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    Hi there! I'm Ziposaki, but you can call me Zipo or Zip if you'd like. I joined this site a long time ago, when I was inexperienced in hacking with big aspirations. I soon gave up on this dream, but continued to occasionally visit now and then, glancing back to my hacking folders with a forlorn sigh. Now, I've finally decided to helm a hack. I'm still rather inexperienced however, and would like to create a team to help accomplish this goal and develop all of our skills. Technically the plot isn't mine, it is the brainchild of one BourbonWhiskey's. However, I helped develop the story quite a bit and have done most of the work so far, so he has let me take over the project. It gave me a very FFIV and DQV vibe, and was both cliche and creative, which was intriguing. I am pretty creative (although somewhat picky), and my talent lies in spriting. I've been doing it for about two years now. I am interested in working on scripting and mapping, although I seem to be a little bit better at the latter. We work mainly through Dropbox and notes through there, so you should be okay with that if you are to work on the team.

    The team will consist of people who are mainly somewhat to very experienced and are looking for a chance to improve their skills. However, if you are really interested in the hack and show a lot of initiative, there's a decent chance I will accept you anyways. I like the idea of being able to overlap your skills, with the ability to try different areas of hacking you aren't used to, in an environment where others that are more experienced can help you out and critique you nicely, so feel free to try and experiment outside of your main skillset. The idea of the team is that we all try to learn and improve from one another and combine our skills to create a well-done, interesting hack. We don't focus as much on quantity as much as quality. There isn't a big time frame for the hack, although we would like to see progress as the project has almost stagnated without fresh faces and ideas. As long as you are dedicated to the project and seem to be trying to work on your part when possible, we can excuse most delays. However, if you refuse to work with others or ignore critique, even if you produce fantastic work, we will be forced to remove you from the team. Cooperation is very important on all teams, especially ours.

    Story Introduction

    You're a renowned Team Rocket member, Alexander Black (Code Name: Black Flame), Adam (Giovanni's son)'s favorite. Despite this, you are still serious in your work (maybe a little too, serious according to Felix). You're famous for his powerful main Pokemon, Arcanine, but you trust all of your Pokemon deeply. Your teammate, Felix, is the only person you truly trusts. You two have been close friends ever since they started training as a grunt.

    The evil inside you starts to grow weak as you witness Adam punishing one of his grunts because of a failed mission. You watch in restrained horror as Adam confiscates the grunt's Pokemon and orders them thrown into the water. The grunt in question was one of your unofficial apprentices, who adored you and you were quite fond of. But you were frozen. Helpless.

    Time passes and the moment comes. Adam wanted to make you a right hand Executive, the highest honor he could bestow. But your loyalty is wavering, and your heart is heavy with the morals clashing within you. You try to postpone the decision, but Adam can see through your poorly concealed hesitation. You try to escape, but are quickly captured. Your Pokemon, including your precious Arcanine, are confiscated. You too are cast into the cold, unforgiving sea. Felix can do nothing but watch.

    You wake up in a small fishing village, cared for by an elderly couple. Wait a minute, who are you, again?

    Planned Features
    • A Brand New Region
    • A Random Starter
    • The Option to Date 3 Different Girls
    • Unique Trainer Sprites
    • Some Redone Pokemon Sprites
    • Pokemon from the First 5 Regions
    • An Intriguing Plotline

    Team Members Wanted
    • Mappers - Pretty self explanatory. You will create the maps of the region.
    • Scripters - Also rather self explanatory. You will script the region to make everything work.
    • Spriter/Assistant - This is one of the more unique jobs. This person would mainly help critique my work, work on sprites of their own, and help me manage the team in general. This position will be one of the loosest in requirements The sprites will mainly be trainer sprites, overworld sprites, and possible redone sprites of existing Pokemon (mainly pixel-overs).
    • Features/Ideas Person - This job is probably one of the more involved. You will research unique ideas we could implement in the hack such as a Day/Night system, a Physical/Special Split, and such and check out the feasibility of them. I would like someone who has the drive to look for such features and the skill to try and implement them.
    If there is a skill you possess that I didn't mention, feel free to apply, providing a short description on what you would like to do. I am always looking for motivated people who are encouraged to work on this hack.

    Current Team Members
    • Ziposaki (Spriter/Team Supervisor)
    • BourbonWhiskey (Creator/Story Plotter)
    • BidoofOverlord (Titlescreen Creator/Odds and Ends Person)
    • Gen III (Mapper)
    • phoenix3023 (Mapper)

    Application Form

    Role Applying For:
    Self Evaluation At Role (1-10):
    Past Experience:
    Proof of Work:

    Relevant Advertising!


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