh found Twilight in his back garden, as a Caterpie when he was 5, and the two bonded quite quickly.
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          OK this is my first time in a RP, but ill give it a shot

          Name: Drake Wolfston
          Age: Thirteen
          Gender: Male


          Clothing: You will almost always find Drake wearing a t-shirt with a vest or shirt over it. The vest/shirt has ragged, cut up sleeves, is very thin, and mostly black. He wears jeans most of the time, but on hot days you can see him wearing shorts. The jeans are also ragged and cut up at the edges and knees. He always wears his Nike-Airs whereever he goes.

          Formal: At school dances etc. he will just wear polo's with the same type of jeans, as they are his favorite, and has personally made sure all of them are cut up.

          Physical Appearance:
          He has a strong, sleek build, but isnt too muscular. His hair is black and spiky, and hair gell is slathered all over it. His skin colour is tinted, and if you look closely you can see distant scars on his face from previous fights. He has dark brown eyes, with long eyelashes, thick brows. and he hasnt grown any facial hair yet.

          Personality: As shown in the appearance, Drake seems to be the "cool" type of guy, with a lot of friends, and very popular. He is popular indeed, but Drake has another reason to act cool. At home Drake is a loving brother who doesnt act cool at all. He is very close with his family, and he cares for the pokemon at his family's ranch. He uses the cool act just because he is mainly shy, and thinks his friends wont like him for that. He is too shy to ask the girl he had always loved for a date, and therefore acts even more cool and distant. You can mostly see Drake sitting in the corner of the hall, or on a balcony thinking deeply to his self. It might not seem like it, but he has a funny character. Whenever he hangs with his friends he's always the one who makes the jokes.

          Drake doesnt talk too much, and as said before is very shy, but he is very playfull and his mouth keeps running off at home. He is very gentle and caring with the pokemon at his ranch, but he never shows his friends. Therefore his friends feel that he has a kind of mysterious aura around him. Even tough he is very shy, he is mostly competitive. He always challenges his friends in everything, but when it comes to championships his shyness wins, and so he doesnt enter. He's scared of being the center of attention, and that is what kept him from enter contests with his ranch pokemon before pokemon had to be handed in.

          Background: Drake comes from a family who had secretly protested, and had a hidden ranch down in the nearby forest of syphoon city. You cant call it a city as it isnt even on the map, and the closest town to that was little root town which was eight miles away. Drake doesnt really have a pokemon, but later he will take their pichu. Not much special is known about Drake, as he yet has to make history.

          He was born with the ranch, and therefore was attatched to every single pokemon there. Whenever he wasnt spending time at his ranch he would hang out with his friends in the village. Most of the time his family was at the ranch, and sometimes they even slept there. Tough on certain nights Drake would find his dad slipping out the back of the house, and the next day there would be articles about the protestors vandilating the major cities. Drake had always wondered if is dad had something to do with that, but whenever he asked, his dad would always change the subject. His dad didnt understand anything. He wanted to stop the uprising, he wanted to protect his beloved pokemon on the ranch, and he will do something about it!

          How he gets his pichu will be revealed below

          RP Sample: Well since this is my first RP, this might not have to do with the storyline but i guess you can calls this a prologue for the story

          "Ring, Ring" Drake woke up to find his alarm clock ringing. Half asleep, he tried to hit his alarm clock, but missed and ended up rolling out of his bed. "urgh..." With a jolting pain in his head he stood up and walked to the shower.

          After a nice and refreshing shower he got his usual clothes, and put on seven sprays of cologne. He peered down the stairs and saw his mom making breakfast. "Hi sweety!". Drake felt embarrased but it was ok, this was his home. He ran downstairs to see what was for breakfast. He grabbed some of the eggs his mom just made and ran outside to check on the ranch.

          Two minutes later he arrived at the ranch. Their ranch was hidden deep in the forest, and the only thing left in their small village that had to do with pokemon. He snuck through the tunnel and looked around, his eyes full with joy. His dad and sister were feeding the pokemon on the other side of the ranch, Drake would greet them later. A pichu ran over and hugged his legg. Drake picked it up and put it on his shoulder while walking to the stalls. The ponyta there ran across the stalls to meet him. He hugged every single one of them and gave them breakfast. He couldnt believe that having pokemon wasnt allowed he loved all of his pokemon, especially little eevee. What maniac's would want to give away their pokemon? But deep deep down he knew that soon this ranch would also be discovered, and they would go to jail. He decided to take a stroll around the city to get rid of his worries.

          After a good ten minute walk he decided to visit his old shool. He looked through he window to find his old class mates writing down some notes. Drake quit school to take care of his ranch, and even if he wanted to stay, his Dad forced him to not go. At school there were agents, he did not know what for, but whoever had a pokemon was taken away.As he was about to go away, he heard the bushes rustling and something jumped on him. He twisted aroud and tried to kick it, but it clung onto his face. He was just about to call for help when he noticed it was just pichu. He scolded the little guy for coming out here, but his tracking skills were pretty amazing. He looked at pichu's cute little face, he just couldnt even think of what would happen if this little pichu got into the wrong hands. Now he knew what he had to do, finally he had a purpose. He would make sure those people would never get their pokemon! He just couldnt even think of what would happen if this little pichu got into the wrong hands. Drake ran home again while hiding pichu under his jacket, he was gonna pack, and leave. He didnt know where, but as he was thinking of his journey, he didnt know there were two shady figures, watching him from the top of the school.


          Art made by: Angela
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            Sign Up: Trainer

            Stephen O'Shea



            Stephen, at just under 5”7, isn't really that tall, but he's not short. He gets his Gray eyes from his father, who has them too. His Caesar cut, Brown hair shocked his family, because for twelve generations, all the males had Black hair. He's able to maintain a healthy weight by traveling a lot. As for muscle mass, he doesn't have much. He just stays healthy; he doesn't go the 'extra mile' and build excess muscle mass.

            His favorite outfit to weat consists of Red Polo shirt, and a pair of denim trousers. His parents look down on his for his choice of dress, but that, as usual, doesn't stop him. In the way of shoes, he wears Black Athletic shoes.

            Stephen believes that friendship is a commitment that you have to be sure you're ready to commit to. As such, it is hard for him to consider someone a 'friend' quickly. Mainly, to him, they're merely allies toward a common goal. But, if he gets to spend a lot of time with that person, he can start to reciprocate feelings of friendship.

            His intelligence defines his personality. He is very analytical, and he enjoys thinking of tactics he could use in later battles. It's made him value following his head over his heart, which sometimes leads to letting down his friends. He enjoys watching battles and seeing the techniques of others, and predicting their tactics to win against whomever their opponent is.

            He likes being in groups; he enjoys his accomplishments but not the recognition. In groups, he can 'blame' it on the entirety of the group, and not his personal influence.

            He has a very laid-back personality, and dislikes to fight seriously. He enjoys watching his Pokémon grow, and perfect new appeals that he makes up, but he can't stand to see them hurt. To him, his Pokémon are even more important as friends than humans. They've been his friends longer, more faithfully, and he depends on their compliance to being trained to do what he loves. His Pokémon enjoy being with him, because he took classes in Pokémon Breeding, so he knows how to take care of them, prepare food, and they get hungry, he'll gladly go hungry to let them eat. His approach to catching Pokémon is, well, different. If he finds a Pokémon he likes, he follows It around and tries to get it to trust him. He never battles it, it just comes willingly or not at all. He loves music, and is an okay singer. Not great, but okay. He likes to call out his Pokémon and have them make 'music' by interacting with the environment while he sings.

            He couldn't live without his PokéComm, Pokémon Communicator, which his father's company invented. It acts as a wireless internet hookup, map, video phone, and a GPS. He's very into technology, and it has evolved into a Psychological 'Need'. Depending on what he thinks about someone, he can be nice and courteous, or malicous and rude.

            At times, he can be quite cynical, and disregard others' oppinions, but other times be can very considerate. Also, he dislikes not getting his way; failure and not being the leader bother him. While these things bother him, he does not let them stop him, and does not let it show.

            He likes being in groups; he enjoys his accomplishments but not the recognition. In groups, he can 'blame' it on the entirety of the group, and not his personal infulence.

            Despite his sheltered upbringing, or maybe because of it, he's not naïve when it comes to people's intentions. Just the opposite; he's very empathetic.

            Growing up in LaRousse City, Stephen is highly accustomed to technology. He was born into a wealthy family, and mostly lived a sheltered life. He was home-schooled by some of the best tutors from around the world, bought everything he ever wanted, and he never left the safety that was his home, except to go into their large yard. His parents went out a lot, so he eventually got curious.

            So, after a particularly long argument with his mother, he got to go out with them. As they walked around the city, he is amazed, not by anything about the city, but by the people. Living such a sheltered life had deprived him of the sensory overload that was a crowd of people. Soon enough, he saw a boy, about his age, crying. He approaches the kid, and asks what was wrong.

            It turns out the kid was crying because his parents both recently lost their job, and soon they'd lose their home. A lack of money seemed completely strange to Stephen, for whom money had never been a problem, and, it was this kid's problem, not his. But, something about this kid made him want to talk to him, something that he'd never experienced with his family, their employees, and his tutors. They continued talking, cautiously, for a few minutes. He'd just finished cheering the child up when his mom grabbed him by the arm and dragged him home.

            After that experience, Stephen was restless. He'd experienced actually wanting to talk to someone. He knew he was missing something, but couldn't figure out what it was, for a few weeks, at least. One night, he escaped. He went back into town, and found that kid again. This time, the child's face was dirty, and he had company, two adults.

