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Pokemon Amber!! 3-D POKEMON!

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Old September 5th, 2009 (3:22 AM). Edited September 5th, 2009 by Bulbahackers.
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The first ever pokemon gba/ds game to ever contian 3-d pokemon, well that most people know of!

Hey guys, i'm new and making a pokemon game called Amber, you are an rookie trainer, with your trusted pokemon (EEVEE, PIKACHU OR A NEW POKEMON BY ME) you set out to the cave near your town (p.s this is a new bit of the regeon, old bits will make returns) you discover Archie and Maxie, they tell you about the caves legend and then spot a Team Toxic member, you then battle him, afterwards he leaves (both ways he takes what he wants). you then decide to become eaither a team Magma member or team Auqa member, or stay as yourselfs (however making the different sprites may take a looooooooooong time) and then you begin your quest

oh and if anyone wants to help make the game, plaease say, also i have already hacked the 3-d pokemon onto the game, so don't worry
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Old September 5th, 2009 (3:30 AM).
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Screenies before you start claiming you're the first?
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Old September 5th, 2009 (3:44 AM).
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Also, this isn't the hacking section, so if this is a hack (which I doubt, judging by the 3D stuff) it should be moved to the "Emulation" forum.
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Old September 13th, 2009 (6:03 PM).
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can u post some pics of battling the 3D pokes?
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