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Looking for Shiney Beldum or TM 76+26

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Old April 17th, 2009 (2:41 PM).
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I am looking for a shiney Beldum or any other member of his evolutionary family
such as metang or Metagross

I am also Looking for
TM 26 ( earthquake)
TM 76 ( Stealth rock)
Im kind of new here, so sorry if this isnt the place to look for trading items

These are *some* of the pokemon I am willing to trade
If I have it I am willing to trade it also, but I'm just listing some of the less common ones

Stantler (female)
Castform ( female)
Omantye (male)
Cranidos ( male)
ABsol (male)
Slowpoke (modest) ( both genders)
Mawile (male)
Skarmory (male) (with Drill peck)
lotad (female)
*also can breed Bagons and Lavitars with dragon dance avaiable in either egg or hatched*

I also have several items and Tms that I am willing to trade
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