            When he got there, he gave the child some of the money he'd been given earlier that day, to help them out. He neglected to notice the parents eying him shiftily. After the little boy thanks him, he got up to go back home. But, he didn't make it there that night. The parents, enticed by the prospect of a wealthy family and more wealth, held him captive. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, though, he just stayed there. He knew they wouldn't hurt him fi he didn't try to escape, they needed the money. But, he was still afraid of what they might do if he did try. Despite the captive situation, he talked to their son. Their son said it wasn't premeditated; they jut needed the money.

            The next evening, his parents paid the ransom and Stephen returned home. Stephen returned not just with the experience from the situation, but he knew what he'd been missing. Contact, communication. He'd experienced it, and now he couldn't get enough. Throughout the next few days, he constantly tried to get his parents to let him go out and talk to people again. But, as any sensible parent would, they declined his proposal. They did, however, get so irritated with him that they gave in, if only a little. They went to the local Pet Store, and bought him a little Black bird-thing called Murkrow.

            Even though he was disapointed that he hadn't truly got his way for the first time, he still enjoyed his new Murkrow. He named it Karma, and they bonded. Even if it wasn't human interaction, it was still interaction, contact, communication. Basically what he lacked.

            Years later, he started his journey with Karma. He quickly noticed he had little enthusiasm for collecting badges, so he took a different route, which he enjoyed greatly. He became a Co-Ordinator. He traveled around Hoenn participating in contests, all the while catching Pokémon. Even so, by the time he got the Grand Festival, he only had three; Karma, a Milotic, and a Spinda. He was an okay Co-Ordinator, so he got past the preliminaries, but lost in his first battle. This didn't deter him. He left Milotic and Spinda at home and traveled even further from home, to Sinnoh.

            The Sinnoh contests, though different, still appealed to him, and he exceeded in them too. By the grand festival, he had four Pokémon. Karma, now a Honchkrow, Mime Jr, Gabite, and Ambipom. This time, he got into the Top Eight.

            After his success at Sinnoh, he took a break at home for a while. Not too long, though, because after about six months, he traveled to the Katsu region because he heard it had contests similar to Sinnoh. But, by the time he got there, the Pokémon Extraction Crisis was already underway.

            Additional Information:

            RP Sample:
            Rex, still in a daze, was pushed to the cold, cement ground by the Black-uniformed men, hitting his head. Despite the minor head trauma, he knew what was going to happen next, but hoped he was wrong, or that he would be saved. Sadly, he wasn't. The men grabbed his Poké Balls, and everything in his pack. But, they didn't stop there. They released a Butterfly-like Pokémon, Butterfree, and ordered it to use Sleep Power; an order it reluctantly obeyed.

            When Rex woke up, he first noticed he was in a small, dark room with. But, the instant he processed that, he noticed something else; the cold. It had to be about 30°F! He sat in the cold and darkness, contemplating, for hours. He mourned for his now-empty belt, and about his own plight. He revisited the last twenty-four hours many times, until he had the meaningless, monotonous events memorized.

            During one of these sessions, his new 'home' was disrupted by an intense flooding of light. At first, after sitting in total darkness for so long, he still couldn't see despite the light. Soon, though, his eyes adjusted, and he saw him. The man he blamed for his misfortune, Seth; the man who'd forced him to go ahead, further into the forest, away from the path. But, now, he realized, was not the time to hate Seth, that could wait. He realized Seth was alone, so he hadn't been captured, which meant he was rescuing him.

            Seth turned his pale face toward Rex, and he did something Rex would never have expected; grinned. Not a friendly, “I-found-you” grin, but a maniacal, evil one. Then Rex knew. Knew everything. It hadn't been an accident that they'd been waiting for him further up the trail, Seth told them to be there. Seth wasn't here to help him escape, he was here to gloat about another Team Rocket victory.

            Are the accommodations we've provided... adequate?” This clearly wasn't a question, just a mocking statement to belittle him.

            Rex, naturally, had many things he wanted to say, but was smart enough to stay quiet, because, after all, he's a prisoner in a building full of madmen. He had no idea how they'd react if he insulted Seth. He still didn't know his ranking, after all. So, he stayed silent.

            I have other engagements, so I must go now. We must do this again sometime.” Seth whispered, turning around.

            Yes, we must...” Mumbled Rex.

            Whatever Seth had expected, this was obviously not it, but his surprise only showed for a moment. In another, he was gone and the door resealed; shrouding the cold room back in darkness.

            Sign Up: Pokémon

            Nickname: Karma

            Breed: Honchkrow

            Gender: Male

            Moves: Psychic
            Steel Wing
            Dark Pulse
            Aerial Ace

            Appearances: Karma looks like a regular Honchkrow, except for a really cool Black stripe, the same color as it's body, running through the middle of his 'beard'. The Pet store said this was caused to superior breeding. As a Murkrow, his eyes were Heterochromatic, one being normal, and the other's iris being practically invisible.

            Personality: Karma works well with Stephen, possibly because much of their personalities co-inside. But, more than that, where their personalities differ is what make them a great team. Whenever Karma can, he stops Stephen from giving away the last of his food, and forces Stephen to eat it. After evolving, Karma has developed a quality that makes him take charge. He'll often train the others by himself – without Stephen. During a battle, he will deliberately disobey orders from Stephen – if he thinks a different method would be more efficient, and he's usually right.

            History: Karma was born in an experimental breeding facility, so that's where his differences are from. But, the facility was shut down due to morality reasons, and all the Pokémon there donated to local shelters and pet stores. His odd appearance prevented him from being sold, until Stephen's parents saw him. They hoped that this creepy-looking Murkrow would prevent Stephen from seeking contact with other people by scaring him out of the desire. It failed. The two bonded, and they spent a lot of time together. Soon enough, Stephen left with Karma to become a Co-Ordinator.

            Additional information: He is the result of superior breeding, mainly from selective breeding.
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              Name: Isabel Joy Evans (people call her an assortment of names... Is, Sabe, Joy, Eva or Evans, but very rarely do people call her Isabel)

              Age: 16

              Gender: female

              Appearance: Isabel is about five feet seven inches and is sturdily built. She has coal-black hair with one streak each of yellow, red, purple, gold and green which she usually wears down or tied back in a bun. She has piercing icy-blue eyes that shine in contrast against her suntanned skin. Isabel is usually found wearing a zip-up black sweatshirt with a dark blue camisole underneath and nearly-black jeans. She usually wears plain running shoes or black boots on her feet. She is always wearing a bracelet with beads of all colors on her wrist.

              Personality: Isabel usually seems like a calm person, and that's just what she wants you to think. In reality, she is constantly searching for any sign of a threat and is always reading and calculating the expressions and tones of others. The facade of calm collectiveness is easily shattered by a sign of danger or mistreatment toward Pokemon. Isabel is a very intelligent person and, though she is not very social, she knows how to work answers out of someone and manipulate them for her own needs.
              Isabel has always loved Pokemon. In battle, she is very much a strategist and seldom takes it easy on any trainer. She is constantly developing new strategies in her head and putting them into practice, so there are very few things she does the same with every battle. She loves to push her Pokemon and herself and enjoys going through ups and downs with her companions and can't imagine living her life without them.

              Background: Isabel has lived with Pokemon her entire life in the Katsu region. Her family used to breed and raise Evees to sell to trainers as parters and others as pets. But when Pokemon began being extracted from the Katsu region, their business was shut down. One by one their Evees and Evee evolves were taken away by the authorities, leaving them without income. Isabel's father soon found work in law enforcement, as that was the fastest growing career, but her older brother Rick refused to give up his Pokemon and ran away.
              Isabel waited and watched as her life-long companions were taken away until she could no longer take it. Isabel took six Pokemon and left: Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon and an Evee. She proceeded to travel through the region and found that all other places in the region had received the same order to get rid of the Pokemon. She did all that she could to help the Pokemon: she intercepted got her hands on any Pokemon that was due for extraction as she could and released them into the forests, but she soon realized that in order to really help she would need to become organized. So she started the Uprising and went off in search of trainers who also wanted to save their Pokemon in hopes that together they could help to stop the movement and restore balance in the Katsu region.

              RP Sample: well, I started the RP, so I suppose I don't need to post one

              Pokémon (I will be writing from their perspectives as well)
              Nickname: Isabel usually just calls him Jolteon, but sometimes she calls him Jay

              Breed: Jolteon

              Gender: male

              Moves: Iron Tail, Thunder, Giga Impact, Last Resort

              Appearance: Jay looks like any other Jolteon with the exception of a grey front left paw and the fact that its eyes are a deep blue color.

              Personality: Jay is a very rash Pokemon and definitely believes that the only way to battle is to directly inflict as much damage as possible. If he thinks that he is right, he will even go as far as to disobey Isabel in battle.

              History: This Jolteon was originally her father's Pokemon, but Isabel took him with her when she ran away so that he wouldn't be extracted.

              Nickname: is just called Flareon

              Breed: Flareon

              Gender: female

              Moves: Iron Tail, Fire Blast, Hyper Beam, Last Resort

              Appearance: its paws and muzzle are a very dark red, but otherwise it looks like any other Flareon

              Personality: Flareon is a surprisingly gentle Pokemon, until she gets into battle. She will go right up into her opponent's face and do as much damage as possible regardless of the damage inflicted upon herself. But outside of battle, she acts very gentle and friendly toward other Pokemon and will act as a mother toward younger Pokemon.

              History: Flareon was just one of the many Evees they raised in their home and was the only one that changed into a Flareon. Isabel decided to take her along for that reason.

              Nickname: Fay

              Breed: Espeon

              Gender: Female

              Moves: Iron Tail, Psybeam, Hyper Beam, Last Resort

              Appearance: Fay has an even longer and sleeker build than most Espeons, making her even more swift.

              Personality: Fay is a very calm Pokemon, only resorting to brute strength as a last resort. She is incredibly intelligent and knows just what you are thinking and about to do. She is incredibly powerful in battle and usually will not show mercy on an opponent. Fay is usually used as a distraction when there is a need for escape.

