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Old October 14th, 2010 (7:37 PM). Edited October 14th, 2010 by Morkula.
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    I mean, we get infracted for advertising forums yes. But for just telling a friend about a forum that we made? Bulls*hit how we get infracted for that. Several users have been afraid to send even PMs because of the fear that mods/admins/idiots will catch them. Who gives a crap.

    Second, there are those rom-hacking mods that everybody hates. I can name many things about them, but here is one that was my second experience with one:

    Manipulation said to me on MSN:
    i don't know
    but this is my MSN so get the **** off
    got it?
    ok cya bye

    We have inactive people, and they are so damn strict they don't let anybody say anything new! Nazi is the word that best describes Manipulation, Christos, and I don't know about Gira yet but most likely due to being a new mod in the Nazi area, he will pick up that trait. Christos is active once per millennium, Manipulation is a bit*ch to everybody, and Gira still is figuring himself out, shame on the Staff Admins to keep them in control!

    On another forum, The Pokémon Board, I have seen a few people who go there as REFUGEES FROM THE POKéCOMMUNITY. Linkandzelda LEFT and made his own forum due to the mods behavior, and honestly, I idolize him for doing that. There should be a way SOMEHOW to get our ideas posted in ROM Hacking without "No, its missing this" WHO CARES. If we want to post a thread for our hack, LET US. If it is inactive, which it will be if it is bad, DELETE IT AFTER ONE MONTH. I had to reread a certain rant you should know about to clarify what I am writing, and thank you certain writer.

    In short for the noobs who just skip to the end. Staff admins, rethink the community, actually, Admin Rukario, rethink the entire forum staff! The webmaster should realize the mistakes in the ROM moderation-and actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    If you want to ban me GO AHEAD it won't do you any good. You will always be scarred as a community of MEDIOCRE Pokémon fans and even MORE mediocre hackers and moderators. The users don't even seem to do anything anymore! I estimate that about 60% of the people just TALK ON HERE AND DON'T DO WHAT THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO, and around 20% haven't even played the games in their life! Another 40% are just CHILD MOLESTERS OR SOME OTHER DISGUSTING GROUP.

    so go ahead, infract or ban me.
    ~Links deleted~

    Ok g'night cya later

    Relevant Advertising!

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    If you want to advertise, do it in your signature or through a personal message, not somewhere public.
    Old October 14th, 2010 (7:59 PM).
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    First off, the rule is no forum advertising except in your sig. Period. That's all there is to it. So enjoy your infraction, though it's clear you really don't care.

    Second, there's a reason we're staff and you aren't. Leave the staff evaluations to us and let us decide who needs to stay and who needs to go. Because frankly, we don't really give a crap about the opinion of a habitual troll like yourself.

    Third, you might want to go back to third grade math. 60% + 20% + 40% = 120%...good job.
    And just like that, the story ends.
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