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    • Starting from chapter three, I will make improvements to the story description and characters.
    • Title Changed
    • I am continuing this after all.


    • Chapter One: Short, introductory chapter: Juniper's Gifts: Located in this very post.
    • Chapter Two: The PokéDex Holders: Post 2
    • Chapter Three: Dark Holes on Earth: Post 5
    Chapter 1- Juniper's Gifts

    Nuvema Town - Autumn

    "I wonder what's taking Bianca so long..."

    Cheren kept muttering and muttering about how Bianca is late, saying stuff like "She's never on time!" and "She's irresponsible!" I seriously dislike how he acts when he is angry. "Cheren, stop muttering! Bianca's coming soon," I said as soon as I can to stop his muttering.

    "Soon?! We are about to have our starter Pokémon! And what does she do?! Come late," replied Cheren.

    "Cheren, we waited for four years. Can you wait a few more seconds?"

    "No, Hyuré, no."

    I rolled my eyes and took a position on my couch. I touched the Wii's power button, to make time pass, but I heard a girl's "Hey, guys!" from downstairs.


    She came upstairs. She looked no different than anytime, average in height, blonde, dressed in a french-like clothing style and a white colored-skin. She was taking deep breaths, for she was obviously running. "Sorry I'm late, guys!" She said. I backed off from my Wii.

    "You're sorry?" replied Cheren, "For 10 years I've known you, you never come on time."

    "I said I'm sorry, now calm down Mr. Angry-14-Year-Old-About-To-Become-A-Trainer." She said, sarcastically.

    Cheren took a deep breath, as if he was trying to make the air carry his hidden anger away. "Whatever, she's here, so let's get on with it," I said.

    "Finally, we get a Pokémon! But Hyuré chooses first, it's his house!" Bianca said, with a juvenile, childish tone.

    "Whatever, Bianca," Cheren said.

    I rolled my eyes, and started unwrapping the gift. There was a note on it.

    Dear Bianca, Cheren and Hyuré,

    These are three energetic Pokémon. May they be good partners for the three of you.

    -Professor Juniper

    "What are you waiting for?! Let's open!" Bianca yelled.

    Inside there were three PokéBalls, in their packaging. Each had the picture and name of Pokémon printed on their boxes. Snivy was... smug. A little snake with legs and a tail made of leaves. He looked so sure of himself, and so classy. If I get to name the Pokémon, I'd call him Smugleaf. The other was Tepig, a pig so cheerful and funny with a tail fit with a "Fire Orb" at the end. The last was Oshawott, a little, courageous Otter-Samurai with a Shell yet the most adorable of the three. Tepig was so Bianca, and Snivy was so, so Cheren, so I chose Oshawott.

    "Oh, Oshawott! Great choice there. Ok, I'm getting a Tepig then!" Bianca said.

    "Bianca... You always ruin my dreams!" Cheren said in a rather angry tone.

    "Sorry, Cheren. You can have Te-"

    "Just joking! I wanted Snivy."

    "L-O-L." I said, uninterested in their chat, caring nothing but about the Oshawott within the PokéBall I have. "Say, Hyuré..." Cheren said.


    "Since we all have got a Pokémon, why not battle?"

    "I want a battle! That'd be really fun." Bianca said.

    "I am not in the mood," I replied.

    "Let's make it obligatory. I challenge you to a battle!" Bianca said. If I refuse, I get disqualified from the league. "Challenge accepted," I replied.

    End of Chapter.

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      Chapter 2- The PokéDex Holders!

      Nuvema Town - Autumn

      "Teh pi... Err.. Tepig, spotlight! " Bianca said, throwing a Poké Ball. In mid-air, it literally exploded, and Tepig appeared and took a short landing to the ground. It stood there, smiling joyfully. Clearly, it had merry-go-lucky nature, just like his trainer. Something told me that this Tepig will damn the day it was chosen.

      "To the battlefield, go Oshawott!" My PokéBall exploded in mid-air, just like Bianca's, however, Oshawott's Poké Ball caused extra flashes. Out of my Poké Ball came out Oshawott, standing like a true Samurai, ready for battle, somewhat smug like Cheren's Snivy. "Osha-WOTT!" He chanted a loud battle cry.