              History: Fay is actually originally Isabel's first Pokemon. Isabel raised her from the time she was an Evee and now Fay is the one taking care of Isabel.

              Nickname: Umi

              Breed: Umbreon

              Gender: Female

              Moves: Iron Tail, Dark Pulse, Hyper Beam, Last Resort

              Appearance: Umi looks like every other Umbreon except that in the middle of every circle on her body there is a small golden star.

              Personality: Umi has a dark personality that matches her type. She is quick to be angered and finds all other Pokemon to be inferior to her. She is utterly ruthless in battle and shows absolutely no mercy, sometimes to the extent of not stopping when the opponent has fainted, which is why Isabel does not commonly battle with her. She will disobey Isabel when given the chance, but is usually very loyal to her (and very protective).

              History: Umi was one of Isabel's favorite Evees, but when Umi evolved and her personality changed, Isabel didn't spend as much time with her. Isabel took her along because she couldn't stand to leave Umi and she knew that her power was desperately needed.

              Nickname: Lum

              Breed: Leafeon

              Gender: male

              Moves: Iron Tail, Leaf Blade, Giga Impact, Last Resort

              Appearance: Lum looks like any other Leafeon except that his leaves change color with the seasons and the weather.

              Personality: Lum is one of the most stubborn Pokemon you will ever meet. He almost never listens to everything Isabel tells him and usually just goes off and does whatever he wants. In battle he is solely focused on his target, which leaves him vulnerable to indirect attacks.

              History: Lum was stubborn as an Evee and it just got worse when he evolved. The only reason Isabel took him along is because he was one of the more powerful Pokemon they raised.

              Nickname: Eve

              Breed: Evee

              Gender: female

              Moves: Iron Tail, Take Down, Shadow Ball, Trump Card

              Appearance: Eve looks like any other Evee with the exception of her eyes, which change color in accordance to which Evee evolve is around or what the environment is like.

              Personality: Eve is a tomboy. She is always trying to prove herself to the Evee evolves, but they never take her seriously. She obeys Isabel in battle, but is a major showoff.

              History: Eve was the only Evee left in their home by the time Isabel decided to leave, so she took her as well.
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                Sign Up: Pokémon

                Nickname: Gallade

                Breed: Gallade

                Gender: Male

                Moves: Shadow Force (the reason for this move is that he was alone for most of his life, and lived in solitude. Then, an evil team found him, and raised him. After all the hardships, he learned this move and managed to escape the team.), Swords Dance, Psycho Cut, and Stone Edge.

                Appearance: In the areas where he'd be green, he's black.

                Personality: Sarcastic, works for both sides, and trusts no one.

                History: When he was a Ralts, he was called Ephraim. He was happy-go-lucky with his trainer supporting him all the way.. He evolved into a Kirlia when his trainer and he were in the Hoenn League. Then, during the trainer's most important battle against his rival in the finals, his trainer's sudden change in tactics (he went from defense to all out offense, and the pressure made Ephraim weaker) made him fall down out of fatigue. Then, his trainer abandoned him, and since then, Ephraim went under the name Kage (meaning Shadow), and a team under the name of Rocket kidnapped him and forced him into experimental training. He was forced to drink potions (which corrupted his body even more), they tested needles on him, which transformed his body (making his green parts black), and forced Kage to fight in colliseum-like battles. Finally, Kage learned a forbidden move (Shadow Force), used it (sending the grunts flying), and then teleported to the region of Katsu. He no longer trusts anyone, and hunts down his old trainer to this very day.

                Additional information: He can talk, and jump very high. He's an antagonist of the group, and often attacks them. I'll post the battle that causes the change in Ephraim/Kage if you want.

                RP Post thing: Later, I have to go to church
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                  (OOC: Try and make your posts longer than this. This is the first post and it is mainly to introduce the setting and set up several possibilities for the other character's actions.)

                  "So guys, are you ready for the next town?" Isabel asked just a little too brightly.

                  No answer. Isabel quickly looked down at her feet and sighed. Nearly getting captured by Bounty Hunters four times in five days wasn't helping her moral either. They had hardly had enough time to let their Pokemon rest before the next attack would start... Luckily the Bounty Hunters were not able to go to a Pokemon Center either, seeing as they were probably being bulldozed by the dozens by now. But they were growing weaker, and they couldn't keep this up forever.

                  Isabel looked down at the map in her hands. Their next stop was Oran Valley, where they hoped to find some recruits and, hopefully, some "disposed of" supplies. It was a farming town, so there most likely wouldn't be many law enforcement officers, and there was even a chance that the new law was either being ignored or was not yet in effect in that area. But Isabel didn't get her hopes up.

                  Isabel looked up and saw the edge of the forest creep closer with every step, breaking into fields of farm land surrounding a small town like a donut around a hole. Isabel blinked. I must be hungrier than I thought, she realized, placing a hand on her gurgling stomach. Isabel stopped and turned to her three companions, the fourth being nowhere in sight.

                  "We're going to camp out here for the night," Isabel announced. "Tomorrow we'll head in and find out what damage the new law has done and hopefully scrounge up some recruits."

                  Maud rolled her eyes and gave Isabel a look that she found to be sarcastic and disrespectful. But Isabel was too tired to define her authority to her again. Josh bit his lip and looked longingly toward the tiny village, but quickly tore his gaze away and started into the trees in search of a clearing. Chris followed, his eyes constantly shifting to look toward Oran Valley. After his battle with them before Isabel trusted him, however she knew that with his impatience she would have to make sure that he didn't go ahead during the night.

                  Isabel groaned. This was going to be a long night.
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                    Yay Done! Hope Im not too late SU took forever...

                    Name: Chris "Koji" Eaton
                    : 16
                    History:Originally born and raised in his hometown of Sootopolis, Chris's father was a respected Pokemon Referee and his mother was a Referee school teacher. To follow in their footsteps, Chris was sent daily by boat to Ever Grande City to study in a private school to be a Pokemon Referee Official. However, after witnessing Steven, a local hero, battle and win against the Elite Four, Chris developed a love for battling.

                    Like most of his friends who left a year before to become trainers, Chris wanted to depart to Littleroot Town to receive a Pokemon from Professor Birch. Chris's parents weren't fond of the idea of him giving up referee's school, and forbid him to travel to Littleroot.
                    One night, at the age of 14, Chris ran away from his house in Sootopolis and took a ship headed to a port just outside of Pallet Town.

                    During this time, Chris went by his middle name, Koji, as he traveled around the Kanto region, collecting the 8 badges of Kanto and catching many Pokemon along the way.After passing the qualifying round for the Kanto Pokemon League Tortament, Chris began using his real name throughout the tornament, and came in the Top 16, loosing to the soon would be champion. However, this move to use his real name came back to bite him, and as soon as the tournament was over, police officials attempted to capture Chris. But with the help of a few other trainers, Chris managed to escape.

                    After fleeing the Kanto region to Johto, Chris decided to enter the Jhoto league leaving all of his Pokemon except for his Totodile, due to the fear that they would identify him due to his team. He then traveled through the Johto region, and was able to collect all seven badges of Johto. Later, Chris was able to enter the Jhoto League Championship with his new team and, this time, under his allibi. Chris overcame many tough battles and came in the Top 4, loosing to a trainer named Maud. After learning she was traveling to the Katsu region, Chris followed, again switching up his team.

                    Chris soon started traveling through the Katsu region, collecting 3 badges. However, on the day the law was passed, Chris was caught in the middle of it. As soon as he had walked out of the gym, men in uniforms stormed into the base and seized the gym leader, as well as her Pokemon. Chris had no idea what was happening, and he soon was captured. However, since his Totodile was out of the ball, it used it's Ice Beam and Aqua Tail to break the chains. Chris quickly released his Pigeot, Silver, and flew out of the town.

                    A while later, he looked down and saw a group of trainers fighting some of the men in uniform. Deciding to help, Chris quickly leaped off of Silver and released his Pokemon, helping to fight off the men in uniform. After the battle was won, the trainers had informed Chris they were members of a group called "the Uprising." Chris had though about fleeing the Katsu region but after hearing the motives of the group and the details of the new law, Chris decided to put his quest on hold and help in "the Uprising's" cause

                    Personality:Although Chris can be rash in some situations, when Chris calms down and thinks things through. he is a brilliant tactician, most likely form his years spent at Referee's school (see history). But, If someone is able to get his too mad, he may loose his head.

                    Most of the time he switches between phases of extremely good luck and extremely bad luck, making him a firm believer in superstition. Sometimes, streaks of bad luck can make Chris seem like a bit of a klutz and may put him in some awkward situations, especially when it matters the most. Nevertheless, things seem, for the most part, to always work out.

                    Chris thinks that Pokeballs are more like "jail"(s) for Pokemon and tries to keep them out of their balls as much as possible. However, since the incident, he has kept them in more often for their own safety.

                    Even though Chris has captured many Pokemon, he is close to each one, knowing their strengths and weaknesses. His main reason to go to the Katsu region was not to start anew like in Johto, it was for the opportunity to become closer to his Pokemon.

                    Appearance: Chris mostly introduces himself by his middle name "Koji" (by fear of being found out by his parents), but his close friends and family calls him Chris.

                    Chris is approximately 5'11, an average size for his age. He is not skinny, but not very muscular as well. He has medium-long, light brown hair that spikes up in the front, flat on the top, and with smaller spikes on the back. His eyes are always a dark shade of blue.

                    Chris cannot be caught dead without a long sleeve shirt or his lucky red sleeved and black hooded sweatshirt with a red pokeball design on the front. He also owns a green backpack with a pokeball on the back.

