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Pixel Art Rules [Read 'em. Love 'em. Live 'em.]

Pixel Art For your creative works that focus on every individual pixel. Share (but not steal) your works with others to suit many purposes.

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    Pixel Art


    Welcome to the Pixel Art section, subforum of the Art Gallery. Here you, yes you, are invited to share you artwork of the tiny square dot variety, the pixel, and enjoy the artwork of other members.

    The Rules

    First, keep in mind that the Pixel Art rules should never be misunderstood to contradict or in any way negate the Forum-wide Rules unless clearly and explicitly stated so. Please abide by both sets of rules.

    • General Threads
      The main section is only for the showcase of original (scratched, non-edited) pixel art and sprites. Any other kind of thread is prohibited and will be closed, moved, deleted, or thrown into a bottomless pit. If you'd like to create a thread for trainer cards, sprite comics, a sprite shop or some other thread relating to pixel work other than a showcase, you should do it in the sub-subforum, Pixel Projects.
    • Sprite Art Showcase Threads
      These require at least four (4) sprites or more. Any threads containing less than that will be moved to the Spriters Showcase/Discussion thread or locked. In addition, sprite sheets (any image containing different sprite frames or variations on the same sprite) count as a single sprite. Showcase threads may contain fusions and recolors, but must contain at least four (4) original sprites. See below for more info on recolors/fusions.
    • Pixel Art Showcase Threads
      Are those threads for pixel art other than sprite art. They can be made no matter how many pieces of work you have to show. Please make one thread for all your pixel art. If you would like to showcase both sprite art and pixel art please use one thread.
    • Recolors and Fusions
      Because showcase threads are meant to showcase your own original work and because we encourage you to grow as pixel artists, anyone wishing to post only recolors and fusions should do so in the Recolors and Fusions Thread. Any threads in the main section solely about recolors or fusions OR lacking the minimum number of original sprites (4) will be locked or merged with the recolors and fusions thread.
    • Constructive Criticism
      All the rules are important, but this rule is more important than important. Artist grow through constructive criticism. It's what allows us to see what we do right and what we do wrong. For this reason constructive criticism is an vital part of this section. What is it, you ask? First, what it is not:

      "I like your pixels. Great job. Keep up the good work."

      This is neither constructive nor critical. You may only want to give the artist a pat on the back and encourage them to continue working, but a response like the one above does not tell the artist what the poster likes about their work or why. Here is an example of acceptable criticism:

      "I like your pixels. Your outlines are smooth and the colors are cheerful. Great job. Keep up the good work."

      This poster pointed out what they liked (the outlines and colors) and said why they liked them (they're smooth and cheerful). Your critiques are not limited to what you like. You may point out what you think is bad, but if you do please keep it respectful.

      Bear in mind: if you do not post constructive criticism when commenting on someone's artwork your post will be deleted. If you make a habit of posting without constructive criticism you will receive a warning. If you continue with this behavior after your warning you will receive an infraction for SPAM (3 points - 3 months).

      In addition, do not react harshly to someone's criticism of your art. Most of the time critiques are intended to help you improve your art. Remember, by posting your work you are inviting criticism of it. If you don't want your work critiqued then do not post it.
    • Consecutive Posting
      You are allowed to post consecutively in your own thread as long as there is a reasonable length of time between posts (rule of thumb is one day) and you are not simply bumping for bumping's sake. If you are constricted by the size of your post (i.e., your post is massively large) you may also post consecutively.
    • Sprite Shops
      Sprite shops are now permitted and may be created in the Pixel Projects section.
    • Pixel Art Theft
      Theft is a serious offense. The PokéCommunity takes a very strong stance against those found stealing and taking credit for the works of others. If you are caught and proven to have stolen artwork and claimed it as your own you will immediately receive a warning.

      Due to the seriousness of this offense those discovered will be punished with 4 points - permanent.
    • Thread Revival
      If you have new content you wish to post in an existing thread of yours that is older than 30 days, you may revive that thread.
      Tutorial threads are an exception to this rule.

    (Rules are subject to change as needed.)

    Current Moderators

    If you would like clarification of any of the rules, or have any other questions, concerns, or suggestions about the Pixel Art section, feel free to contact Logiedan, the current Pixel Art moderator, about them.

    Thank you for reading. Enjoy the pixels.

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