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Old October 29th, 2010 (3:40 PM).
Seki Seki is offline
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    okay snorlax use yawn~
    I am 13 and my friends don't play pokemon, as you can see from my username, i like snorlax.
    have red, silver, leafgreen, diamond, platinium and heartgold.
    oh ya, hunting for shiny snorlax :D
    and i like food(although i am just 50kg and 173cm)
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    Old October 29th, 2010 (4:33 PM).
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    Miss Doronjo Miss Doronjo is offline
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      *Yawwwnnnnn* ~
      Hai there Snorlax~ ^.^ (Gahhh whenever I say snorlax, I must yawn. XP)

      Foodz are good especially turkey...turkey makes youz sleepy~

      Be sure to read...*yawn* the rulez and such; and yah, if you have any questions, ask a moderator or admin or any member who might know~

      Have a sleepy time~
      I'm going to sleep. (zzzz...)

      Hawthorne Guardian
      Moderator of Video Games
      Paired to: Perdition Haze

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      Old October 30th, 2010 (5:08 AM).
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      a sky full of lighters ☆
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      Welcome to PC~! You're making us yawn with your introduction? XD Good battle technique there. Aww, your friends don't play Pokemon? There's a lot of us here (obviously), who do play Pokemon, so you have a lot in common with all of us already. :)

      Shiny Snorlax? Wow that'll take a while to find, but keep at it, because in the end it'll be quite rewarding! Oh and it seems you've gotten a game every generation up until the 5th? Getting Black or White would really add to your collection too, so maybe invest in that in the future? XD If you need help or anything, thennn Private Message or Visitor Message me~

      this one's for you and me, living out our dreams
      we're all right where we should be
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