                    Pokemon: (I may write some chapters/posts from the Pokemon's POV but I haven't decided yet)

                    Nickname Dile (Di-L)
                    Species: Totodile
                    Gender: Male
                    Moves: Aqua Tail; Hydro Pump; Ice Beam; Bite
                    Appearance: Looks like a normal Totodile, except for a green stripe across his jaw.
                    History: Dile was Chris' first Pokemon. After arriving late from Sootopolis, Chris found that all of the Pokemon were already taken. Professor Elm, although he was studying the Totodile, sent the Totodile over through the Pc system for Chris. Dile is always a part of Chris team and has won him many tough battles with his Ice Beam attack.
                    Personality: Due to the time spent together, Chris allows Dile out of his ball to roam around free, but usually, Dile sits on Chris' backpack and looks over his shoulder. However, Dile has a tendency to toss things out of Chris' backpack to make himself comfortable.
                    Dile is probably the most innovative of all of Chris Pokemon, trying unorthodox methods to get out of situations. Dile takes criticism to heart, striving to get better no matter what. Dile is somewhat stubborn as well, if he wants something, he'll try as hard as he can to get it.
                    Dile has no desire to evolve into Crocanaw.


                    Nickname: Sakura
                    Species: Pikachu
                    Gender: Female
                    Moves: Volt Tackle, Quick Attack, Thunderbolt, Iron Tail
                    Personality: Sakura is somewhat protective and affectionate at Chris. If someone threatens Chris or injures him, Sakura's cheeks start to spark and she shocks the person.
                    In battle, Sakura's listens to everything Chris says, taking advice he gives her to heart.
                    History: Chris found Sakura as a Pichu in the Johto region. As Chris was walking out of Violet City, he saw a group of trainers torturing a helpless Pichu. Chris and Totodile quickly chased them away, and gave the Pichu to a Pokemon center in Violet City. However, the Pichu was grateful of Chris saving her and decided to come with him.Chris noticed the Pichu's love of the Sakura flowers and named her after them.
                    Soon after battling the Goldenrod Gym leader, Sakura evolved into a Pikachu.
                    Chris also usually keeps the Pikachu out of her ball, and it sits on his shoulder next to Totodile.


                    Nickname: Silver
                    Species: Pidgeot
                    Gender: Male
                    Agility, Fly, Air Slash, Mirror Move
                    Personality: Pidgeot is very loyal to Chris, obeying orders without question. However, when out of it's ball and out of battle, Pidgeot has a tendency wander off.
                    History: Silver was Chris' first Pokemon ever captured. Even though the Pidgey had escaped a few times before capture, Chris managed to chase it down and capture it, naming it "Silver" after a streak of light he saw in the middle of the night after he captured it.
                    During the battle against the Celedon Gym leader, Silver evolved into a Pidgeotto, helping Chris win the battle.
                    And again, before the Kanto League Championship, Silver evolved again into a Pidgeot against a rival, Gavin. Although Chris sent Pidgeot to Professor Elm in his travels in Johto, Chris recovered Silver prior to his travels in Katsu.


                    Nickname: Rio
                    Species: Riolu
                    Gender: Female
                    Moves: Counter, Force Palm, Quick Attack, Copycat
                    History: Rio was Chris' first and so far, the only caught Pokemon in the Katsu region. He named her after the song "Her Name is Rio", which Chris was listening to right before he saw the Pokemon.
                    Personality: Since Rio has only been with Chris a short time, she has a tendency to disobey orders that Chris gives her. She also likes to do things her own way, even outside of battle. Otherwise, she is a very brave Pokemon, trying different attacks and strategies and is not afraid to get hurt.


                    Nickname: Cinder
                    Flame Wheel, Flamethrower, Swift, Smokescreen
                    History: Cinder was Chris' second catch in the Johto region, finding him in the Ilex Forest as a Cyndiquil. After weeks of training, Cinder soon evolved into a Quilava. After Cinder's quick evolution, Chris was confident that Cinder would evolve again. However, much to Chris's and Cinder's dismay Cinder is having trouble evolving into a Typhosion. While making the desision to go to the Katsu region, Chris chose Cinder to try to help him evolve.
                    Personality: Recently, Cinder has seemed depressed due to it's struggle to evolve. He sometimes snaps at other Pokemon, especially fully evolved ones. Chris knows that Cinder will get over this, as soon as he is evolved However, in battle, Cinder tries his hardest for his dream of evolving.


                    Nickname: Psy
                    Species: Slowbro
                    Gender: Male
                    Moves: Psychic, Reflect, Water Pulse, Disable
                    History: Chris caught Psy as a Slowpoke, which surprisingly knew Psychic, in Fuchsia City after loosing to the Gym leader there. Chris thought that capturing a psychic type Pokemon would help him win, which it did.
                    On his trip to the Seafoam Islands, Psy evolved after fighting a Gyarados.
                    Although Chris had gave Psy a break when he went to Johto, he recovered him onto his team when he came to Katsu
                    Personality: Psy is a Lax Pokemon, often getting on Chris' nerves. Outside of battle, most of the time when asked a question or talked to, Psy takes a long pause then says in a quizzical voice "...Slow?". Chris has no idea if the Pokemon is trying to annoy him, or really acts this way.
                    Inside of battle, Psy can be a powerhouse, understanding what Chris says immediately with powerful moves such as Water Pulse and Psychic.


                    Pokemon at Pro. Elm's



                    Nickname: Slash
                    Species: Skymory
                    Gender: Female
                    Moves: Air Slash; Steel Wing; Metal Sound; Air Cutter
                    History: Chris caught Slash in Johto after it was causing havoc to a nearby town, using it's Metal sound to break windows. After the Championship, Chris gave him a break in Pro. Oak's lab.

                    Slash has always been a troublemaker, often tricking people by ticking them off, and when they persue, jumps out and scares them. in battle, this stratigy can actually work fairly well.

                    Nickname: Seadra
                    Species: Drag
                    Gender: Male
                    Moves:Hydro Pump, Twister, Bubblebeam, Agility
                    History: Chris caught Drag in Dewford Town, but he was immediately sent to Prof. Elm's. In the Johto League Championship, Drag was able to hold his own exceptionally well, helping Chris get through the Semi-Finals.
                    Personality: Drag has always tried to prove his worth to Chris, even though Chris knows Drag is a great battler. He tries to be the center of attencion in front of Chris, and is not a good double/group battler. Chris had just reciently traded Drag for Rio in the Katsu region.


                    Nickname: Magnet
                    Species: Magneton
                    Gender: N/A
                    Moves: Thunderwave; Thunderbolt, Mirrior Shot; Supersonic

                    History: Chris had recieved Magnet as a Magnetmite from Lt. Surge. The Magnetmite had appeared on LT. Surge's door about a week before. He gave it as a congratulations to Chris for winning the battle. While travelling to the Indigo Platueu, Magnet evolved into a Magneton
                    Personality: Magnet seems to stare out into space quite often. Sometimes it is so deep in thought, when Chris will calls it's name, it doesn't hear. In battle Magnet uses it's Thunder Wave attack to Stun it's oppponent before attacking.

                    Nickname: Char
                    Species: Charmeleon
                    Gender: Male
                    Moves: Flamethrower; Dragon Claw; Fire Fang; SmokeScreen
                    History: Chris caught Char as a Charmander, saving it as it was running away from a swarm of Beedrill on the way out of Blackthorn City. While at first a bit weak, When Chris entered the Johto Championship, Char evolved into a Charmeleon, increasing it's strength.
                    Personality: Since the evolution, Char has gotten a little too relaxed and can mostly be found with it's claws behind it's head and relaxing outside of battle. But if something disturbs him while he is relaxing, Char will burn anything and anyone with it's Flamethrower.

                    Nickname: Ivy
                    Species: Ivysaur
                    Gender: Female
                    Moves: Solarbeam; Leech Seed; Razor Leaf; Sleep Powder
                    History: Chris found Ivy in Mt. Mt. Moon as a Bulbasaur, lost and confused. Even though she attacked Chris at first, Ivy eventually let Chris lead her out, afterward, joining his team. During his travels in the Kanto region, Ivy evolved into an Ivysaur, which Chris was expecting.
                    Personality: After the incedent in Mt. Moon, Ivy has bonded with Chris exponentually, becomeing one of the most loyal, and powerful of his Pokemon. She is a ough battler and often uses her tactics in sync with Chris, using moves such as sleep powder to immobilize her opponent as she charges up a solarbeam attack.

                    Nickname: Lept
                    Species: Cradily
                    Gender: N/A
                    Moves: Energy Ball, Confuse Ray, Anchient Power, Astonish
                    History: Chris caught
                    Lept as a Lileep in the Whirl Islands. After being sucked down by a giant Whirlpool, Chris was thrown into some sort of cave, filled with all Lileep. Chris couldn't help but catch one. During his travels, Lept evolved into a Cradily.
                    Lept likes to scare Chris and others with it's Astonish move, giving it an "Impish" sort of nature. in battle, Lept waits for the opponent to make a move first and focuses on trying to get the opponent closer so it is able to use Astonish

                    RP Sample: From Melancholy of the World: MD RP
                    "Let's go see how that Shinx is doing." Volt said trying to change the subject. The others nodded, and they all walked into the guild.

                    As they walked down the staircase to the main room, Volt hoped Jeremy hadn't heard what he had said. If he had, the other's might have found out that this was the same infamous Shinx that believed he was once human, and bombarded him with questions as soon as he awoke. Also, Volt wanted to be the first one to ask him any questions, mostly about Raikou. If any Pokemon had answers, it would most likely be him. Volt couldn't help but put a smile on his face. After years of searching, he had a legit lead to who he was!

                    When they came to the bottom of the stairs, Volt saw Chatot, another member/supervisor of the guild.

