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Old September 12th, 2009 (3:55 PM).
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Why doesnt nintendo make a pokemon mmorpg game for the wii? like when you start the game you could design how your charcter looks with different clothes, gender, etc.. or choose one of the charcters from previous games. Then when your done with your charcter and you picked your server you havs an option to pick which region you want to start in, kanto, jhoto, etc... ( the region you pick detirmens what starter pokemon you get and your home town. Then while your in the region you picked you can do all the story events that happend in the games, but in a 3-D universe. ( like pokemon XD) On the way though you would meet other online players, and you could chat with them, battle them, (if they accept ), and trade with them. Also on your adventure you will battle computer controlled npcs, as well. Adventually You will beat the elite 4 of that region. Then you can go to your home town, talk to your proffesor, and he will give you a S.S. ticket. With the S.S. ticket you will travel to the other regions you didnt start with, and you will be able to go to the battle frointer. When you go to your new region for the first time a npc will fly you to the town that would be the starter town if you had picked that region as your starter town. There you would meat that towns proffesor who will congraduate you for beating the pokemon league for the previous region you were in, and as a gift he would give you 1 of that regions starter pokemon. (so if you want you could put the previous pokemon you caught in the other region, except for 1 and put them in your p.c. and start a new adventure with brand new pokemon. Just like Ash does in the show.) Then adventualy you will get through that region a go on to the next one, followed by the next one untill you defeat all the pokemon leagues while catching pokemon and meeting friends on the way. Other features for the game: you go to the top of a pokemon center and see if any of your friends are in there to, and if they are you can battle them, trade, etc... Have a global wide trading station just like diamond and pearl so you can get the pokemon you want. ( you can get to it through the pokemon center.) Ever know and then nintendo will host tournaments to see whoes the real pokemon master.(when you enter a tournament a announcer says you and your oppents name and home town. Pokemon contest with npcs and real players. Pokemon world wide Grand Festival, so people will see who the real contest champion is. Constant updates for new advents and when they make new pokemon regions for the next generation. Pokemon mini games that can be played with other players and npcs such pokemon ping pong, etc.... So this is my idea for a pokemon mmorpg please comment!
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