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Old November 8th, 2003 (2:41 PM).
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    All trainers have a beginning. Not all make it. Not all become triumphant. Not all reach their goals. A trainers legacy is dependant on the love for his companions, like all living things. One falls, so does the other. This is about a young lad, that goes by the name of Stinger. His legacy is indeed a different one as I look into his future. I see hate, I see struggle. But at the end of the tunnel. I see light. That light is his love for his companions, and his will to fight on. This light just may be what he needs to succeed, or this light may be the key to a hard earned failure.

    Every trainer has a light, but most end up being corrupt in the end, hungry for fame and power. As this young boy makes his treks, he will learn from his failure. Remember, you cannot improve upon yourself if you do not learn from your mistakes. Listen, and maybe you will learn something.. Or will your light become corrupted as well?


    Not only was it hot. But cold at the same time. These mixed feelings were not something Stinger was used to. Not only did he not know where he was, or why he was there.. He couldnt move, or think. or even breathe. A sudden jolt of pain went through his right arm, like something boring into his flesh. Scraping in a downward motion. Stinger opened his eyes to see all white, and a bit of relief; his Ralts. Stinger put all of his strength into getting himself up, but no luck. His Ralts then closed its small and delicate eyes to lift him to his feet. He had to hang onto a nearby tree branch to keep himself up.
    Trees, he thought
    Safety? Probably not for long, for he heard the screech of death behind him, below him, and then.. In front of him. Amnesia didnt last long in the face of death, because it was staring at him head on, and there was no stopping it this time.


    Stinger stared the bird eye in eye as he slowly and calmly limped backwards. His Ralts helplessly tried to lift the bird, but no luck. It was all over. All he had dreamed to do, all that he had worked for, everything was gone now. Rain had started to fall, and thunder started to roar. Stinger could see the bolts as they swiftly made their way across the sky. A tree nearby came crashing down after being struck by a bolt of lightning. Stinger felt the blairing heat from the lightning, and from the tree burning to ashes. The bird made a moaning, screeching sound, and took off with Stinger's bag, and his Ralts he has had for two years to this date. Stinger helplessly jumped for what mattered most, his Ralts. This was an impossible task, for the bird was already in the booming sky.

    This was two years ago. Stinger is now a thirteen year old boy, or man as he likes to say. Vulpix came rushing to his side, as he lay there going over his plans once more. He was not going to fail this time, even if it ment losing his life. His goal was mandatory, and it will be reached


    Stinger and his feeble companion, a small Vulpix, lay there breathtaken. The sight was a rare one indeed. It was also a very dangerous one. Only one with the correct eyewear can look at it without being harmed. The sun was blairing down at Stinger's white skin.
    "A nice time to cool off," he thought to himself."But why exactly would these mysterious rains come out of nowhere in the middle of summer?"
    Stinger watched his bead of sweat drip down his long, grown-out hair and onto the metal slide of the children's playground. The drop of sweat joined the raindrops before he could even realize what was happening next. Before Stinger could react to what was happening, he was knocked down by a man in blue running past him, with a strange stride. After recovering from his slight scrapes, the man was gone. He only got up to hear his Vulpix whining for food.
    "Not going along as planned, no?" He said to his Vulpix,"Not going along as planned........"

    Stinger wakes to a drop of water on his head. His first thought was how this was going to effect his mission to awaken Groudon, and expand the open plains down further. Stinger got up and out of bed at a sloth's pace and droned into the bathroom to find his Vulpix drinking out of the toilet. He had to freshen up if today's meet was to be a successful one. Indeed there was going to be some intense discussion about the orb, and how to get it. He needed to be at his best if he was going to carry this mission out.

    But indeed there has to be something behind this rainfall. Something had happened, and Stinger was going to find out what exactly had happened. He had sat down and thought it throught several times. This seems to be the exact opposite of what he had planned. Was this a message to him that his doings and thoughts are wrong? But that can't be! What he and his group are doing is right! What use is there for excess ocean water if we can't use it? This brought him back to the concept of yin and yang. Maybe there is something bad in what he was doing, as well as bad?

    Stinger finnaly came to a conclusion.
    "This rain is doing no more good than I had planned to do," he thought to himself. This will only increase the amount of useless water. He Is to go to the meeting, and discuss this issue. Then he is to put a stop to this, with a little help from his friend he's been doing buissiness with for a long time to date.


    Pyro was what Stinger had always called him. He was a man of no mercy, taking and stealing at will. Just the man Stinger needed for the job. It was a late afternoon in Shoal Cave (Magma Hideout). Stinger's warm breath was as visable as ever in the misty light that shone down on him from an opening in the cave ceilng. Stinger through a strange looking rock into the water. That was when he came out of nowhere and dove into the dephs of the water, with a Drowzee closely trailing him. When he came back up....
    'these salts are really valuable'
    'then why did you throw it in?' Pyro questioned.
    'because wealth means nothing to me, only one thing does'


    Just the beginning. You likes?
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      I like this fan-fic alot, its deep in details, and an ever growing interesting storyline, I would really like to see more of this fan-fic.
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        Thank You =)

        I'll try to update it as much as I can
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          Great story Stinger. I hope you keep writing it. Keep up the great work.
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