                    "Hey Chatot!" asked Volt "Where's the Shinx at?"

                    The Chatot turned to face the group "What- Oh, the injured Shinx!" replied the small bird "Yes Yes, Chansey took it down this hall, second door on the right, you can't miss it." Chatot said, pointing a wing down the rightmost corridor.

                    "Wait a minute Chatot..." Volt pondered, tilting his head to one side "That's...THAT'S MY ROOM!" Volt exclaimed at the Chatot

                    "Well" replied the Chatot "You were the one who found him. So it seemed only fit that we put him in your room." As Chatot said this, Volt thought he heard the Mudkip, Maverick, chuckle and shot him a 'look', before turning back to Chatot.

                    "What about the clinic? Ever think about putting him there?!"

                    "Clinic's full!" The Chatot chimed as his tail swung back and forth, much like a metronome.

                    "But...But..." Volt stammered "Arg! Never mind then. Comon guys, lets go check on that Shinx." Volt said as he motioned the group to follow him down the hall.

                    "I guess I'll just have to kick Chatot out of his room later." Volt jokingly whispered to the group as they walked down the hall to check on the injured Shinx.
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                      Beth laughed. “Why's that?”

                      What?” Asked Stephen, only half listening.

                      Beth sighed. “Your hometown, what is it like?”

                      LaRousse? Let's see... Honestly, you probably know as much about it as I do. I know more about the places I've travel through than where I live.”

                      Beth laughed. “Why's that?”

                      Listen, Beth, or whatever your name is, I don't feel like talking right now. I'm thinking ab out something.”

                      Beth gave up her inquisitive approach, and left the table Stephen had been sitting at. Stephen only half noticed; he was too preoccupied. He was thinking about the poor Pokémon in this region; about his Pokémon, hidden safely, buried in the forest. He couldn't understand how anyone, especially the Government, the “good guys”, could blame, and take it out on, Pokémon for the actions of men.

                      Stephen heard a gurgle, his Stomach, and looked down at his plate. He had ate nothing, he'd been to busy thinking. He laughed to himself; he did that a lot. But, right after he did so, he silently berated himself for allowing himself a moment of happiness when innocent Pokémon were being mistreated. He just didn't understand it.

                      He breathed deeply and ate a little from his plate before he got up and approached the desk. The Pink haired lady was busy with two adults, a couple presumably, so she motioned for him to wait a minute. He watched the couple get keys to a room downstairs, and he, too, asked for a room for the night.

                      Sorry hun, those love birds got the last room. I really am sorry. Do you have somewhere else you can stay?” She asked.

                      Err... No. But, I'm sure it'll be all right.” He mumbled.

                      Some of our rooms have extra beds in them. You could try to bunk with someone else...” She suggested.

                      Stephen felt a peck at his shoulder, and turned around to see Beth, the girl he'd seen earlier. “I have an extra bed. You can stay in my room if you want...”

                      In truth, that was the last thing he wanted to do, but he responded with, “I'll think about it.” As he turned away to go find a different roommate, Beth squeaked. “Freak.” he thought.

                      But, that Freak was his last resort, and since nobody else said “Okay”, he was forced too use it. When he went to their room, the first thing he did was move their beds. Her bed on one wall, and his on the wall opposite it. He sat down and his mind again raced, filled with the images of scared Pokémon fleeing from uniformed officers. But, as usual, his thought process was interrupted by the door opening.

                      Beth made her way to her bed and sat down. She stared at Stephen for a while before speaking up. “You must know they're not safe here, don't you?”

                      Stephen was surprised, so he couldn't figure it out. “Huh?”

                      Her voice dropped to a whisper. “Your Pokémon. They're not safe here. Neither are you. Pokémon and all activities involving them are banned. They'll be removed... or worse.”

                      How do you know I'm a trainer?”

                      Laughing, she explained. “A young boy traveling to a far-off land by himself? What else could it mean?”

                      I suppose you're right... You're not going to tell anyone, are you?”

                      That'd be the safest thing to do, but maybe not the smartest thing. So, no, I won't tell anyone.”

                      Beth looked as though she wanted to extend the conversation, but Stephen opted not to. He was too busy thinking about how he had to hide who he was, a Pokémon Co-Ordinator, his Pokémon, and most of his belongings or risk exposure and arrest. Normally, he would've went home, but he wanted to help the poor Pokémon of this region.

                      He fell asleep thinking about that, as well as a newfound respect for Beth.
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                        Josh was staring into the fire with Twilight sitting on his shoulder. She stared at him wondering what he was thinking about. It had been a long day, of non stop travelling through this forest. Twilight didn’t like the forest, she always had the feeling that someone was watching her, but yet she enjoyed being in it for the simple reason that it reminded her of home. Her thoughts were interrupted as Josh got up, causing her to fly of his shoulder.

                        “I’m just going looking to see if there is anything to eat in this place,” he said, to the entire group, “our supplies are low, and I think that we should save what we have for tomorrow. If I’m not back within a couple of hours, don’t bother looking for me, as I’ll most likely be captured. Twilight, are you coming?”

                        Twilight quickly followed Josh as he made his way down a path, upset at leaving the warmth of the fire behind. The stared at the ground as they walked, looking for food, which was edible for humans as well as Pokemon. Soon Josh spotted some wild mushrooms, and began taking them out of the ground. She would have helped him, but noticed an apple tree nearby and so used her Tackle to knock some down.

                        Josh got on his hands and knees to pick up the apples which Twilight had knocked out of the tree. Twilight helped out by using her confusion to lift up the remaining apples and placing then gently in the bag. Josh smiled at her and stroked her face. Then he put his hand down, and hi face turned serious.

                        “Twilight, I just want you know that if ever I get captured, that I want you to escape, don’t worry about me, just get away as fast as you can.” He told her.

                        Twilight stared at him and then nodded, to show that she understood. However she did this unwillingly, as she knew it would break her heart. They stared at each other in silence for a minute. They stopped after the moon broke through a gap in the trees and lit up her eyes.

                        Then they realized just how long they had been out, and Josh began to quickly walk back, not wanting to drop his bag, whilst Twilight flew slightly to the side of him. As they walked, Twilight saw a berry drop out the bush. She flew down and picked it up, and then dropped it in Josh’s hand. Josh seeing appeared inspected it to try and find out which one it was. She saw him put it in his bag, and assumed that he didn’t know what it was.

                        A noise could be heard from a nearby bush, which as far as Twilight could tell startled him. They headed over to it. They looked at the bush from a short distance, and were about to leave when suddenly to red eyes appeared in the bush. Josh jumped back and ordered Twilight to use Sleep Powder on the thing. She did so, and the Sleep Powder spread out. A Ratatta dropped out the bush, fast asleep.

                        “Huh! Isn’t that a Poke…” Josh was cut off after some of the Sleep Powder went up his nose. Twilight noticing this used her Confusion to place Josh out of sight in the bush. Then fearing that a bounty hunter might pass by and notice the Ratatta, she placed that in the bush as well. Then she settled herself down next to him.

                        (OOC- If you couldn’t tell this was from Twilight’s PoV. Also I know that there may be a possibility of being separated from the group, if that happens then I’ll meet up with the group in OranValley. I do have storyline options for whether the group leaves without me or not. I’m not bothered which way it happens.)
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                          (OOC: Maybe it's just me, but logically, wouldn't it be better for Twilight to use Confusion to carry Josh back to the others?)

                          When Stephen rose from his sleep, he noticed that something was missing; Beth. Sighing, he thought to himself, “She must have already checked out...”

                          He got out of his bed, pulled his shirt on, and went out the door. Nurse Joy wasn't preoccupied this time, so she bade him farewell, and added, “The girl left early. She said not to wake you. Sorry if we made you late.”

                          That's fine. I've got nowhere to be.” He replied, and he added, to himself, “Except the forest.”

                          He left, still marveling at actually having to touch the door to open it. He made his way down the worn path that acted as a road through the town, and ended up at the edge of the forest. Making sure no one was watching, he entered the dark forest, and quickly found the old tree he'd used as a guide to his Pokémon's hideout.

                          After a complicated series of turns and paths, he arrived at a clearing, to the side of which was a small mound of dirt, freshly dug, obviously. Smiling to himself, he dug up the now dirt-covered Poké Ball that housed his friend, Karma. After releasing the Black bird-like Pokémon and exploring a little, he heard a noise. Fearful he'd been exposed, he turned around, and gasped.

                          What stood behind him wasn't at all what he'd been expecting. It was a Heracross, probably wild. He didn't want a Heracross, and even if he did, his want would have been overshadowed at finding a wild Pokémon in Katsu, running free.

                          Regardless, none of these emotions stayed for long, as the Heracross lunged at him with it's powerful physique. Luckily, his reflexes sharp, and he was able to dodge. Not only that, but Karma now stood between the antagonistic Heracross and Stephen, so he was protected. All the same, he disliked battling, so he let out a loud sigh. But, he knew Karma wouldn't back down; it wasn't in his DNA.

                          Starting things off with an Aerial Ace, Karma lunged with blinding speed at the Rhinoceros Beetle Pokémon. Shockingly, the Heracross was able to grab Karma inches from his chest, mid-flight. Karma, shocked, wriggles free, and tries again, with the same result. Eventually, Karma got bored of being caught, and landed by Stephen's left foot.

                          Can't you do any better?” A giggling voice from behind him says.

                          Beth?! I thought you'd left... for somewhere.”

                          This is somewhere, isn't it?”

                          Not amused, Stephen continued, “Is that your Heracross?”

                          Yes. I've had it for a while now. You're Honchkrow couldn't do anything against it!”

                          We, err, don't battle much. I'm a Co-Ordinator. Brute strength isn't beautiful.”