      "Amateurs," Cheren grinned.

      "Shut up Cheren," Bianca said.

      "Oshawott! Err... Lemme check this manual.. Oh, yeah," I said, "Use Tackle!" Running quickly, it smashed into a wall, due to Tepig's fast evasive move. I hit my forehead with my palm.

      "Tepig! Put his disability to good use! Tackle him!" Bianca shouted, with real excitement seasoning her voice. Oshawott was slammed from both Tepig and the wall. Oshawott held his Shell and shouted "Osha-" and then jumped into the air "-WOTT!" Tepig was hit by the Shell, which would've sliced him if not for Pokémon's supernatural abilities. I knew what happened: Oshawott used Shell Blade. Shouldn't he have known it at a higher level, though?

      "Oshawott! Tackle!" In less than a second, Oshawott was dashing into Tepig. Tepig was thrown in the air from the impact. It slammed into the ceiling, touching the chandelier in the process, making it fall and shatter. The wall literally "reflected" it onto my TV, which was slammed from the side, falling on my carefully placed Wii next to it, and the controller sustained major damage. Tepig was slammed again into my bed, which due to the springy, bouncy nature pushed Tepig out of the ceiling window. Of course, this was one bad case of a critical hit. What in the world was wrong with my Oshawott?!

      "Tepig!" Bianca shouted, astounded by what just happened. Oshawott stood in his place, victorious.

      "What's going on upstairs, you three?" A female voice, which I immediately recognized as my mother, said. I was panicked, seeing the room like this will mean one thing: Grounded for a month. "OH. MY. GOD." My mom said, after she entered the room with a cradled Tepig. She had an excuse, of course. Any mother seeing her son's room like that would freak out. "Hyuré Percùon, I want a clear account of what happened here," She said, with a clear angry tone in her voice.

      "My Oshawott tackled Bianca's Tepig in a really bad case of Critical Hit," I said, "knocking Tepig all over the room and into the window on the ceiling. Of course, this caused damage that was not minor at all."

      "Well, I cannot excuse you two for that damage. You shouldn't have had battles indoors," my mom said with a clearly angry tone, "And you were too selfish that you didn't take in account that Tepig might fall from the window!"

      "Look, ma'am, I know I'm careless, but this is my Pokémon- I hold some responsibilty," Bianca said, in an extremely serious tone. That was new for her. "I'm already shocked enough. Now Tepig is injured and it hates me."

      "Well, John got your Tepig falling. It's fine," Mom said, "But it's best to heal it."

      "Okay, may I have my Tepig?" Bianca asked.

      "Sure thing, Bianca." Mom gave the Pokémon to Bianca. "Oh, and I got mail for the three of you." She gave a carefully sealed package to me and other two packages to Cheren and Bianca.

      "Thanks, ma'am," Cheren said, cutting the long silence that made us forget he was here.

      The top side of the package read "The Pokémon League: Trainer Sign Up Department." "Oshawott, Shell Blade this package open," I ordered. Oshawott sliced an opening. Inside, there was a Trainer's Bag, a Trainer Card and a five complementary Potions and shrunk Poké Balls. The potions read "Potentially Explosive if shaken. Spray only, do not open and pour. One-time use, do not refill."

      "Mom, what about that room?" I asked, imagining how possibly it could be repaired.

      "It's insured. I'll just call the company. Your dad registered there," She said, the last sentence with a tone of sour grapes. I never saw my dad. He would occasionally visit to make sure everything is alright, keep insurance and other stuff when I'm at Bianca's or Cheren's or even biking to Accumula Town to hang out with my friends. He and my mother got separated when I was born and my older brother was only two. They both were gone to live in the Kanto Region, according to my mother. I always wanted to see them, since I've never seen them, let alone recognize them. My brother was too young to recognize me, so even if we met by accident we would be two strangers. I've never known my Middle Name or Last Name completely. It was Hyuré G. Percùon H. What were the G and H? I never knew. Anyways, that was beyond the point.

      "Oh, I see," I said with a tone not very different from my mother's.

