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Old February 12th, 2010 (10:20 PM). Edited December 7th, 2010 by Aurafire.
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Pokémon Strategies & Movesets Rules

Welcome to Strategies and Movesets! The purpose of this forum is to post competitive Pokémon teams to be helped and improved by team raters. There are also battle logs, discussions, and other varieties of threads pertaining to competitive battling. We hope that you enjoy the forum and make plenty of friends. In order for that to happen, you will have to be familiar with our rules. If you have any questions, contact Dark Azelf, Aurafire or Luke

The Basics

— Follow all PokéCommunity Rules.

— Teams must be competitive teams, not in-game teams. In-game teams can be posted in the In-Game Team Help sub-forum. Who knew!

— Due to S&M's turbulent history, there is a special emphasis on respect here. Insulting, flaming, or generally being disrespectful or rude to another member will NOT be tolerated.

Posting Teams

— Teams must include six Pokémon, each including its with item, EV spread, nature, and four moves. Please use something resembling the following format when listing each Pokémon:

Pokémon @ Item
Trait (If required)
- Move 1
- Move 2
- Move 3
- Move 4

— If you are not willing to change anything or take constructive criticism, don't waste your time or ours by posting a team. The purpose of this forum is for people that are seeking help with competitive Pokémon to get help. If you only want to here positive comments, do not post. Shooting down all advice will likely result in an infraction.

— Descriptions are not required, but they are strongly recommended. If raters do not have any insight about how your team works, their rates will likely not have your team's synergy and strategy in mind. For that reason it is in your best interest to post descriptions, but they will not be required.

— If you are having trouble building a team or constructing a RMT, these guides can help you. If you want to see examples of excellent teams and RMTs or you just need inspiration for your own team, Smogon's RMT Archive is a very good resource.

Rating Teams

— Do not rate without proper knowledge. If you are not an experienced competitive player, it is strongly recommended that you lurk the forum for a few days before posting. Rates that do not meet S&M standards will not be infracted immediately, but infractions will be handed out more willingly to repeat offenders.

— When making suggestions, explain them thoroughly, and try to consider the synergy and strategy of the team while giving advice. It is important to note that while pointing out weaknesses in a team is an important aspect of team building, you need to try to help fix the problems that you have pointed out. Telling someone how bad their team is doesn't do a lot of good.

— This forum is for rating teams, not rating rates. If you have a disagreement with something that someone posted, you can state it, but if something is simply ridiculous, just report the post instead of mini-modding.

— Posts that complain about a team's lack of originality will be deleted and possibly infracted. The point of competitive Pokémon is to win matches, and pointing out how unoriginal a team is will not do anyone any good. Likewise, "NYCE TEEM DOOD 3/20" doesn't help either, no number rates.

Battle Logs

— For useful tips on how to make an entertaining battle log, this thread is very useful, especially for beginners.

— If a battle log is deemed good enough by the S&M staff, it will be moved to the Battle Log Archive, which displays the best battle logs of the past.

(Small note: Once Beachy has finished the Battle Log revamp, we'll be able to expand on this more thoroughly.)
Why are the beautiful sick and divided like myself?

Relevant Advertising!

Old March 13th, 2010 (9:06 PM). Edited June 16th, 2011 by Anti.
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Official Pokécommunity Pokemon Online Server Rules

The old rules were stuck in 2009. Even though the rules themselves are mostly the same, some old favorites like the "no Magikarp jokes" have been removed and the tone is hopefully a little less belligerent. Anyhow, here they are.

1. No trolling.

This is very simple, just don't troll! A mod will tell you if you're being over the top or bothering everyone on the server with a friendly message or a kick. We want the server to be a liad back environment so we really don't want to have to enforce this much, but it's here because trolling isn't edgy, it's just annoying.

2. Respect each other.

Playful teasing has been a part of the culture on the server for a long time, but don't cross the line! We have definitely had problems with playful banter becoming abusive or not-so-playful in the past, and that's not okay. Regardless of battling experience or seniority or any of that, everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

3. No porn.

I really hope I don't have to explain this one! Even though the server has a more mature feel than the forums, this is still not okay!

4. English only in the main chat.

It's not that you can't say "adios" before leaving but more that you can't have conversations in other languages because the only language most of our members are fluent in is English.

5. No complaining about hax.

You are playing a game that has a lot of luck involved, and if you can't accept that and must abuse members who get good luck to make up for the fact that you can't accept this simple truth, then you should leave. Hax is a part of the game, and complaining about hax is not only annoying but it often turns into a poorly disguised way of calling the opponent who "haxed" you a noob or something like that. We should all be mature enough to know that hax is a part of the game and that people shouldn't have to apologize for every last critical hit in fear of getting verbally destroyed.

6. No advertising.

Advertising is disruptive. annoying, and barely ever worthwhile, at least when it comes to advertising obscure forums no one has ever heard of. It's nothing personal, it's just that getting the main chat flooded with advertising is never fun.

7. No insulting Jynx in any way.

Why are the beautiful sick and divided like myself?

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