                          You're still here, so I can assume you're troubled about the plight of the Pokémon here. If you want to help, you're going to have to get much, much stronger.” She replied, bopping her head to inaudible music.

                          Maybe. It's all so confusing. Why can't things be simple?”

                          Mocking his voice, she replies, “Why can't things be boring?”

                          Even though she was making fun of him, he knew she had a point. If one 'positive' adjective were applied to everything, a different 'negative' adjective could also be applied without changing the situation.

                          See you later, Chris.” She calls, walking off.

                          ...My name's not Chris!” He yells after her.

                          Turning around, laughing, she replies, “But you look like a Chris. Therefore, you are Chris.”

                          As usual, Stephen stopped to think about what she just said, but quickly realized she was just messing with him.


                          After Karma was safely hidden away again, Stephen made his way back to the Center. There, for the first time since arriving, he saw a familiar sight; an injured Pokémon being given to Joy. But, there was something wrong. Uniformed officers were there, yelling.

                          Your center will be demolished soon enough, lady! Pokémon are to be removed; you're a criminal!” Yelling the man on the right.

                          Maybe, but until then, GET OUT OF HERE! Thank you.” Joy responded.

                          You'll regret this. Interupting a Police investigation, and interacting with Pokémon and items related to them. Those are warrants for arrest.” Said the man on the left, noticeably calmer tharn his partner.

                          Out of the corner of his eye, Stephen notices Beth rise to her feet, reaching for her Poké Ball hidden in her backpack. Silently, he pleads with her to not expose herself, and luckily she, by some chance, doesn't have to interfere. Vowing to return, the men leave. As soon as the door closes the trainers that had been to scared to say anything cheer for Joy.

                          Stephen approaches Beth and asks, “What happened here anyway?”

                          The men saw the boy with the injured Pokémon run in here. They were trying to take it away, but Nurse Joy wouldn't let them take it, even after she'd healed it. Basically, she was protesting the Anti-Pokémon attitude of Katsu.”

                          Isn't that dangerous?”

                          Beth didn't say anything; she didn't need to, it was a rhetorical question. But things like that are exactly why he didn't bring Karma here.

                          After waiting a while to approach Joy to get something to eat, he stared out the window to watch for any sign of the return of the men.

                          (OOC: I think this ending is much better, don't you?)
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                            Isabel sat with the rest of the group around the campfire, silently staring into the flames with one hand gently stroking Fay's purple coat. Isabel had all of her Pokemon out, because this was most likely the last time they would be out in a while, and they were playing around in the trees. Well, Eve was. The rest were just being annoyed by her.

                            Josh also had his Pokemon, Twilight, out and sitting on his shoulder like a Bird-Pokemon. He shifted, forcing Twilight to fly off.

                            “I’m just going looking to see if there is anything to eat in this place,” he announced to them, “our supplies are low, and I think that we should save what we have for tomorrow. If I’m not back within a couple of hours, don’t bother looking for me, as I’ll most likely be captured. Twilight, are you coming?”

                            Josh and Midnight turned and began making their way out of the clearing.

                            "How dramatic," Isabel muttered. She turned to Fay an looked into her soft eyes. "Go follow him and make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble."

                            Fay stared back at her a moment before slipping from under Isabel's hand and silently rushing down the way the two had just gone.


                            The boy and Butterfree stumbled around aimlessly as they searched for food, occasionally reaching down to grab something or picking something off of a tree. After what seemed an eternity, the two seemed to have realized that they had been out for over an hour and decided to turn back, abruptly turning around and almost stepping on Fay's tail.

                            Fay's tail twitched and she looked around, sensing a Pokemon about to use an attack. The boy had just placed something in his bag and was now staring into a bush with two red eyes gleaming out of it. The Butterfree cast a line of Sleeping Powder toward it and a Ratatta fell out, asleep. The boy breathed in some of the Sleeping Powder as well and passed out. The Butterfree, having heard someone's approach down the road, dragged the two into the bushes with Confusion.

                            Fay silently prowled over, appearing out of a bush next to the Butterfree. The Butterfree seemed to be surprised, but did not attack. Without a word, Fay sunk her teeth into the boy's shirt and began to drag him back to the clearing. The Butterfree assisted with Confusion and they quickly made it back to the campsite.

                            "He fell asleep?" Isabel asked with a laugh. Fay placed a paw on his chest, preparing to wake him up, but Isabel shook her head. "Let him sleep. We need him to be ready for tomorrow."


                            "How do you feel about that new law. It's kind of extreme, isn't it?" Isabel casually asked a man sitting in the restaurant of the inn.

                            "Extreme? We should have gotten rid of those pests a long time ago," the man said coldly, standing up abruptly and dropping a handful of money onto the table. "Not extreme enough, I say."

                            The man stomped out of the restaurant. Isabel slammed her fist on the table and stood up. She walked over to Josh, who sat at the counter with a cup of coffee, still recovering from the Sleeping Powder, and sat down next to him.

                            "It's unanimous," Isabel sighed. "Half the town thinks the law is the greatest thing since sliced bread and the other half doesn't know what to think."

                            Isabel looked around the restaurant again and spotted a boy with brown hair who she hadn't spoken to yet.

                            "I'm going to go talk to him," Isabel whispered. "You stay here and... do whatever it was you were doing before."

                            Isabel walked over to the table and flashed the boy sitting at it a smile.

                            "Do you mind if I sit here?" she asked, and before the boy could answer, she plunked down into the chair across from him.

                            Isabel looked him over for a moment before speaking. "The weather here is crazy. One minute it's sunny and the next it's raining like no tomorrow. It's not like this back in Chipper City," Isabel sighed and looked out the window longingly as if wishing she were back home. She knew that if she could battle half as well as she could act, they wouldn't have any problem with the Bounty Hunters.

                            "Well, anyway," Isabel turned back to the boy and met his eyes intently. "What do you think of that new law? Pretty crazy, right?"

                            (OOC: sorry this is awkward, I just didn't want the night to take any longer than it had to.)
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                              After sitting there, staring at the window, for half an hour, Stephen was interrupted. An average height, Black haired girl approached him and asked, “Do you mind if I sit here?”

                              Obviously, she didn't care about whether he wanted her to sit there or not, because she sat down before he could answer.

                              The girl started casual talk, “The weather here is crazy. One minute it's sunny and the next it's raining like no tomorrow. It's not like this back in Chipper City." and then focused on the window.

                              Stephen instantly noticed she was deep in thought, but remained silent; urging her to continue the conversation before he joined it.

                              She stared at the window for a few more seconds, and then focused back on Stephen, possibly correctly interpreting what he wanted her to do. She continued, “What do you think of that new law? Pretty crazy, right?"

                              So that's it. She wants to know my alliances.” he thought. Without taking his eyes of the window, he started, “Those who blame Pokémon for the actions of men are the ones that should be exterminated; not the innocent Pokémon. Wouldn't you say so too?”

                              For the first time, he turned his head toward the Black haired girl, and awaited her response. He wasn't sure what it would be; but he was afraid that he'd shot off his mouth to the wrong person. He waited, unsure if he should have brought Karma along. “No,” he decided, “If I get into trouble, Karma will be safe. Beth could get him for me. I wouldn't risk his safety, not now.

                              The girl still hadn't responded, and by now she was looking at him quizzically. He hoped she hadn't noticed his preoccupation with his thoughts.
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                                “Those who blame Pokémon for the actions of men are the ones that should be exterminated; not the innocent Pokémon. Wouldn't you say so too?” the boy asked, staring out the window.

                                Isabel's insides flipped for joy for a moment, but she held her indifferent stare. She looked him over for a moment, mentally cataloging him and attempting to read his expression. Isabel leaned back with a half-smile printed on her face.

                                "That's exactly what I say," Isabel said, quickly reading his expression for hostility or anything of that sort, but she didn't see it.

                                Isabel leaned forward and stared him deep in the eyes. "Look, come with us. I can't tell you anything, but I'll tell you later."

                                Isabel abruptly stood up and leaned down to hug him in the most lovey-dovey ditsy girl way she could possibly muster.

                                "Act natural," she hissed in his ear.

                                Isabel reached down and took his hand in hers, walking out of the restaurant and babbling on to him about her home town. It was even driving her insane. One by one, the rest of the group inside the restaurant got up to leave, each heading toward the clearing in a different direction. They had found a recruit.
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                                  After seeing Isabel leave the restraunt with the boy, Josh looked at the clock and jumped up and hurried out the center, as if he was late for something. After he got outside, he made note of the direction Isabel was heading in, so that he wouldn't take the same route.

                                  He walked over to the nearest newspaper stand, so that he could find out what was happening in the world. Despite it being only a short distance, he noticed that many people were giving him dirty looks, and began whispering to one another.

                                  'Why are they all looking at me like that?' He thought to himself, 'Is it because of the way I'm dressed?' He didn't know the answer, and usually he'd remain calm in a situation like this, but he couludn't shake of the feeling the feeling that something wasn't right.

                                  When he got to the stand, he bought a newspaper, and began to walk to a bench to read it. Before he could reach it a man bumped into him and sat on it.

                                  'People seem to be getting ruder and ruder.' He thought to himself. He looked at the cover, and saw a headline which read 'Urgent News on Pokemon, Pages 6 & 7.'

                                  He turned to the pages and almost dropped the newspaper when he saw what was on it. A picture of the group, a few days old, was printed at the top of one of the pages, with artists drawings of them below. A passage read:

                                  'Have you seen these children? If so immediately contact th authorities. Due to the fact that they have been involved with Pokemon and causing traumor to travelers', What? he thought and then read on. 'One man from the scene had this to say "They attacked me with no good reason, and robbed of with all my belongings..." This quote continues on the next page. Remember they're wanted; DEAD OR ALIVE...' Josh stopped reading at this point, he needed to warn the others. He headed into the woods, taking the long way, in case anyone followed.


