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Magnezone deck

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Old December 20th, 2008 (2:45 PM).
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This deck pretty much recycles the energies used in battle. How the deck works is at the bottom of the post.

Magnezone Lv. X (LA) x1
Magnezone (SF #6) x1
Magnezone (DP) x1
Magneton (DPx2, SFx1)
Magnemite (DPx2, SFx2)
Electivire (SW) x2
Electabuzz (SW) x3
Smeargle (SW) x2
Luxray (LA) x2
Luxio (LAx2 DPx1)
Shinx (LAx3 DPx1)

Conductive Quarry x2

Warp Point x2
Premier Ball x4
Leftovers x2

Mom's Kindness x4
Roseanne's Reasearch x2

2 Special Metal Energies
7 Metal Energies
9 Lightning Energies

Stall with Luxio/Luxray long enough to have both Magnezones, Electivire, and at least one Smeargle on the bench. When you have them, switch Smeargle in and use Color Pick to get 2 metal and one lightning energy. Switch in with Magnezone (SF) and level it up, the give it those energies. Use Cyber Shock. On the next turn, use the Magnezone under Magnezone lv. X to get a metal energy from the discard pile, or use Conductive Quarry to get the metal energy. Then use Electivire's Motor Drive to get a lightning energy from the discard pile, and use Magnezone Lv.X's Electric Trans to get that lightning energy. Use Cyber Shock. Repeat for more Cyber Shocks. Luxray for an alternative if Magnezone Lv.X is not present.

Click here to level up my card!

PM me if you wish to brawl.

My usual rules are 3 stocks, no time limit, and no items.
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