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Challenge Forum Rules
Hello, and welcome to the Challenge Forum!

Here you can post any kind of challenges for any pokémon game. Beating them in under 15 hours? Beating them using only a specific type? Catching only 3 pokémon during the adventure? This is the right place for these, and any other ideas you have!

All Pokécommunity Rules apply.
There are a few exceptions in this forum, but if you haven't seen the main PC rules, please read them here.

All threads are under moderator approval.
When you post a thread, it won't appear right away. Instead, you'll have to wait for a moderator to check and make sure it meets the criteria for what we expect of challenge threads. Please allow for up to 24 hours to pass before contacting the moderator about your challenge. If 24 hours have passed, you are more than welcome to send the moderator a private message to ask about your challenge. Those that do not make the cut will be sent a private message to let the user know why and offer and advice or alternatives. If you have any questions about how threads in challenges should be, continue reading these rules and check out the FAQ. If anything is still unclear, please don't hesitate to private message the moderator.

Duplicates aren't allowed.
If there already is a "G/S/C six pokémon only" run, you may not start another one. A thread can be restarted when the previous one has expired according to our rules, meaning, after two months has passed from the last post in said thread. If you have a thread similar to another challenge with just a minor difference, it does not warrant its own thread (ex. Nuzlocke without items, NFE monotypes). What you can do is contact the person that owns the challenge thread and ask for them to edit in optional rules, which would be the small differences that you have, so that your challenge can be done by others if they so choose.

Thread creators must take part in their own challenges.
This is mainly to prevent people from starting ridiculously convoluted or hard challenges "because somebody might try it". If you start one, you must join it as well. If you have a good idea for a challenge, but you can't join it for some reason, you may post it on the Challenge Ideas thread, so anybody who wants to try it can start their own thread. This is the most commonly broken rule guys, so let's try to fix that!

Don't post saying you can't enter or to compliment the challenge.
This is mainly to prevent spam. If you're already in the challenge and for some reason have to give up on it, then that's fine to post about. However, if you post something like "Wow this looks cool!" or "I would enter this if my GBC still worked", then you will be warned for spam. It's unnecessary information. If you think the challenge is creative, but don't want to participate, just send that user a VM and let them know how awesome they are instead, or like the post!

Do not post Action Replay/Gameshark codes in the challenge thread.
I know there are some challenges that revolve around using an AR code or something of the like, but please refrain from posting them as we don't want to take responsibility for ruining anyone's game. Please just stick to Google for finding them.

Hacks for challenges are allowed.
Unless the thread owner specifically does not allow them to be used, of course. Please note: Do not give out the ROMs for the hacks. Automatic infraction for this offense, no exceptions.

No video/YouTube challenges.
There should be no challenge that revolves around having to film all or any part of your challenge. This isn't a Let's Play, and filming it doesn't add anything extra to it to make it a challenge. If you want to film part of your challenge, that's fine, but please do not create a challenge that revolves around doing so. And for those that do film certain parts and want to post it, please use spoiler tags and refrain from making it an advertisement for your channel, similar to the rules of the Video Games section's stance on Let's Plays.

Do not assign anything if you're not participating.
If there is a certain challenge that someone must assign a team/types/etc for, please do not post and assign anything to another challenger unless you are participating in the challenge as well. If you are going to participate, but not at that particular time, please refrain from doing so also, because you might change your mind at some point, then obviously that'd be in violation of the first part of this rule.

Challenge discussion is allowed and encouraged!
You are allowed to discuss the challenge within its thread, as well as ask questions, help, and/or get advice. Feel free to create discussion thread for more general discussion. And don't hesitate to join already created discussions.

Double posting is allowed.
Need to update your progress, but you were the last to post? Feel free to post again! So long as it isn't too excessive or spammy, double posting is allowed for updating!

Do NOT use the event prefix.
Events are held by the moderator of the section. Members may hold them if granted permission in a timely manner (at least one week before desired start date).

But use proper prefix.
There are 2 prefixes meant for users. Challenge prefix is used for your Challenge and Discussion prefix is used for discussions.

Thread revival is allowed.
See a challenge that's a little old, but you still want to participate? Feel free to post in it! When doing this, however, please also consider that it might be better to make a new thread entirely -- and that's up to you! But if you would rather not run the thread, you're more than welcome to bring it back from the graveyard.

Challenge owners may remove you from the challenge.
If you are causing a stir in a challenge thread whether by being rude to other players, not following the rules of the challenge, or talking back rudely to the owner of the thread, the thread owner has the right to remove you from the challenger list and blacklist you from the challenge. If things get more heated, thread owners should notify the moderator so that it can be dealt with in an official manner.

Check FAQ before posting your Challenge.
FAQ contains nice example for how your Challenge should look. Use it as inspiration.

Original rules written by Went and Sydian. Later additions by Necrum and Sydian. Last updates made by Janp. Updated 14.4.19.
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