                                  Meanwhile, two men sitting on a bench stare at Josh as he heads off into the forest.

                                  "Are you sure it's him?" One man asks the other, he nods in reply.

                                  "Did you put the tracker on him?" he asks, and again recieves a nod for a reply.

                                  They get up and start following him, whilst looking at a screen on their watches.

                                  (OOC- Obviously the newspaper is wrong, people just wanna make us look bad. Also I'm very unlucky, being put to sleep by my own pokemon and may end up leading bounty hunters into the camp. I may loose them, may not, but after this I'll wait a bit before returning, so we don't have to leave staright away -_^)
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                                    Half-smiling, the girl replied, “That's exactly what I say.”. Suddenly serious, she continued, “Look, come with us. I can't tell you anything, but I'll tell you later."

                                    Her next action surprised Stephen, but he quickly understood the motive. She hugged him in a lovey-dovey, almost comical fashion; and whispered in his ear, “Act natural.”

                                    She grabbed his hands, and talking about things of little importance, walked out of the building. He still wasn't sure if it'd been a good idea to tell her, but knew it was a worse idea to cause a scene, so he didn't resist as she lead him away from where the restaurant.


                                    At the clearing, the girl introduced herself as Isabel, or, more preferably, Is.

                                    Stephen,” He introduced himself. To be on the safe side, he decided, I'll get Karma. “Listen, I'll be right back.”

                                    Giving her the same courtesy she alloted to him when asking to sit down, he started running toward a nearby clearing that he knew Karma was buried in. He didn't change his path at all, merely jumping over anything in his way. When he got there, he was out of breath, so he paused before digging up Karma's Poké Ball. He stood up, and heard rustling behind him.

                                    Is, I told you I'd be right back. You didn't need to...” He began turning around.

                                    It wasn't Is. Instead it was someone else he'd come to know, Beth. She, too, was out of breath.

                                    Your... new... friends...are in... trouble.” She said, in between deep breaths.

                                    What? What are you talking about?”

                                    These men. They saw your friends in the newspaper, “Wanted Dead or Alive for fraternizing with Pokémon and theft. I doubt the latter is true, but it's a reward. No one cares whether it's true, they just want the money.” She explained.

                                    Alarmed, Stephen stuffed Karma's Poké Ball in his pocket and, without a word, took off running back toward Is, with Beth behind him. When they got back, out of breath, they waited. They explained the situation to her, and after a few introductions, they were all apprehensive. You could tell from their faces that no one doubted that they'd have company.

                                    (OOC: Sorry about the minor bunnying, I just wanted to lengthen my post a little, so I used the most general, most logical interactions as I could think of.)
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                                      Wow never realized u guys got that far while i was in school xD

                                      Ok ill start mine:

                                      Drake could feel the wind rushing past his face as he ran for his life. His limbs started to become heavy, and the extra weight Sparky put on his shoulder wasn't helping.

                                      "Hold it right there boy!" More shady figures appeared from the bushes next to him. How many do i have to outrun? Drake was getting tired by now. He had already outran the first five people, but with the newcomers there was a total of four people chasing him.

                                      Sparky started using thundershock in an attempt to lose Drake's pursuers. Without looking back Drake lunged into the forest entrance. Finally he was in home territory. After taking a couple of twists and turns he dove under a broken tree, and hid himself in the brambles. He could hear a distant pounding. "THUD" .... "THUD" .... "THUD". Drake held his breath as the men ran past him. As soon as he was sure they left he went out of the forest.

                                      It took him a couple of minutes to run to his house. His mom wasnt there so he helped himself to a diet coke and ran upstairs to change. "Why would these people want to capture you so badly?" He asked his pichu, Sparky while dressing. Sparky responded with a quick "Pich, Pich, Pichu" Sparky must have been as confused as he was.

                                      There had been a lot of things going on lately. As Drake sat down on his bed he started to wonder about all the events that have occurred. Two weeks had passed since he took Sparky in his team, but he had already gotten into more trouble he had in the previous thirteen years. First he and Sparky overloaded the town's generators. The shady figures now worked with the governor, so Drake didn't feel sorry one bit. Every time he'd shown up with his pichu there was a chase going on. Once one actually released a pokemon, Drake remembered it as a gigantic crab. His comrades then quickly dragged him into an alleyway and could hear them shouting. Apparently the man shouldn't have shown his pokemon in public. Drake knew his parents were getting worried, because lately more shady figures have been rampaging the forest, near their ranch. Drake just didn't know what to do, and Sparky joined him on the couch. Looking in sparky's eyes, he could see they had more experience than a baby pokemon like that should have. With a last glance at sparky, Drake fell into a deep sleep.


                                      Euhm how bout u guys stumble into the village in your travels and recruit Drake? You may bunny him if you want to

                                      (how long should it take for drake to join u guys?)


                                      Art made by: Angela
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                                        ((OOC: School kills all RPers... >_>;))


                                        Maud was sitting on a large and rather convenient rock in the clearing with Jester when Stephen suddenly came back. She had been quietly scratching him behind the ears with a calm look about her. He simply tilted his head and thumped his shaggy tail every now and then, a perfectly peaceful and content puppy. However, that calmness was shattered the moment the boy came back (with a girl who hadn't been with him before). Noticing the urgent look about them both, Maud sat up and moved her hand away from her Pokemon. Jess licked her glove with his warm pink tongue, eyes growing wide as he noticed the tension in the air.

                                        So... she thought silently as the news was given, We get a newbie and the first thing he's got for us is trouble. Meh. Then again, it ain't as if it's his fault the government o' this region's so against Pokemon... And now they've gotten to accusing us o' stealing and offerin' rewards. Ha! They just keep gettin' more and more pathetic...

                                        Of course, Maud wasn't really afraid of the government. Not yet, at least. She was a particularly skilled trainer, and her Pokemon were more than willing to fight alongside her, even at the risk of death. And no, she wasn't afraid to have her Pokemon attack these twisted, crazy law-enforcers if it came to that. Hell; they were practically asking for it; the Pokemon-hating freaks! Anyone who would go around exterminating Pokemon because their government told them to deserved a Flamethrower or two. At least, Maud thought so.

                                        Hopefully, though it wouldn't have to go that far. It'd be much easier to run, and it wouldn't provide another excuse for newspapers to portray them as criminals and up the reward a bit. ... Not that they couldn't expect them to say their Pokemon had attacked innocent people anyways. But at least it wouldn't have to be true if they could just get outta here before anything happened.

                                        "Right... So, are we gonna try to leave now, or... are we gonna stick around here anyways?" she asked the whole group.

                                        It was a bit of an obvious question, and perhaps it had an obvious answer, but Maud figured it needed a direct response before anything could really be done. Of course, these 'men' could be arriving any second now, which would make the whole question pointless. Jess whimpered slightly and looked up at his trainer with worried eyes. Maybe he understood the situation; maybe he just caught onto the feeling of it all. Either way, he knew something bad was about to happen.
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                                          OCC: A little late I know; and Pie, Yes, School is hell for RPers.

                                          Chris walked through the woods with Sakura and Dile on his shoulders, quietly humming to himself. He knew the group had to be close to the Orange Valley and wasn't about to sleep in a damn tent while they could walk another mile to get to an inn. During the commotion with Josh, Chris and his pokemon quietly slipped out into the woods. He had done this before and just assumed Isabel knew that he would meet them there.

                                          Chris was a bit disappointing in the uprising though. He thought there was going to be more action, like on the first day the law was passed. However, all they were doing was searching for new recruits in some god-forsaken town in the middle of nowhere.

                                          "Pi Pika Pi!" interjected Sakura, interrupting Chris' train of thought and pointing her paw at a building in the middle of the forest.

                                          "Sweet! An inn! Heh, those guys should've came with me." Chris said, basking in his self glory

                                          As they approached the building, both Dile and Sakura seemed relieved that they were going to have a place to sleep. A light was on upstairs, meaning that someone had to be in.

                                          Getting closer, the light illuminated a sign, which read "Wolfston Ranch". Even though (to Chris' dismay) it wasn't an inn, this worked in Chris' favor. It was unlikely that these people would give up their Pokemon and their livelihood for this new law, and they were far enough out in the woods that no one would bother them.

                                          More confident, Chris started to walk around the house to the front door. However, something that Chris saw made him dart back around to the side, hugging the wall. Two men dressed in black had approached the house. Luckily, they hadn't seen Chris or his Pokemon.

                                          "Looks like we got the action we were looking for guys" Chris muttered to his Pokemon.

                                          Noticing a window, Chris carefully opened it and leaped through. As soon as he had hit the floor, he heard one of the men yell into the house, "Open up son, we know you're in there. Give up your Pichu quietly and we won't hurt you or punish you."

                                          Chris thought to himself.

                                          "Umm hold on!" Chris answered, signaling for Dile and Sakura to stand on either side of the door.

                                          "You better open this door right now, or will break it down!" The other man threatened.

                                          "I'd like to see you idiots try!" Chris shouted back.

                                          One of the men kicked down the door, sending it flying off of it's hinges. As they rushed the house, Chris noticed they were carrying two taser-guns, which could send 1,000 Volts through your body, knocking you out instantly. Immediately, they had pointed both at Chris.

                                          "Where are your Pokemon!" One of the men yelled

                                          "Heh, you mean the ones right behind you? Dile, Aqua Tail! Sakura, Iron Tail!"

                                          Before the men had a chance to turn around, both Dile and Sakura leaped into the air, and with a spinning motion, hit both of the men in the back of their heads, knocking them out.

                                          "Good work you two" Chris said to his Pokemon "Let's go."

                                          Remembering the light he saw, Chris darted up the stairs, slamming the door open.

