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What is RPG Maker?

RPG Maker is a series of programs developed by Enterbrain that allows you to create your own role-playing game.

What is RTP?

The Run Time Package is a collection of the common files shipped with each respective version of RPG Maker.
Basically it consists of graphics, music and DLL files used when creating a gamedisk.

Where can I get RPG Maker?

Before purchasing, you can try out a 30-day trial of either RPG Maker XP, or RPG Maker VX.
If you wish to purchase the software, you can purchase RPG Maker XP here and RPG Maker VX here.

Where can I get the RTP?

You can get the RMXP RTP here, and the RMVX RTP here.

Are there any alternatives?

Yes there are!
Among them are Game Maker and Sphere.

Game Development Rules

With the restructure of the section it's been necessary to update the set of rules we had in place.
Old rules from the previous thread not listed here are void.

Any active threads created before these new rules may be exempt.

General Rules

In addition to these rules, community rules apply as well.
  • Theft is not tolerated.
    You may not distribute the work of another member as your own nor should you use it without permission.
  • Do not talk about Emulation / ROM-Hacking here.
    You may do so in the [URL-inline=forumdisplay.php?f=156]appropriate section[/URL-inline].
  • Do not ask how to obtain illegal versions of RPG Maker XP!
    It is against the rules of PC to provide warez.
  • Use the Search button!
    Before you post anything please use the search function to avoid repeats.
  • Do not ask about release dates.
    Unless the author has specifically mentioned a release date then you may not ask when the game is going to be released.
  • Do not ask to become a beta tester.
    If it hasn't already been mentioned by the author, then don't ask.
  • Help.
    If you need any help, please use the Help and Request thread.
  • Team recruitment.
    If you want to recruit a team to help you work on your game, you may do so here.
    If you've just started out, then don't request a team until you've made sufficient progress with your game!
  • Showcase screenshots.
    If you only wish to show off a screenshot of your game you may do so in the Screenshot Showcase thread.
  • Be constructive.
    When commenting on a game, make sure you do so in a constructive manner. Simply replying with "This game looks awesome, keep up the good work!" is not a very good reply. For a detailed explanation on how to give constructive criticism, go [url-inline=showthread.php?t=62480#crit1]here[/url-inline].
    Make sure you can handle any (and all) criticism directed towards you, even if it's negative!
  • Be coherent.
    When posting make sure your post is detailed, thoroughly written and understandable!
  • Double posting.
    You may double post if you are the thread creator, provided the post contains updates to your game.
  • Thread revival.
    You may revive a thread within a two month period of the last post date.

The Showcase

Please note that a thread is also judged based on its quality. Meeting the thread requirements is not a guarantee that it will get approved.
  • Program/language developed in.
    You must specify which program and/or language you have developed the game in. You can do this by using the thread prefixes.
  • Introduce your game.
    A concise introduction of your game.
    Do not mistake this for plot! They are not the same!
  • The plot.
    The story must be at least three paragraphs. This means more than fifteen lines of text.
    This requirement is for the finished post and not how it appears in the editor!
  • Features
    While not a mandatory requirement, it is highly recommended that you provide a list of features.
  • Screenshots.
    You are required to provide a minimum of twelve in-game screenshots. Exceptions can be made if videos are included.
    Title / game over screenshots do not count!
  • Credits.
    If you use material made by other members then you must provide a list of credits.
    Listing the author of a compilation pack and not the individual artists is not a correct credit!

Thread moderation is on in Games Showcase.
If your game thread does not meet any of the following requirements it will be moved to the Drawing Board.

The Drawing Board

If you have just started out on your game, haven't made sufficient progress and/or just want to share your ideas you may do so in the [url-inline=forumdisplay.php?f=127]Drawing Board[/url-inline] section.
  • Fledgling projects.
    If you have just started on your project and/or haven't gotten very far in development then you may post it in this section.
  • Requirements.
    If you have a project that does not have sufficient progress to be placed in the Showcase this section has some lighter requirements.
    Your thread must atleast indicate which program your project is being developed in.
    In addition it must include a story of roughly one paragraph, a minimum of two in-game screenshots and a list of credits.
  • Ideas.
    You may post your ideas here if you so wish. The requirements aren't enforced on these threads.
  • Do not request a plot/story/title.
    You may not ask another person in this section to write a plot/story and/or think of a game title for you.
  • Help and assistance.
    You may seek assistance, provided that it is related to your idea at hand. Technical help should go here.

Tutorials & Guides

You may post your tutorials and guides in this section.
  • Do not request tutorials and/or guides!
    If you wish to request one, you may do so in the Help and Requests thread.
  • Be specific.
    Make sure you note in the thread title which program the tutorial was intended for!
  • Test your tutorial!
    Make sure your tutorial has no flaws that might make it unusable before posting it!
  • Be descriptive.
    Make sure your tutorial/guide is thoroughly descriptive.
    If you are writing a tutorial on scripting this means you can't just slap the whole code in the tutorial. You have to explain what your code does!
  • Credit the original author.
    If you did not write the tutorial, make sure you credit the author who wrote the original tutorial.
  • No duplicates.
    If there's already a tutorial/guide that serves the purpose, then refrain from posting another one.

Resource Center

Tools and any kind of resources may be posted in this section.
  • Requests.
    Any and all requests should be posted directly in the Help and Request thread.
  • Give credit where due.
    If you wish to post material made by another person then you must indicate who made it.
TopRevised rules written by [url-inline=member.php?u=160]Avatar[/url-inline], and [url-inline=member.php?u=6053]Neo-Dragon[/url-inline].
Some parts rewritten from older threads, by [url-inline=member.php?u=1422]Berserk[/url-inline], [url-inline=member.php?u=1206]Darkmage31[/url-inline], [url-inline=member.php?u=3121]Dawson[/url-inline] and [url-inline=member.php?u=3002]Hiroshi Sotomura[/url-inline].