      "Err, you kids should really go see Juniper now. She wants to see you guys, don't mutter about your gender Bianca, badly," my mother said. Bianca rolled her eyes, and went downstairs. "Meetcha at Juniper's lab, guys," she said, carrying her specially ordered hand bag from the league, while placing the Potions and Poké Balls inside. Surprising how Pokémon made her personality change in no time. She pulled out her phone and written something while going downstairs. I figured out that the Tepig accident shocked her, I guess the Merry-Go-Lucky Bianca is gone for a while.

      "Later, Bianca. I guess I gotta go too. Nice to see you, ma'am," Cheren said, as pointlessly formal as ever. Good thing my mom was a good person, doing her job, or else Cheren would've been rude as usual. Cheren took his bag and left downstairs. My mom followed him shortly. I slowly packed my Potions, Poké Balls, Nintendo DS and Clothes. I'd be going on an adventure shortly, so I needed a proper pack-up. I slowly went downstairs after putting Oshawott back into his Poké Ball.

      My mom was waiting for me, with a Video Calling machine, called the Xtransceiver. "Here's your Xtransciever. It arrived by mail," She said, handing me the Xtransceiver with a charger and a spare battery. It was already adjusted to a mobile network, "I googled up a translated manual for you, since the device is Japanese. I printed three, give two to your friends," she said, giving me some home-printed manuals. Where did Juniper and my mother get the English ones, I had no idea. "Thanks, mom." I said.

      I dashed through the door. The scenery was beautiful, the few houses we've had in this small town were all surrounded with golden leaves, courtesy of Autumn's natural effect, and a few Pidove -Pigeon Pokémon with Black Stripes- were standing on the ground, flying instinctively when I came near. The ground had the same autumn golden colour, except from the marble pathways. The sun was aurous, shining bright as usual. The wind was blowing gently, as I walked slowly to Juniper's lab, which was not so far from my house. Cheren was standing near the door, playing on his Nintendo DS, as usual. "Hey, Hyuré."

      "Sup, Cheren."

      "What's taking Bianca so long?"

      "I have no idea."

      "Can you go check on her?"


      I took my bag, unfolded my bicycle, and mounted it, then I slowly cycled south to Bianca's house. I recognized it as soon as I saw the painting of a White Dragon throwing a massive fireball, a family heir of Bianca's, hanged above the door. All the houses in Nuvema Town -where I live- look identical, so it's hard to recognize. The painting is titled "Inspiration by an enormous thunderbolt," and it was purchased by Bianca's grandfather's grandfather a century ago. Her grandfather is the current gym leader and mayor of Opelucid City -a city to the north of Unova-, I think. "Come in!" Bianca's mother said.

      "No, no AND NO!" Her father shouted. It seemed like a huge fight brew between Bianca and her father. Her father was attacked by a Pokémon at a time of his life, and since then he was afraid of them, and does not wish Bianca to go on her adventure. I, Cheren and Bianca have vowed to start our adventure together, giving use a four year delay since we were ten. Bianca decided this year that we three take our Pokémon regardless of her father's opinion.

      "Cheren can, Hyuré can, THEN I CAN!" Bianca shouted in a slightly lower volume.

      "That's no excuse to break my rules, young lady," he said in a solemn voice.

      "Your rules are valid to me only if they were fair!" Bianca said.

      "I am a father, I don't have to be fair," he said.

      "Well, I don't have to obey either!" Oh yes, Bianca was sort of a rebel.

      "It's for your own good Bianca! POKéMON ARE DANGEROUS!"

      "Yes, you got pecked once by a Pidove and you make a drama. GET OVER IT DAD!" Bianca said. The drama queen- she didn't start the drama. I laughed for the irony.

      "You're putting yourself in grave danger and you're very young for an adventure!" Her dad said, embarrassed.

      "I'm 14." She said. "I can take care of myself. You made of me a delay for Hyuré's and Cheren's adventures for FOUR whole years."


      "Dad, It's OVER. I'm leaving."

      She turned to look at me while fixing her cap's position, clearly out of place from that row. "Sorry you had to see that."

      "No problem. It's not your fault that happened," I replied. She went out of the house. I shortly followed.

