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Tournaments & Events Rules and References [PO Battle Server Info, Ban List, etc.]

Events & Groups Want to join or set up a tournament? You're in the right place! Here you can find competitions and events as well as clans and other groups.
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Tournaments & Events Rules and References
Welcome to the Tournaments & Events sub-forum! Here you can battle against other PokéCommunity members over Wi-Fi or Pokémon Online. In order to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible, please read through the rules to develop an understanding of how the forum works. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the Tournaments & Events moderators: Aurafire, Wolflare, or Anti.

General Rules
→ Unless otherwise stated, all battles will be played with the following clauses and ban list:
Evasion clause prevents the use of any moves that alter the user's evasion, such as Double Team and Minimize. However, any accuracy moves may still be used.
OHKO clause prevents the use of any One-Hit-Knock-Out moves, like Sheer Cold and Fissure.
Sleep clause prohibits two or more Pokémon on the same team from being slept by enemy-induced status (so, Rest is excluded).
Species clause prohibits the use of two or more Pokémon of the same species. i.e. Two Garchomp cannot be used on one team, but one Garchomp and one Gabite may still be used.
Wi-Fi clause (Pokémon Online only) allows both you and your opponent to view each others teams and change the order accordingly. Note that it's PO only because it's already forced (and not optional) on Wi-Fi.

Ban List

The Moody (AKA Inconsistent) ability is banned.
Drizzle and Swift Swim on the same team are banned. You may use them separately however. Rain Dance and Swift Swim are also still allowed.
Shadow Tag is banned, but Chandelure with different abilities is allowed.
The current suspects () are banned until Smogon decides their fate.

[ updated as of March 28 ]

Older generation ban lists can be found here.

→ The four-word and character limit bypass rules do not apply, but that is not an excuse to needlessly spam the forum
Please keep threads on topic; they are not places to idly chat about a battle you may have just had, or battling in general.

→ No flame wars
Naturally, disagreements are commonplace here in the Tournaments & Events forum, be it the illegal use of hacks or a dispute about tiers or clauses. This does not give you an excuse to argue about it publicly. Moderators will view this as spam and delete your posts. Escalating an argument is never a good idea, so make use of the report button so a moderator can deal with these situations as soon as possible.

→ Personal Battle Threads are now ALLOWED
Having a thread for only yourself is allowed. You may add features such as prizes if a user manages to defeat you, and so on. Posting a thread simply to ask for one battle is still not allowed, and should go in the Quick Battle Thread.

→ Hacked Pokémon
Pokémon with typing, stats, ability, height/weight, and moves that cannot normally be obtained in the game without the use of a cheating device such as Action Replay are banned. Hacked Pokémon that have normal features (AKA legal hacks) are allowed as long as you clearly state you are using them. However, if both you and your opponent agrees to use hacked Pokémon, you may use them. Any suspicion of the illegal use of hacked Pokémon should be reported.

Tournaments, Clans, and Leagues
Tournaments, clans, and leagues are member-hosted events in which everyone can participate. They are usually very enjoyable and a good way to test your skills out against other members of PC in addition to winning some prizes! Before participating or creating a tournament, clan, or league, please take note of the following guidelines.

→ You must PM a Tournaments & Events moderator with your fully-constructed first post
Threads posted without a moderator’s approval will be instantly closed regardless of quality. Once you've private messaged your first post, a moderator will reply and let you know if your thread has been approved or not. If a moderator has not approved your thread, then he or she will explain why and how you should refine your thread. After getting approved, remember to include in your post that it was approved by <insert moderator> so other moderators now.

→ Lurk more before making a tournament, clan, or league
In the past, tournaments, clans, and leagues have failed due to poor management and quality, which can sometimes be attributed to the member running the thread. If you are new to PC, it’s best to become acquainted with the Tournaments & Events forum for a little while before jumping right to creating your own thread. Participate in other tournaments, clans, and leagues and talk with other members to get a feel of how things work.

If you want to host your own tournament, clan, or league, you MUST put unique thought and effort into your idea. A moderator will not approve your thread if it lacks creativity. We expect thorough and easy-to-understand rules, a feasible concept, good organization, grammar, formatting, etc. We will not accept anything that looks rushed, disorganized or lacks a decent theme. In general, it is best to follow these general rules:
○ Use standard rules whenever possible.
○ Do NOT ask people to post their teams before joining a tournament, clan, or league.
○ Specify whether your tournament, clan, or league will be done over Wi-Fi or Pokémon Online.
○ Search the Tournaments & Events forum before creating a thread. If there is already an active thread with a similar concept, make sure you differentiate from it in a noticeable way.
○ Format your first post. Highlight important rules and make it easy to read.
○ Offer some sort of incentive for participation. These can be things such as prizes distributed over Wi-Fi or a significant recognition of success within your thread.

→ You are responsible for management
Once your thread has been posted, you are in charge for ensuring that battles are being done in a reasonable amount of time and members are not needlessly spamming. Do not hesitate to report any post that you believe breaks the rules of the forum. If you're finding it hard to manage your thread, don't be afraid to ask other members, or even a moderator, for help. If we discover that you are neglecting your thread and/or updating with results in a timely fashion, we may give you a warning. If you continue to neglect your thread, we may close your thread and give you an infraction. If you find that you are unable to manage your thread any more, you should alert a moderator and he or she will close it.

→ Be active after joining a tournament, clan, or league
If you do not think you will be able to check back daily and complete your battles in a timely fashion, then do not join the tournament, clan, or league. If there are legitimate complaints about your absences (see: more than 2-3 days) and you neglect to let whoever is running the thread know about it, you may receive a warning and subsequent infractions for repeat offenses.

→ You may only join one clan
Clans are basically a team of battlers, and having the same members in each clan is uninteresting. It could also make certain clans die because the user is focusing on another clan instead. In addition to that, clans are similar to football teams, and you don't see one player on multiple teams.

Pokémon Online Server Information
PC has its own Pokémon Online server up and running. Subsequently, this is where you'll find the most amount of activity from PC members. If you're interested in having a few battles or just want to chat, feel free to log on!

Pokémon Online can be downloaded here.

Advanced connection is, the IP Address changes sometimes so it isn't very reliable.

Rules can be found here.


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