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Old January 1st, 2009 (11:16 PM). Edited January 2nd, 2009 by New Age Retro Hippie.
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Wow… it’s… so… amazing…

This is the last recorded entry in the diary of one Dominic Freeman, found four days after his and his comrades disappeared under mysterious circumstances:

“Hey diary!

we made it to viridien forest today. most of us went pikachu hunting. there really awesome and cute to. i didnt find eny but im not shore about the others. i did find something AWSOME tho. its like a metier or some sort of space junk. blaise the charmander semmed pritty scared of it but me and toxin my new nidoran guy were very intrested. it was all glowy but it doesnt seem hot. i think ill show the others wen they come back!!

Till next time


Six fresh-faced trainers left Pallet Town in the winter two years ago, ready to pursue their dreams of becoming the best in their chosen field. The kids were a close-knit group, having grown up in the small town together and eventually deciding that they would all travel together. They travelled as all young aspiring trainers do, making it to the Viridian Forest within three days. They split up within the maze-like woodland, searching for more Pokémon to capture and add to their team. One particular boy did not find his quarry, and rather found a man-sized hunk of rock glowing ominously within the quiet surroundings. He and his Nidoran were entranced, and as they were about to reach out and touch the rock, a swift Ember attack from his Charmander brought them back to their senses. The boy, not about to be discouraged by his nervous Fire-type, ran back to their base camp and waited for the rest of the group to come back.

When he led the small group to his discovery, again he and his peers were entranced. Slowly, slowly, the troupe reached out to touch the mysterious rock…

And consequently disappeared.

They reappeared exactly two years later, the same age as when they left. They knew that they had missed out on those two years, yet their memories were almost completely blank. For some reason, right over their heart, there was a tattoo of entwined vines of pale red and green. They must figure out what has happened to them in those gap years.


Spam? None of it. For OOC posts, use PMs, VMs or the OOC thread when I make it.
Try not to influence the plot too heavily. If you want plot input, PM me and I’ll consider it. Moving from one place to another is okay.
No godmodding. We’re just gonna be confused kids for the most part of this roleplay.
No bunnying. You may control another’s character with their permission.
I hold the right to deny anyone I feel isn’t up to scratch.
Flames? Nah-ah. I hate flames. I’ll boot you out if you do.
This is not a gym journey roleplay, but if you ask you may participate in a few gym battles.
When you wish to capture a Pokémon, just battle it and throw the ball. I’ll decide if it is caught or not.

~Sign Up Sheet~

Name: Normal names, please.
Gender: Boy or girl?
Age: We’re all eleven.
Appearance: Nice and detailed, please.
Personality: As above.
Pokémon: Two max at first. One starter.
Roleplaying Sample: A recent post or a quick write up about your character exploring Viridian Forest before Dom guides them to the rock.

~The Starters~
Please note that the natures are their personalities, and do not really affect their strength as in the games.

Serious Nature

Calm Nature

Careful Nature
(Taken by New Age Retro Hippie)

Hasty Nature

Jolly Nature

Modest Nature

~My Sign Up~
Name: Dominic Freeman
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Appearance: Dom wears generic wintery clothes in this cold season, consisting of a blue-lavender jacket unzipped over a pale yellow t-shirt and a pair of long denim jeans. Like any good trainer should, he also sports a pair of sturdy leather boots and thick woollen socks. An orange scarf is often seen wrapped around his neck, and like-coloured gloves protect his fingers from the awfulness that is frostbite. Over to his physical description, Dom is of an average height for his age and a touch on the plump side. His skin is fair and dotted with faded freckles, most noticeable over his button nose. His eyes are large and olive coloured, showing wisdom for his age. His hair is slightly curly and always messy, shining a golden honey colour in the light. Unlike most children, his teeth are surprisingly white as he quite enjoys the teeth-brushing process. Dom isn’t the most exciting-looking person you could find.

Personality: Dom is quite a gentle, quiet soul. He’s quite dreamy and often loses himself in the recesses of his mind. He’s not very forceful and a little bit shy, but he’s a very good friend to have and has a knack for making people feel better. He is quite smart for his age, due to an interest in science books (but admittedly he’s not too great at English), and though he’s not a walking encyclopaedia he does have quite a wealth of knowledge. He’s non-discriminating and will care for anyone who needs it. He’s a decent battler but by no means the best, but like most children he feels he has to go on a journey - almost like a rite of passage. He is deeply frustrated about his lost memory and is highly determined to figure out what happened.

Blaise the male Careful Charmander- a somewhat paranoid fire-type who just knows when something bad is going to happen.
Toxin the Naïve Nidoran Male- a cheery spirit who is too curious for his own good. Blaise has his hands full with him.

Role Playing Sample: I know how I write.

Go ahead, five spots open~

Aorio is to blame for this masterpiece.

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