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    The world of Pokemon, is a world full of adventure, and a whole lot of fun, its the year 2004.The Pokemon world is split into 5 major regions, Kanto, Sevii islands, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh.All of which have creatures called Pokemon, and Pokemon trainers who capture, train, and raise these creatures.Each region has many competions, and most have many gyms and leagues.Pokemon trainers test their skills in these gyms, so their can qualify for the Pokemon leagues.In every single Pokemon there is a power hidden within.Only a very few have ever unlocked, these hidden powers hidden within Pokemon.There are legendary Pokemon who have much stronger abilities then regular Pokemon.These legendarys only numbered to a very few, and is why hardly any live close to human civilization.

    Some of these legendary Pokemon, are even said to have created many things, linked to the Pokemon world.Ranging from landmasses, weather, space, time, and even emotions, are all said to have been created by Pokemon.Sadly, these are only myths so most people say.But there is a boy who is ready and willing to unravel, these many mysterys surrounding the Pokemon world.His name is Peter, and he was born and raised in the town of Pallet, in the Kanto region.He is 10 years old, and he is ready to begin his Pokemon journey, and unlock the many hidden powers within Pokemon.Also to unravel the many mysterys and myths of Pokemon.His adventure begins on his 10th birthday, and now Pokefans lets enter into the... Pokemon world!

    Young Peter, is a boy born and raised in Pallet town.His beautiful young mother who is named Mary, raised him most his childhood.Peter was born inside of professer Oaks labratory.At the age of 5 Peter couldn't wait to become a Pokemon trainer.He became inspired to become a Pokemon trainer because, of a mighty Pokemon trainer battle, he saw happen, right in front of his very eyes.Peter wanted to become the Pokemon master of the whole Pokemon world.His mother would always tell him bedtime storys, about how the Pokemon world was created.And how Pokemon over time somehow evolved into humans.At age 6 Peter asked his mother, "mom are these storys true"?Mary answered, "no one knows, not even scientist".So the bedtime storys inspired him to study and crack down, clues and mysterys surrounding the Pokemon world.When Peter was 7 years of age, he started learning how to raise, train, and battle Pokemon.

    He also wanted to love his Pokemon, and unlock the hidden powers, that only a few have ever experienced.Peter knew this wasn't just going to all take 1 day to complete.Peter was very patient, and he knew it would take nearly almost all of his life and maybe never, to crack down all the clues and mysterys of Pokemon.Peter at age 8 studied about the prehistoric Pokemon days, the ice age, rock age, and iron age.He also studied about Pokemon eggs, and Pokemon breeding.Peter has never seen his father once in his life.He always asked his mother where his father was, all she told him was "he left a long time ago".At age 9 Peter got picked on by other kids, because of his objectives to his life.They would throw trash and rocks at him and called him a nerd, because of how smart he was.

    Peter never dressed nerdy, dorky, or geeky ever in his life.Kids got jealous of him because he would wear better fashioned clothes then them.Plus his mother would spoil him to death, although they lived homeless.Mary would everyday go to Viridian forest, and pick berries so she can feed her and her son.Peter would always visit professor Samual Oak, of Pallet town at his lab everyday.That was where Peter studied, and learned.Professer Oak took most his time and tutored young Peter, and even raised him.Professer Oak would always scare the kids away who picked on Peter.Oak also taught the boy how to become a decent young man.Oak taught Peter about Pokemon species, and Pokemon technology.Professor Oak was like a father figure to Peter.

    Peter at one time even thought that Oak was his real father.Professer Oak would always buy the boy food to eat, and clothes to wear.Peter's mother Mary once a year would take a long trip from Pallet town to Celadon city, and gamble.In hopes of one day winning alot of money, so she can finally buy a house.She would leave Peter at Oak's lab until she got back.When Peter was 9 years and 11 months old, while at Oak's lab battling and studying Pokemon.His mother in Celadon city gambled all her money she had saved for 6 long years.It equaled to $25,000 Pokedollars Mary and her son worked hard labor to get that money.She was playing Black Jack, in hopes of winning $50,000 Pokedollars.She had the number 10, and decided to go with a double, and she got an Ace.The dealer flipped his card over and Mary's heart was racing.

    She was hoping the dealer didn't git an 21.His number was 19, and Mary jumped to excitement, and said "yes my baby will now have a place to lay his head"!She won $50,000 Pokedollars, that was enough to finally buy a cheap enough house in Pallet town.Peter at Oaks lab, had got the news of his mother winning the lottery, but he didn't jump into excitement.All Peter ever cared about was Pokemon, thats all he was focused on.It would take his mother a month to travel back to Pallet town.Peter was a very quiet boy most times, and many in Pallet town considered him a loner.He barely made any friends, but he didn't care about having any friends.Because he knew all they would do is bring him down from his dreams.He tried his very best to stay on course and never fall off of his objectives to life.Although Peter did have 1 very close friend who was named David.

    David's story is very similar to that of Peter's, they both was homeless and never had a father.They both studied Pokemon mythlogy, and tried cracking down clues, and learned alot about the Pokemon world.But they both had very different mothers, David's mother who is named Patricia is pretty but very mean, and more of the aggressive type of woman.She loves David, but she is very stricked, while Peter's mother is more of the care-free type of mother.They all knew eachother and grew a bond with eachother.David is 2 months older then Peter, but David decided to wait and start on his jounrney whenever Peter was ready.They both was basically brothers, and both had eachothers back, and waited on eachother.They did have a bit of a rivalry with eachother.When professer Oak would let them borrow Pokemon, to battle.They both would battle and see who would be victorious.Peter mostly borrowed a very weak Charmander Oak had, because Peter saw alot of potential in this little Pokemon.That Charmander would lose quite a bit of the Pokemon battles between Peter and David.But it did tie its very first battle against the Squirtle David would always pick.But they couldn't own the Pokemon until they turned 10 years old.

    Name: Lucario
    Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage
    Rucario rockz!!!
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