                                          (OCC: Draco if you haven't figured it out already, this is your ranch. You can write a post up w/ permission to bunny my Char. After introductions/etc./etc. wanna just fly out on Chris' Pidgeot (Silver) to the town? I was gonna have him do something foolish like that anyways.)

                                          EDIT: Nvm, soccer practice was canceled, I'll get right on it
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                                            (OOC: maybe Drake should find them during the fight..?)

                                            Isabel's expression darkened. Men had approached the area where Stephen had left her and told her to stay, but by the time they reached her position, she had faded into the forest. Was it possible that this Stephen was trying to trick her into getting captured. She wasn't so sure, but she had jumped on the aspect of having a new member a little too quickly...

                                            "Do you know where those brats are?" one of the men asked impatiently.

                                            "I don't know," the other snapped. "But when we find them, I don't want to have to deal with taking them all back alive."

                                            Isabel saw him draw a knife and look into the metal blade with a devilish grin. So, they wanted them all dead now. It crossed her mind that the members captured before may have been killed... but she brushed that aside, knowing that now wasn't the time to worry.

                                            "But the reward's doubled if they're brought back alive," the first man reasoned.

                                            "Well," the second man shrugged and continued to examine his knife. "We'll just keep the ones worth the most money alive and kill the rest. That'd be the best way. All those thieves deserve to die."

                                            So, we're thieves now, Isabel felt rage build up inside her.

                                            Isabel turned and silently made her way further into the forest. She reached down and took out her seven Pokemon, releasing all of them. Isabel bent over and scooped up Eve and placed her on Fay's back.

                                            "Go back to camp," Isabel whispered. "Try and warn the others. But if it looks like you're going to be captured, run away. Disappear into the forest and never let them find you. Do you understand me?"

                                            Eve looked up at her with fearful eyes for a moment before laying her head down on Fay's back, while Fay stared into Isabel's eyes for a moment before slipping into the woods.

                                            "You are coming with me," Isabel addressed the remainder of her Pokemon. "But if you disobey me, not only are you endangering yourselves, you will be endangering me, the Uprising and everything we've worked for. You'll be leaving the door wide open for the new law to take out each and every Pokemon in this region, including you. So don't disobey me!"

                                            The four Pokemon nodded to her and obediently walked up to her. Isabel turned and began following the way the two men went, hoping to take them down by surprise. The Pokemon trailed behind her, each sensing the battle ahead.

                                            Fifth time in six days, Isabel thought bitterly.
                                            Everyone has an inner Magikarp. The sooner yours dies, the better.

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                                              Out of the corner of his eye, Stephen saw a faint flash of Red. At first he wasn't sure if he'd imagined it or not, but he eventually convinced himself he hadn't. Without a word to anyone. He started running in that general direction, gradually slowing. Coming to a stop, he sent out Karma and sent him on ahead; to scout for others.

                                              After a few minutes, Karma returned, motioning, in a way Stephen had no trouble undetstamding, that a girl was up ahead. Beth had said it was men that were after them, but it was still stupid to be careless, so he proceeded silently. As he continued, he noticed the path getting more and more worn down; they were nearing the trails in the woods. But, he knew no one would be out here. The only travellers were trainers; which were practically nonexistant.

                                              Eventually, he thought he heard footsteps, several of them, up ahead, swerving further and further to his right. So, he took an immediate sharp right turn, and eventual angled himself to gradually go toward the sound; their paths making a circle.

                                              As he rounded out, he hid in a particularly dense path of trees. When he saw who he'd been trailing, he was relieved, it was just Is. He stepped out from his hiding place, and Is, still preoccupied with not making a sound, didn't notice him.

                                              (OOC: The vague Red flash was you releasing your Pokémon, in case you didn't guess.)
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                                                Isabel saw Stephen out of the corner of her eye and kept walking, pretending as though she hadn't seen him. Was he the one after all who lead the men to them. Isabel paused and turned to look at him. But she hadn't felt anything about him that would suggest he do that.

                                                Umi, sensing Isabel's distress, leapt forward with her teeth bared, snarling at Stephen as she stored up energy for Dark Pulse.

                                                "Stop, Umi," Isabel hissed.

                                                Umi backed up grudgingly and stood beside Lum, whose fur was bristling up as well. Isabel stepped forward and snatched Stephen's arm, her fingers constricting around it until her knuckles turned white.

                                                "I don't know who you are," Isabel growled, staring directly into his eyes with intensity. "But you're going to help us. And if you give me so much as one more reason not to trust you, they," Isabel gestured to the four Pokemon behind her, all of whom looked ready to attack, "will be hunting you down. Do you understand me?"

                                                Isabel dropped his arm and continued forward along the way the men had gone, listening to the rustling of leaves as Stephen followed. If he hadn't been leading them to the Uprising... then who was?
                                                Everyone has an inner Magikarp. The sooner yours dies, the better.

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                                                  Josh was lost. He had taken a longer route to camp, hoping to loose anyone who may be following him. He sat down on a log to rest, and sighed. He looked up at a tree, and saw a marking on it, which he had seen earlier.

                                                  “Oh that’s just great.” He whispered to himself, “Not only am I lost, I’m travelling in circles.” He then began to think of the others, hoping that they were safe and no one followed them. He decided to get up and thought to himself, ‘Better give it another go, if I was quitter I wouldn’t be a member of the Uprising would I?’

                                                  Josh reached into his back pocket and felt around for Twilight’s Pokeball. He knew it was in there somewhere, amongst the change. That was when he felt something strange. He pulled it out, and saw that it was a cylinder with a flashing red light. He knew what it was; he had seen one during their last encounter with Bounty Hunters. He stared at it, knowing now that Bounty Hunters were following him to camp. Angry with himself, he dropped on a stone and crushed it with his foot. He reached back into his pocket and released Twilight.

                                                  “Twilight, we need to get back to camp,” he told her, “Please can you show me the way?” Twilight stared at him and then flew off into the forest. Josh quickly followed, not wanting to loose her. He had to jump over stones, run around trees and go straight through a small river. ‘How much longer?’ he thought to himself. He tripped over and fell into the clearing where they had camped the previous night.

                                                  Josh slowly stood up and looked at the empty camp. Twilight perched herself on his shoulder. “I’m sorry guys,” he said, knowing that they couldn’t hear anyway, “This is all my fault.”

                                                  “Yes, it is” said a deep voice from behind. Josh turned and backed off as a man walked into the clearing, a knife in his hand. Josh didn’t hear what he said next; as he was too busy looking at the moving bush behind him. A Ratatta popped out, saw the man and jumped onto his leg, digging its teeth into the man’s flesh. The guy shook it off, and threatened it with a knife.

                                                  Josh could have escaped then, knowing it would have been the smart thing to do. But was it the right thing to do. No, it wasn’t, he remembered the day he joined the Uprising and vowed to protect all Pokemon.

                                                  “Twilight, use Tackle!” he shouted. The man turned, and Twilight smashed into his stomach. He collapsed, grabbing his stomach. Josh looked at where the Ratatta was standing moments ago, and was pleased to see that it was gone.

                                                  “Brat, you’ll pay for this!” said the guy, still clenching his stomach.

                                                  “We’ll see.” Said Josh, who then began to run through the forest in search of the group.
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                                                    Stephen regretting exposing himself; he'd left her and now there were men. Pretty incriminating, and he knew that. But, when her Umbreon jumped out to attack, he knew it'd be even worse to defend himself; it'd prove her right.

                                                    Luckily, protectiong was unneccessary. Is commanded, apparently grudgingly, “Stop, Umi.”

                                                    The black mamallian Pokémon backed away towards the other, obviously apprehensive Pokémon. Stepping forward, Is grabbed Stephen arm and spat, “But you're going to help us. And if you give me so much as one more reason not to trust you, they," motioning to her Pokémon, “will be hunting you down. Do you understand me?"

                                                    Throwing down his arm, she continued further and further away, with Stephen following. Stephen, to himself, thought, “Maybe it was incriminating, but I did nothing, and get the blame. Maybe her accusing attitude is why this group is so small...?” Then, realizing Is had stopped, he too stopped, but, unfortunately, that meant he was only a couple of feet from the hostile Pokémon.

                                                    He peered through the gaps in the foilage and saw two men; one laying on his back, resting, the other holding a Purple and Red thing in his hand. What the man had sickened Stephen; a Rattata with a deep knife wound theough it's back, still oozing blood. But the sickest part of the scene was the man, smiling.

                                                    Stephen couldn't take it. He wasn't truly aware of anything other than a desire to take the Pokémon away from these, creatures. They weren't men; no man would do that to a Pokémon. He circumnatigated the clearing they were in, to get to tehir blind spot. He was just about to summon Karma to attack, when he felt someone grab his arm, preventing him. Turning around, he saw who it was.

                                                    It was Beth. “Don't be stupid. Fight if you have to, but don't be rash.”

                                                    Jerking his arm out of her grip, he grasped the ball from his Poké Ball and tossed it out. The Bird Pokémon, stayed quiet, awaiting orders.

                                                    Wait,” Whispered Beth, “Before you expose your hiding place, are you sure you can beat them in one shot?”

                                                    She was right. He probably couldn't beat them with one attack, and if he failed to do so, he'd be exposed. He didn't know what to do; he just sat there. Looking back at where Is lay hidden, he was able to make out her eyeing him suspisously, still unsure of his motives. He knew that it'd be better to be together in case they were spotted; they could fight together.

                                                    So, he continued around the clearing until he gotten back to his starting point. It was with melancholy he realized risking exposure by circumnavigating the clearing had done nothing for both them and the Rattata. He wasn't sure if she hated Rattata's in general, or if she'd had more experience in not being overwhelmed by her emotions, but, still, Is sat there watching the men.
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