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Old October 17th, 2009 (10:24 AM). Edited October 17th, 2009 by Fox♠.
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Yeaaahhhhh, the old thread had a lot of links that didn't work anymore, and a lot of semi correct info from a time where we were a lot more ignorant to what really meant what in Pixel art. So I've decided to redo a more condensed, correct and easily managed thread. So here goes.

Quote: - pretty much all you need for editing, fusions etc is here, also some nice tutorials. - These guys have the back, front, shiny etc sprites for just about every pokemon and subsequent game. - Has a nice selection of some less known games etc, great alternative to tSR. - Brilliant for people wanting to make fusions
Originally Posted by Allstories;
Pixel art - A form of digital art, in which images are edited on the pixel level. This does not necessarily mean that every single pixel must be placed by hand, but instead only for the most part, depending on what is considered pure pixel art. The use of things like the fill tool and brush tools are (arguably) valid tools for pixel art as they only speed up the process of creating pixel art. Use of filters such as anti-aliasing and such, however, are not considered valid. You can, however, manually simulate anti-aliasing.

A common misconception is that any drawing done with the pencil tool in a small drawing space can be considered pixel art. Pixel art is categorized by the method of drawing, not the results. Don't not confuse pixel art for oekaki drawings.

That was a paraphrased version, you can read more here:

Spriting - In this context, spriting refers to the creation or manipulation of existing sprites. A sprite by definition is a 2-dimensional, prerendered image integrated into a larger scene. Spriting can include combining pieces of multiple existing sprites to create a single sprite, recoloring an existing sprite, creating a new sprite from scratch, and so on.

Sprite Comic - A type of webcomic composed mostly of existing sprites and/or backgrounds. Similar to pixel comics, in which the pixel art is created specifically for the comic by the creator of the comic. Often, the comics on this board tend to sacrifice writing and merely focusing on making comics on a whim for the sake of doing so. Don't do that. >:(

Sprite Theft - The theft of sprites. Don't do it, son.

Chesu's guides - - really useful guides for the aspiring scratch spriter

old thread can still be found Here Credit(s) go out to Allstories, Kenji, Kike Scott, Chesu, Fox♠, Amachi, Signomi, ArmidilloHD, Sapphire_Dragon, Tendo, _DarkDragon_, Espio, RoteKatze, Spherical ice and Dark pegasus

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