      We both took our bikes and cycled to Juniper's lab. We dismounted and folded them both in our bags. "You're late," Cheren said, disapproving of Bianca.

      "Not her fault," I said.

      "My dad was going all dramatic," Bianca said, taking a deep breath, "Let's go inside."

      "Hey kids!" Professor Juniper greeted us.

      "Hey." We all said at one time.

      "So, let me introduce. My name is Pr-"

      "Juniper? We already know your name," Cheren said. A jerk like always. Bianca pushed him with her elbow. He muttered an "Ouch". "Don't ruin these moments," Bianca whispered.

      "As I was saying, I am Professor Ivy Juniper-" Ivy was her first name? "- and I study Pokémon. I've sent you gift Pokémon to Hyuré's house earlier, since I knew you'd make good partners out of them. I have many diplomas about Pokémon. It seems like two of you have already had their first battle. That's excellent. But Bianca, I saw that accident with Tepig and I have to say-"

      "Professor Juniper," Bianca said, "Hyuré's Oshawott caused critical damage. I've done nothing to my Tepig."

      "But a trainer should care about his Pokémon," Juniper said.

      "It was out of my hands, ma'am," Bianca said, "Oshawott was extraordinarily powerful."

      "I'd like to see him in action, then," Juniper said, with a tone of interest, "back to our point. Anyway, I have always dreamed of making a full-fledged encyclopedia about Pokémon." Juniper now held up a book. It was titled: "The Pokémon Encyclopedia - Oak, Elm, Birch, Rowan & Juniper." Then she continued, "However, I haven't had mine complete. You see, I haven't had trainers like Red, Dawn, Donn or any of these... That's why I have a favour out of you."

      "The PokéD-"

      "SHUT UP CHEREN!" Me and Bianca yelled, at one time.

      "As Cheren was about to say, yes, it's the PokéDex. It contains basic data on most of the Pokémon, but the data can be recorded more accurately on capture. I want you to use it and collect data on all Unova Pokémon. The PokéDex also has many features. One is the battle screen, which shows your HP accurately, your opponent's hp as a loading bar, your level, your opponent's level, your moves and much more. It also has an evolution control system, so you can stop the evolution whenever you want. It has a party managing option, an adventure record journal, a streaming access to the Xtransceiver, and much more!" Juniper said, "I imported this from Kanto and then reprogrammed the whole thing to fit Unova. Oh, I almost forgot. It plays fitting music to every battle. Bianca, Cheren, Hyuré, you three have your own music, identified by your Pokédex. Gym Leaders, Elite Four and the Champion have their own music. It also has a few other compositions for some special trainers or facilities like the Battle Subway."

      "Like video games, for instance?" Cheren asked.

      "A little," Juniper confirmed, "Be proud, you three. You are the official PokéDex holders of the Unova region."

      End of Chapter.
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        Overall to be honest, I do get a happy child-like vibe from this, a bit cheesy maybe, but the content doesn't seem that developed or detailed yet. It needs depth while it already has... color, if that makes sense. While I think it is funny that the mother makes a huge deal over her assumption of them throwing a PokeBall rather than the obvious destruction of the room, that could actually work against than help you if you wanted your readers to take you seriously.

        The PokeDex depicting the HP bar? Brilliant.
        I like that idea, and I'm mad you beat me to it.

        EDIT: Also, I feel it would be much better if you add depth to the character and show a bit difference to the plot than the usual Pokemon games.

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          Originally Posted by luxuriate View Post
          Overall to be honest, I do get a happy child-like vibe from this, a bit cheesy maybe, but the content doesn't seem that developed or detailed yet. It needs depth while it already has... color, if that makes sense. While I think it is funny that the mother makes a huge deal over her assumption of them throwing a PokeBall rather than the obvious destruction of the room, that could actually work against than help you if you wanted your readers to take you seriously.

          The PokeDex depicting the HP bar? Brilliant.
          I like that idea, and I'm mad you beat me to it.

          EDIT: Also, I feel it would be much better if you add depth to the character and show a bit difference to the plot than the usual Pokemon games.
          There will be many plot twists, just saying. And Bianca knocked Tepig out, not the Poké Ball. I made a mistake. But, okay, I will change that element. And you'll find out in later chapters how deep are the characters. They's just the beginning chapters, so there's nothing yet.

