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Old September 29th, 2009 (1:32 PM).
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Originally Posted by Teatoo View Post
I never mentioned the word demo, what are you talking about? :\ But you know I'm on about the demos in the past you made about PokemonX which you have now deleted from your YoYo games account. I don't know if you are starting completly from start again (even though there wasn't much of a start in the games you made up to this point anyway) or are planning on editing on your game even more and your going to create V19 or V18.5, even though I'm still unsure how you orginally got to V18 with about 6 releases of the Game which were fairly incomplete at the time. So if you are starting again please start them at V1.

I personally would think 400 is too much aswell as bordering under 500. there are also the factors of secondary forms so you may have 400 mon but you will 400+ with the likes of Deoxys, wormadamn, Rotom etc inless you are just going to not add them or ignore the formes. I would think 200 would maybe be better for a start, mainly as inless there are going to be an experienced person/people helping with the coding I don't see you (Peeky) getting very far with the skills you have shown so far, I am merely trying to help though so don't take this personally if you disagree.

Also I didn't know the story was a secret, it was made months ago. I don't know the whole progress you lot have made so I thought there would be no harm in posting it, but obviously there was.

As I said before I think you should experiment more with the actual coding of the game using any Pokemon for the time being really as tests to see how the game will pan out then decide on what 93 you are going to drop later as if you show people here what you can do then ask what 93 to drop you may have more support by then for better debating and dieas behind who will be dropped.

And Peeky if you are going to reply to me in future make sure your replies aren't reprhased versions of: "looolololololol I deleted teh demo off ma YoYo Gimes accint, rn't I clvr cus Teatoo dar r no dmo! llooolololol". At least Pikarich has the sense to reply to me properly.

And I thought you would have had the sense to read the first post:
No thread prefix because right now I am using Game maker 7.0 but I'll be moving to RPG maker xp soon.

And Teatoo, do not try and be the innocent victim that didn't know he was doing something wrong. Do you think we are going to trust you after what you have done? I told you on msn not to post the storyline on the old topic and you did, then everytime I talked to you again you were just swearing at me. And now you post it again like you didn't know.


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Old September 29th, 2009 (2:33 PM).
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I would ask that all of you cease posting your squabbles on the thread, you need to deal with these things privately, and should use the PM system to do so. The thread should only be used to post information and comments relating to the game itself.

And, Peeky, the fact that the game you are posting is to be began anew with a new engine means that it isn't really deserving of a thread in the Showcase, at least at this point.


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Old September 30th, 2009 (2:52 PM). Edited October 1st, 2009 by Teatoo.
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    I didn't know what you used previously to know you changed the programme.

    Also I don't have and never had your msn Peeky nor have I given a cuss in your direction.

    And can you answer about the Pokemon forme thing? =D


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