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Old December 19th, 2004 (5:41 PM).
-Riyuko-'s Avatar
-Riyuko- -Riyuko- is offline
*plays with a ribbon* ^o^
    Join Date: Nov 2004
    Location: My imagination...?
    Age: 25
    Posts: 287
    Hello there fellow InuYasha Fans! ^o^ Tis me Karli, making a club for my favourite anime in the whole wide world! InuYasha! Here, we can talk about anything related to our favourite half-demon and his friends; such as: games, movies, manga, merchandise, and more! So come on in, everyone is welcome! =3

    The first person who asks may be co-owner.

    L e a d e r

    C o- O w n e r

    M e m b e r s

    BTW, if I'm not mistaken there was a club about Inuyasha some time ago. ; I have looked through and have seen that it died. Mods, feel free to close this if I am wrong.

    -- K a r l i
    ...Friends...ya gotta love em....

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    Old December 19th, 2004 (5:43 PM).
    PokemonChampion2K4's Avatar
    PokemonChampion2K4 PokemonChampion2K4 is offline
    gym ******
      Join Date: Oct 2004
      Location: Who cares?
      Age: 26
      Nature: Brave
      Posts: 1,325
      Can I join as co owner inuyasha is one of my favorite animes
      Buddies:squirtleman21,shrty55,Newten5,frost,StarWarsPokemonAdventure ,mr_loonytik,suz,Scyther,kybldmstr,scolari,~Black Moonlight~,Rahul,and Stevo-Kun
      I work for

      thx golden ho'oh
      come and request at for good sprites
      Goals i want to happen:
      *caugh*a fan club*caugh*
      a sucessful sprite thread
      to be well known around here
      to be in a pair
      a couple more friends
      to be a sucessful hack maker
      paired with TheOnly
      Old December 19th, 2004 (9:04 PM).
      Flabébé's Avatar
      Flabébé Flabébé is offline
      Shocking....Isn't It?
        Join Date: Oct 2004
        Location: St. Louis, Mo
        Age: 27
        Gender: Male
        Nature: Quirky
        Posts: 2,693
        Inuyasha is the best anime ever!I'm in
        Size Doesn't Matter
        Old December 20th, 2004 (4:30 PM).
        Sakeshi's Avatar
        Sakeshi Sakeshi is offline
        ♥ Mikaru-sama
          Join Date: Nov 2004
          Location: Nagoya, Japan
          Age: 26
          Posts: 14
          Can I join? I love Inuyasha,Who would'nt
          Sakeshi > Lil' Tenshi
          Old December 21st, 2004 (3:15 PM).
          otakugirl14's Avatar
          otakugirl14 otakugirl14 is offline
          Phsycotic Otaku
            Join Date: Dec 2004
            Location: Somewhere over there *vague Point*
            Age: 25
            Posts: 50
            I'm so joining! I love InuYasha, the series, and everything else about it so much!
            Happily paired with Trap-door57!

            I love Edward Elric!

            Old December 24th, 2004 (10:11 AM).
            Midori Chi's Avatar
            Midori Chi Midori Chi is offline
              Join Date: Aug 2004
              Location: Texas
              Gender: Female
              Posts: 5,524
              I wanna join too! I am starting to memorize all the theme songs1 ...and have succeeded!
              Old December 30th, 2004 (11:28 PM).
              Crimson_Blade's Avatar
              Crimson_Blade Crimson_Blade is offline
              Get Vegas 2 or else!
                Join Date: Jul 2004
                Location: Purgatory
                Age: 25
                Nature: Relaxed
                Posts: 416
                What the heck, I'll join the club if it's ok.
                Old December 31st, 2004 (4:30 PM).
                MegaDitto's Avatar
                MegaDitto MegaDitto is offline
                Windsor ™
                • Silver Tier
                Join Date: Dec 2004
                Nature: Docile
                Posts: 8,495
                Could I join I would love to be co owner.I have a of it pic right now.
                Attached Images
                File Type: jpg inuyasha1024_768.jpg‎ (120.7 KB, 32 views) (Save to Dropbox)
                Old January 3rd, 2005 (3:12 PM).
                Tsukasa's Avatar
                Tsukasa Tsukasa is offline
                  Join Date: Dec 2004
                  Location: The Path
                  Age: 28
                  Nature: Bold
                  Posts: 563
                  hmm i guess i really didnt look hard then :D can i join the inuyasha fan club? imma big fan! *pointes to sig and avatar*
                  Paired with Alana
                  Old January 4th, 2005 (8:54 PM).
                  Flabébé's Avatar
                  Flabébé Flabébé is offline
                  Shocking....Isn't It?
                    Join Date: Oct 2004
                    Location: St. Louis, Mo
                    Age: 27
                    Gender: Male
                    Nature: Quirky
                    Posts: 2,693
                    I get to watch Inuyasha tonight I haven't watched it in a while! GO INUYASHA!!!
                    Size Doesn't Matter
                    Old January 11th, 2005 (2:46 PM).
                    Kay11190's Avatar
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                    The Drifter
                      Join Date: Dec 2004
                      Location: nowhere
                      Nature: Adamant
                      Posts: 2,953
                      Can i jion too, The inuyasha series is one of the best.
                      ****Under Construction****

                      Old January 15th, 2005 (3:53 PM).
                      Usagii's Avatar
                      Usagii Usagii is offline
                        Join Date: Dec 2004
                        Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
                        Nature: Modest
                        Posts: 269
                        May I join -Riyuko- Inuyasha is one of my favourite animes My favourite
                        characters are Kagome, Inuyasha, Shippou, Sango and Miroku ^.^
                        x_KOGAMI AKIRA*

                        my livejournal~!

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