          EDIT: Improved and some elements completely redone. :D
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            Dark Holes on Earth

            Nuvema Town - Autumn

            "Hooray!" Bianca said, in response to Juniper's announcement. It looked like a mobile phone. It was a small box with a Poké Ball drawing and what seemed to be a touch screen that can be popped out somehow. I didn't have the foggiest idea how to use it. "Umm, Professor?" I asked.

            "Yes, Hyuré?" She said.

            "How do I use it?" I said.

            "Press the power button in the middle of the Poké Ball," she replied. I pressed the button, and the screen rose to the top of casing. Also, a stylus popped out. When I opened it, it had the data of Oshawott registered, as well as the basic data for many others including Snivy and Tepig. The last counted Pokémon was Hydreigon, a Dragon with two more heads instead of hands.

            Oshawott, The Otter Pokémon. Water-Type. This Pokémon is especially fond of its shell and will completely be unable to battle with out it. They are born in the ocean and they come to the land five days afterwards. Due to their weakness, they maintain a strict seaweed diet until they evolve.

            It also had a cry record, moves, area inhabited, a "forme" button that is currently disabled and whenever you click it, a message appears saying that it will be enabled in future updates. Also, there was a comparison of weight and height. I exited the Oshawott page. On the top there was a menu button. Clicking it shows a menu that has the party, journal save option, settings for the PokéDex and the current system menu. Also, at the bottom-left there was an information button. I pressed it. It has shown me a message saying: Version 1.0.0 - First alpha stage for the PokéDex. Allows use of basic features to the limit of Unova region Pokémon only. Allows many other features including battle screens and evolution stops. An alert will be sent as soon as there is a system update. Hi-tech gear is hi-tech.

            "Umm... Okay, I guess that was enough time for you to test your PokéDexes," Juniper demanded.

            "Yeah," Bianca agreed.

            "So, Cheren, Hyuré and Bianca. Can we go outside, please?" She demanded, "I so want to see Oshawott in battle."

            "Sure," I said, followed by the same word recited by Bianca and Cheren.

            Sadly, Nuvema didn't look the same way as we were outside.

            Nuvema Town - Winter?

            There was ice. Everywhere.

            Nuevma looked like it was snowing for a week straight, non-stop. The snow was knee-deep. All the houses were shut, all the citizens were indoors. There were four dark holes in each corner. Near these corners were a huge pile of ice. "O.M.G." Bianca said, completely appalled by Nuvema's state. Cheren was no different. Same for Juniper. I decided to break the silence. "What is this?" I demanded.

            "Dark holes, apparently. But on EARTH?!" Cheren said, still astounded by the ice everywhere.

            "Does his have to do with the ice?" I asked.

            "Yes. Dark holes suck the energy from the land, air and water. That basically means everything will condense and eventually freeze. Nuvema town is no longer a save place to live, since soon Oxygen will freeze and we'll suffocate. We'll have to evacuate."

            "Even sound is finding trouble traveling. We'll need to go to our houses," Cheren continued, "And warn our parents and our neighbors. We'll leave for Accumula. Right now."

            "Okay. Let's go," Bianca said.

            I made my way quickly to the house. "Mom, pack up. We're leaving Nuvema."


            "No time to explain. There is a crisis, let's go."

            I went upstairs and packed up my clothes, my Wii, I took my TV and my Giratina figurine. Then I went downstairs to put the things in the travel bag. Then, I quickly went to my car, now coloured a little Grey due to the energy problem. I placed the bag in the backseats. My mom went to her car, copying me. My mom went straight to Accumula Town. I made a quick cruise through the area to make sure everyone evacuated. Bianca and Cheren came quickly, and we drove north to Accumula Town, and we reached Route One in 5 minutes. Gotta love the fact Nuvema allows driving from 14-years-old. On the way, I spotted something in the sky. A deep shadow darker than the clouds. I stopped looking at it and continued driving. Bianca drove faster than the two of us. She was the most skilled. Her orange car seemed to accelerate double the normal speed each minute. Cheren drove relatively slowly but still rapidly. I drove just a tad slower than Bianca. It seemed like Route One was also getting affected by the Dark Holes. Yes, slowly. But there was no-energy areas already. I fear this may spread to Accumula Town.

