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Old April 16th, 2011 (11:44 AM).
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    No I'm not a 7 year-old that is going to have Pokemon wallpaper border until they become a teen D: I'm a lame adult that has to live in the loft of her mother's home because I haven't found any work after college yet :x My loft is pretty much the whole upstairs so I've had a lot of room to work with even though my celing is slopped I can't have much furniture.

    Anyway when I started out I pretty much tried to recreate the dorm I never got to have due to lame roommates and stupid rules with a lot of bright loud colors, but it is garage sale season and I've been picking up a lot of things to continue making my pad pretty swanky and an homage to everything Laure. Recently I've decided one of those things should be Pokemon.

    When I've got my life together I plan on getting a 2 bedroom apartment, 1 bedroom normal, another where all my nerdy things are going to go and it will be a den. I've started collecting a few things for that now and I have a corner of my loft that is Vintage Pacman and misc.

    I didn't think Pokemon would be good cause it's not that vintage, but than I remembered it kind of is my childhood and it deserves a place. I'm an adult so I don't want like Posters everywhere where people can see it, but gentle touches.

    The purpose of this forum is to maybe get some feedback on what I've got going so far, as well as maybe see some pictures from anyone else that has a touch of Pkmn in their room.

    I made the mistake of course of throwing all my Pokemon stuff out by middle school, because I just never had the room, but I am obsessed with going to garage sales and thrift stores, and slowly I am rebuilding my collection. I'm not really interested in any of the new stuff I am kind of looking for the things from my childhood, Burger King toys the offical action figures... omg my mom once bought me a huge box of all 151 off Ebay me and my sister would play with them for hours.

    Well anyway like I said I'm also an adult and I'm trying to not show visitors that I am a freak so I am trying light touches with this collection, until I get my den and go all out.

    I'm Spring Cleaning right now so I don't have everything up, but I got around to my DVD shelf. Don't diss on it I'm horrible at painting and it's just a POS particle board shelf. I threw most of my DVDs in a box because I never watch them, I don't even have a DVD player anymore I don't think. I am using them more of decoration right now. I decided this shelf is totally a homage to everything I've got going on in my room. The antique style clock, perfume, Victoria's Secret Dog... all the things I like because I'm a regular girl, but than you have the otherside of me who loves The Simpsons and video games.

    On the bottom of the shelf is my slight touch of Pokemon here, because that is the shelf I keep my physical video games on. (I actually like Digimon more <.< but those action figures are hard to come by so yeah, there is Terriermon mixed in).

    Here is a closer look at it. I know I said I was going with things from my childhood, the Squirtle is actually a cup, which I plan on using when my aunt tries and steal my Vodka (you'd never look there), and I use to love the Pokemon tops, which is what Graveler is. I know I said only old toys, but Dawn is in my sig, and hey it was only a quarter and I know places like Toys R Us charges a lot for a simple action figure now a days.

    Now this probably looks like an eyeswore, and I don't think I put it in the best location I think I will eventually move it to above my computer, but it actually matches my room because I have lime green, purple, and pink butterfly decals all over the place. There is a lot of slots on it, but all tiny, so like my DVD shelf so I was thinking of making another homage to my childhood. I have some model paint bottles occupying room until it gets filled, I don't know what to think about the squid, but another oppurtionity for Pokemon to find its place in my room.

    This is probably my favorite of the pictures I took, even though I think Charmander is without a permantant home in my room. I kind of have a fetish for Antique radios, I have a basement full of them that I refinish and sell, my other purple shelf is full of bakelites blah blah blah but the radio in the picture was broken behind repair so I busted out the lime green tape, turned into into a Butterfly radio that served as a shelf for my iHome, which than served as a shelf for my Hello Kitty picture frame, and hey while we are on the topic of Hello Kitty, my Meowth can go there (another cup, that's where the rum is going). My room has too many stuffed animals for an adult room, and orginally that Charmander was bought with a Blastoise plushie at Salvation Army for my two twin cousins that love Pokemon, and then I thought screw them they weren't even alive when that plushie was made that can stick to their stupid Palkia and Dialga plushies and I will keep this one. Does it go there, does it stay? Idk.

    So any feedback?

    Does anyone else style their room with a little Pokemon flare I'd love to see pictures.

    And I will probably update with more pictures as garage sales countinue

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