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Extreme "looks" gym shop

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Old April 25th, 2009 (6:45 PM). Edited May 8th, 2009 by Bz.
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Hey people, as said in the title, this shop is for 7:17's gym. I'll tell you how it will work. for this shop, you don't simply buy stuff, you have to battle for it. You see, when you beat a ELG leader, you will be rewarded style points( along with the ability to put their badge in your sig to show off). Each leader gives different amounts of points, along with different rules.
Well, good luck and hope to see you soon. Oh, and btw, I hope you are good at double battles.

Regular Pokemon: 100 pts-
Lucario, gengar, rapidash, ect.

IV Bred Pokemon: 500 pts-
Icepyro's IV Bred Dusclops

Ev Trained pokemon: 1,000 pts
-Maul513's ev'd palkia, ev'd charaizard or ev'd milotic, ev'd mewtwo u choose

Events: 500,000 pts-
10th aniv. pokemon, all of them, LEGIT, which includes a celibi

Shinies: 200 pts-
Kyubinaruto's shiny kingdra, shiny girafarig, and shiny camerupt, and his shiny graveler( who will turn into a golem, btw) Shiny Alakazam

Novelty (NU) Pokemon:150-Ampharos, Armaldo, Probopass, Politoed, ect.

Smart/Cool Combination-working on it

Evolution Items: 125 pts-all of them, such as dawn stone, dusk stone, fire stone, reaper's cloth, up-grade "ect."

there's more to come later. Oh, and remember people, stay


Raising the bar
ELG Leader

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