            When I saw the first houses of Accumula Town, I took a deep breath. The kind of breath you take when you have just avoided a problem. I parked the car near the Pokémon Center, shortly followed by Cheren and Bianca parking just next to me. We all dismounted our vehicles. "Glad we finally got to use them," Bianca said. "I got mine on my birthday. We've never used them, me, you or I." Nuvema is pretty small, so everything could be reached by walking or in the worst case bikes. Accumula isn't that far either, but we had to leave as fast as we can. The government came quickly and marked Nuvema Town and Route 1 off-limits after Nuvema and Route 17 were completely evacuated. "Citizens, Settlers and Adventurers! Due to the ice crisis of unknown cause, Nuvema and all surrounding routes are off-limits. Settlers, please use the Hotels in Accumula Town," an Officer announced.

            Accumula Town - Autumn

            Cheren, Bianca and I drove my car to the "Crescent's Ravine" Hotel, a Cresselia -a Pokémon known for its connection to the crescent moon- themed hotel. We all dismounted the car and entered the hotel. It was beautiful inside, of course. But there was an amazingly long line. The trio of us patiently played on our DS systems until we were called.

            "Bianca Blanche, Cheren Noir and Hyuré Percùon, please advance to counter 3," the receptionist lady announced. "Wait here, I'm in World 8's last castle!" Bianca said, still playing with her DS. Cheren snatched her DS and put it in his pocket. "Heeey!" Bianca said.

            "You can have that in Striaton City," Cheren said. I rolled my eyes and went to the counter, and Cheren followed. "Welcome to Crescent's Ravine, my name is Carmen and I will be your client. So, three suites?" The receptionist asked.

            "Yeah. Two nights only though. We're traveling trainers," Cheren said. Carmen handed over some papers. "Please fill in these forms." I cringed as soon as I saw "Full Name". I didn't know what was my middle name. I just wrote down Hyuré G. Percùon. The rest were pretty easy to fill, just random things like address, birth dates, age and other things. Then something shocked me. Party Pokémon during stay. Oshawott! I completely forgot about that thing. Poor Oshawott. Trapped in a Poké Ball all that long. "One second. Go, Oshawott!" I threw my Poké Ball in the air. It "exploded" and some energy formed the shape of Oshawott, then it appeared. "Osha?" It said, looking around. Then after looking at me, it suddenly had a happy face and ran over to me, saying "Oshaa!"

            "Okay, that was cute, but Pokémon aren't allowed inside the building," Carmen said in an as-a-matter-of-fact way.

            "It's just an Oshawott, and it's not going to battle. I see no reason to keep it inside its Poké Ball." I said firmly.

            "That's not my problem. Rules are rules," she said, smugly.

            "You want a piece of me?" I said angrily. Oshawott understood what I was going for, and readied its shell.

            "This will be fun. Challenge accepted, kid." She came out of the counter and stood some place in the lobby. Then the PokéDex started playing some battle tune. Oshawott was called to the battle." Oshawott was Level 6, and Petilil was Level 5. But Petilil had a a type advantage. I closed the PokéDex so I can pay attention to the battle.

            "Oshawott! Pound!" I ordered. Oshawott dashed with huge speed into Petilil, knocking it into a wall.

            "Petilil, Absorb!" Oshawott got surrounded by light, and some light beams went from him to Petilil. Oshawott seemed extremely weakened, and Petilil looked healthier.

            "Oshawott use-" "BATTLE INTERRUPTED DUE TO UNEXCPECTED ENERGY DRAIN FROM YOUR POKéMON!," the PokéDex announced in a high volume. "What the...?" Carmen said. I was astounded by the PokéDex, but as soon as I saw the window, I realized the problem. A dark hole just next to the hotel.

            End of Chapter.

            Credit Notes

            Writing music: The Perfect Snowstorm by PowersWithin on Youtube. Really fits the situation for act two of this chapter.
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